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  1. I think they should focus on fixing all the bugs that are currently in game instead of releasing more content with even more bugs
  2. You’re wrong. think of how fast things this issue would be solved if say 30-40 of these threads popped up every damn day by different people over the next few months. Think how much faster this issue would be solved. After all this is one of the issues that’s killing their damn game. The main reason you don’t see more of them is most people have gave up, eg. the massive population drop compared to a while ago. After all everything is okay and this is a non issue has gotten this game a lot so far eh? It’s just in fabulous shape! Lol
  3. I wouldn’t give them plugged nickel till they fix the current game (all current bugs and glitches) and bring the game up to current (everything they have promised so far that is past due)
  4. Smh, nothing you mentioned is an exploit. It’s the current state of the game, deal with it. Bad luck at the fuse getting glitched, yea sure that was the person playing the counselors fault. ? Getting stunned? Learn how to use block. Thread title should be “Level 150 players kicking my ass, etc” Also, the next time you write a story like this try not to sound so rustled.
  5. Jason X will be in the game. I say that because all they litterally have to do is copy and paste any Jason, give some new abilities, and a different skin for the model. So there isn’t a whole lot of effort in that area. I am not referring to a new map, only the model. Because the map would take some effort, and there isn’t a a lot of that around these parts as of late.
  6. Gun/Illfonic previously stated that strengths/weaknesses resides in the Jason you pick, not the weapon. So its all cosmetic anyway, so I could careless really.
  7. AJ, and that is who I prefer to play. But I will switch between AJ and Vanessa depending on what the lobby composition is. If there is a ton of repair characters, I will play Vanessa and vice versa.
  8. Oh god combat stance door questions ... it’s coming man. You don’t have to open up this can of worms for all of this wild speculation, the next thing they will do is take it away. Which would basically destroy the game for me. Simple logic tells me instakilling a wall or door and leaving yourself locked in animation for a possible free stun is the trade off. That’s what myself and everyone I have ever talked to have always thought anyway.
  9. I hate to break your hearts, but they’re not coming. I am not saying I don’t want them, I do want them and I hope I am wrong. But I am like 99% sure they’re not coming. We are just going to have to hope the salt mines addition fixes hosts quitting the game in the middle of the match. Btw, I will make a post shortly on why the salt mines won’t work.
  10. You have the best forum signature on the forums. Keep in mind I could be bias due to the fact I LOVE coca-cola, and I am a animal lover
  11. How in the hell did you derive that out of that quote? Talk about reaching ...
  12. They keep saying soon, I honestly don’t think they are ever coming. From a business standpoint, as long as this game as been out and with the playerbase dwindling I don’t think Gun/Illfonic can justify spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for dedicated servers when their player base is a couple thousand or so players with the hopes of more players to “come back” to the game if they was implemented. At this point it’s basically “ Too little too late “. Just so I am clear, I hope they do implement dedicated servers. I just don’t think it’s going to happen. I think the people that make the calls will leave it as is and keep throwing out crumbs to keep people interested for as long as they can. Why do I think this you ask, Hell look at what they have done in the past and you’ll have the answer.
  13. Well the facts are this game has so many issues and the dev’s just let it stay that way. Hell look at all the threads made under general section. Half of them are bug related threads or people bitching about the state of the game, and yet the game stays broken. So at this point I think all the flak the dev’s are getting is warranted.
  14. I can read fine, you said 1/70 times Jason doesn’t die in your matches (implying the other 69 he is killed) which we all know isn’t true. If you want the dev’s to take you serious when you post statistics like that how bout post some that’s true next time instead of pulling stats out your ass. Otherwise, why post it?
  15. You’re full of shit, it’s laughable you’re trying to make up stuff to influence the dev’s to change the game to please you. Go away crying/lying snowflake, everyone doesn’t get a participation trophy in F13 okay? Oh by the way, my preference is set as counselor
  16. Just wait a few minutes (till the match is over) then leave. How hard is it to wait?
  17. Keep this thread on page one. Let this thread be a daily reminder to Gun/Illfonic to get their shit together. F13 is a Superior game, it’s just unfortunate we have average (trying to be nice) developers/support.
  18. Sounds like someone’s rustled that Jason killed them and other people escaped
  19. Just so I understand you correctly, SP challenges will only reward the player new “special” emotes? If yes I am disappointed, I think you should rethink the direction you’re going with this and think about the people that could careless about emotes and would like some other type of reward.
  20. www.project1999.com It’s old school (classic) EverQuest and it’s very popular. We have over 1500 players every night, on weekends more.
  21. By quoting you I am not saying I agree with all of your points. With that said I think you forgot these ... 6. Fix the damn windows. They have been broke since September/October 7. Fix the damn windows. They have been broke since September/October 8. Fix the damn windows. They have been broke since September/October 9. Fix the damn windows. They have been broke since September/October 10. Fix the damn windows. They have been broke since September/October
  22. Do you look up everyone’s IP or is it just random? I didn’t know forum admins had such access. I mean we do on p99, but we are also GM’s in the game world as well and it helps finding people evading bans etc. I just don’t see the need for it here since you guys have only forum access.
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