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  1. I surely hope the developers are not making any game design decisions based on forum polls.
  2. I think a lot of people classify the Jason X hacks as “cheating” when it’s nothing but a visual effect. Personally I could careless, and I play on PS4. I only done the PS4 version because that is what my 14 year old nephew plays and I wanted to try to spend more time with him. With that said if I was to buy this game again I would buy the PC version. I would assume lobbies/people would be better and we all know there is zero connectivity issues on PC. I could really lay the smack down with my razer naga and Corsair vengeance keyboard!
  3. I would be happy if they would just fix the damn windows they broke all the way back in October 2017. Do away with the prompt and bring back free slashing. We didn’t have any window issues then, why they added that crap when they had tons of other bugs/glitches to work on is mind boggling
  4. Lol, this is great The little kid that was playing Jason was raging something serious wasn’t he? Haha
  5. This Unfortunately it won’t ever be like it was when we all first started playing though. Because then it was new and unseen. But they can do small things (and they have) to increase the fear factor.
  6. I guess some of you guys would just love it if they implemented Jason can replenish his own traps by picking up unused traps around the map eh? Obviously a joke friends!
  7. Hell no If team killing was implemented it would be the final nail in the coffin for this game. What’s funny is the developer’s have had to put stuff in this game because of people doing stuff that wasn’t intended, just to troll people. I know I am wishing on a prayer here, but if people would actually play the game instead of try and troll people the game would be better, and the dev’s could spend time working on fixing glitches and bugs. For example, instead of the dev’s having to add stuff to prevent doorway blocking (if you guys remember that was the thing after team killing was took out) Just play nice people, it’s not that hard. Treat people the way you want to be treated!
  8. I agree, maybe not 5 seconds but I agree in the direction you’re going
  9. So I guess after that SPC starts I just leave AJ and Kenny alone and go for Chad and Jenny instead? Hang chad on the stop sign by the road and just wait? Also, thanks for the reply!
  10. On SP challenge 3, any tips for smashing AJ and Kenny’s heads together at the same time right before they escape?
  11. @OP I called this months ago, and it’s only going to get worse till they get their shit together. Eventually we will hit a “point of no return”. I am hoping we haven’t gone that far, but we just may be there already. Only time will tell! With that said buying this game was a good experience for me. It taught me to never buy another title with Gun/Illfonic on the label.
  12. What evidence do you have besides the person might type similar? You should change your avatar to include a tinfoil hat.
  13. Well since Max seems to be avoiding answering the question multiple people have asked “did you back the game” So it’s probably something like this https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tom-Savini-Jason-skin-Xbox-one/183221029716?hash=item2aa8d30b54:g:IQIAAOSwc6JaVVqq and that might be why Max is having issues. Either way, I wish you the best of luck Max!
  14. The main issue is latency. Sometimes you’re lagging more than other times. A player will appear right there on your screen when in reality they are actually no longer in that spot. With that said I think the grab range should possibly be increased slightly, but the width should be at least doubled. This would compensate for latency issues and also make it more balanced. I would be willing to bet most of the people that are seriously saying Jason’s current grab is okay/perfect are counselor prefered players. Also, very good evidence you posted @PlayerAgainstTheMachine Next time try not to use a topic saying the grab range is fine, being sarcastic. If you seriously want something done use something like “Grab needs an upgrade - Dev’s please take 60sec and watch this video for proof” It sucks to have good evidence like this and the people that can implement the change not see it.
  15. Yes out of all the signatures on the forums, yours is by far the best IMO. Don’t take me the wrong way the others are good as well, it’s just yours is more personal to your forum/game persona
  16. Unfortunately any game over the internet is going to have people with different views and people you will never get along with. This game has a mute function for a reason. Use it if you don’t like what other people are saying.
  17. Truth bomb alert! Emotes were added to attract the snowflakes pal, gotta have something for everyone these days!
  18. I guess both of you would be surprised to find out the majority of people have their preferences set to counselor or none with the minority are set to Jason. Want a good example? Look how often you see people leave the game when some players that don’t want to play as Jason are selected to be him. Also the game keeps track of how often people are selected as Jason. You probably played Jason more than the random and your friend, which is why they was selected over you.
  19. It all depends on the lobby. If I got 4/8 with a bunch of great players I would consider that a win. btw Cokey, I am still loving the signature. I think it would look better though if the Cokey came in first without skunk attached, then skunk pop out in red just as the axe is hitting the counselors head. It would be easy enough just to slow down the animation or change the text time stamps. Thoughts?
  20. From a business standpoint I don’t think it will be a high level unlock because they want people to play/buy this game. Jason X is one of the most wanted/sought after characters the game will have. People having to play the game for months for a chance to play that character wouldn’t be good. (Level 100+ unlock) vs. a mid tier option. I would hope they would be smart and choose the latter. But you could also argue they want people to be more invested in the game, and make it a high level unlock to keep them playing longer and telling their friends about the game. My argument for that would be with the amount of bugs and glitches Friday the 13th has I don’t think many brand new players would stick it out that long.
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