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  1. No you can’t look at that alone, I think what OP meant is if it’s happening on PC it’s happening or will happen soon on consoles. It’s kinda like a virus spreading, the end result is the same.
  2. I guess I am behind the times but when did Aldermach get banned and what for? Disappointing to say the least!
  3. I wasn’t being hostile, I was just stating the facts. That’s what’s wrong with America these days, you speak the truth and someone accuses you of being this or that. Geez
  4. Did I quote you in my previous comment? Did I mention you in my previous comment? No I didn't and my post was directed at the person that made the thread, not you.
  5. There are no "servers", not yet anyway. F13 Gameplay is all peer to peer, one person is selected as host, or in tech talk the "server" and the rest of the lobby connects to that person.
  6. Emotes were a product of generation snowflake, I didn’t like them either. I think it just enabled people to troll the Jason player even more. But that could of been the direction they wanted the game to go, we will never know. After all it’s that generation who is on control of making the game. Tsk tsk ...
  7. That’s fine, if you can’t see it I am not going to argue with you. Also there are other threads about this same issue @Kodiak where are you at on locking this thread? You lock every other one that’s a dup thread. Why not this one?
  8. Grab and window mechanics. Windows: They should revert the current window prompt to the old free swing window we had back in September. They changed it and its been broken ever since. Grab: recovery is to long and the cone should be wider, not a whole lot, just a slight change will do.
  9. This title to this song fits the current situation, more than you know!
  10. Several months ago when I played heavily we always thought the cops came to the opposite side of the map where the cops were called. Example: The fuse house is on the right side of the map and you find the fuse and successfully call the cops. The cops will show on the left side of the map. We tested this and it was accurate, accept for the rare times when the fuse house was in the middle of the map and then it was totally random. Again this was several months ago, it may not be accurate now.
  11. Signed, and Make a new thread and include the link. One post with this information is easy to get lost vs a thread dedicated to it. Also I would change the cap to 500 or maybe 1000 instead of what it is currently, 100. And GJ!
  12. Just the facts, what happened and why you are posting the petition asking for people to sign. It only takes 10-15 seconds to sign one of these things. Facts are the lawsuit in a nutshell and why Gun is no longer going to support the game because of the lawsuit. Short simple facts, don’t make it to long, but don’t make it too short either. Why should be a short mission statement from the community as a whole. I don’t come to these boards that often, so I don’t think I should be the person to say what that is.
  13. That entire petition is going against the court system, it wasn’t well thought out at all. You can’t make a petition for that, lol
  14. They was promised. Bring them! They said they was going to add dedicated servers and keep enough staff to support them. For those worried about Gun running out of money to support them. They could easily change the code back to peer to peer connection if that ever happened.
  15. Don’t do it forum based, use change.org or something like that. This way it can be spread to all social media platforms etc. What to put on the petition: State what is currently going on, the lawsuit etc. Then state your petition cause
  16. If you really want to get things moving someone should make a online petition that people can sign. This way Gun/Illfonic has a rock solid number they can present at a board meeting. Not everyone streams, watches streams, or has the time to stream for several hours. But people would have the time to sign a petition if they cared about the cause. Not to mention which do you think would sound better, we had 10,000 signatures from people that play this game and wanting the game to be saved. Or the current idea, some guy I forgot his name streamed twitch for a few hours the other day. Also I checked twitch yesterday when this was going on and F13 had 200 viewers. We all know a lot more than 200 people play and care for this game. Just my thoughts, good luck!
  17. I stopped reading at that point ... Fucking really? So if a person goes out and shoots someone, they are not to blame, it’s the guns fault. Sounds stupid doesn’t it? Because the last quoted paragraph is exactly what you just said.
  18. You must be new, because this has been the standard for over a year now. At one time I was just like you, but now I am used to it. Nothing surprises me anymore with these guys.
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