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  1. My bad bro! Nice video and good to show the dev's first hand footage of what we are talking about. Hopefully this new window patch and no combat stance door attacking is reverted soon. Please dev's help the game out! The consumers are begging for it. Also please keep this quote in mind when doing future patches ... "if it's not broke, don't try and fix it"
  2. Nice video Snake! I agree with what you said about windows in your video, complete garbage!
  3. For you guys/gals that can't read between the lines, I don't think it's direct window kills people are fussing about. It's counselors not taking damage while going through a window/on the other side of a window. Before window change example: I am Jason chasing a counselor. They go through a window and I catch them with an axe blow as they stand up on the other side of the window. They run away as I move inside the house so I throw a knife at them and connect. Most of the time they will be holding their arm at this point which results in a easy kill. So I don't think it's direct window kills that is the concern. The window change can greatly effect the outcome of a situation. Also, I agree with some comments in this thread. As a counselor the scare level is not as big anymore. Also, my spawn preference is counselor.
  4. Very nice pal. I started something like this recently on the PS4 with their communities app! I wish you and your Xbox friends the best! Have fun!
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! Also thanks for the information about the gamertag thread.
  6. PSN: pro5pt0 I do private matches with friends mainly. If any mature players want to add me please comment in the description you got my PSN off the forums. I look forward to hearing from you guys!
  7. Hey Brianna, welcome to the forums!
  8. Lego my eggo! Sorry I had to say it, haha Welcome to the forums
  9. I am new to the forums as well, welcome!
  10. From a console standpoint I would assume they would have to coordinate with Sony or Microsoft to do this in its current form. Once they get dedicated servers up and running for consoles it shouldn't be an issue at all. It basically boils down to getting enough evidence to justify the suspension or ban of the player. I help GM a MMORPG that has around 4,000 players daily. We suspend and sometime ban players that violate the rules. The main problem is either catching them in the act or having someone petition with video evidence proving their claim. The latter is what's done most of the time because we are only human and we are not going to always be around to catch everything all the time. With that said, maybe just take a break man. Don't let the trolls win! I hope to see you in a lobby sometime!
  11. Not a bad idea! The flare gun is already in the game for an ignition source!
  12. Hello, I am new to the forums! My name comes from my days drag racing 5.0 mustangs 5 liter chevy eater! I am a fan of the Friday the 13th franchise and the game as well! I have been playing for a couple of months with my family and friends. I am currently lvl 65ish or so. I recently ran across the forums, I just wish I found them sooner! I live in Alabama and I am a college football fan as well, ROLL TIDE! Anyway, I play on the PS4 and my ID is the same as my forum name, pro5pt0. If any mature pals want to add me for some fun times with Jason please don't hesitate. I prefer private matches with friends over public lobbies. I look forward to playing with you guys soon. Thanks for having me!
  13. Oh I am sure OP wasn't trying to promote it in a positive way. I have no doubt they made the post to show their disdain for the behavior. But let's be honest, trolls and griefers see stuff like this and will mimic it. As for IP banning, I fully support it for behavior like this.
  14. @OP By you posting this and bringing public attention to this behavior we will see more of it unfortunately. I hope I am wrong! With that said, you would of been better off sending a PM to a developer.
  15. Ok, so after playing recently I think the main thing I can see that needs to be fixed is counselors being able to take damage from Jason while climbing through windows. Currently it's super easy to window hop and live on most Jason's. The game just don't have that same scare/fun level as it did before. Another thing, spread items out better around the small maps. That way a counselor don't enter one house and come out completely decked. Also, on small maps instead of two cars make the game spawn 1 car and 1 boat always in a random location. That way we don't have 2 batteries, 2 keys etc Asking for those two things to be changed is not unreasonable. In closing I would like to add my spawn preference is counselor.
  16. I have not had the chance to play since the patch broke everything. But if what is described above is 100% accurate, that is just crazy. I mean all GUN has to do for the fans is fix current issues with the patch, add dedicated servers for console players and a DLC every now and then to keep people interested. Why do they have to go and break/change stuff to ruin a previously fun game is beyond me. This is F13, the counselors are suppose to die most of the time. Not to mention with the small maps it makes things 100% easier. I read there is no boat, so that means every map there is going to be 2 keys, gas, and batteries all within close proximity of each other. So counselors are going to be able to get the car together super fast, and have a crippled Jason chasing them. With that said, all of this is coming from a player that has a spawn preference as counselor so I don't play Jason often. If I feel this way, I feel really bad for the prefer Jason players. Hopefully this gets reverted back to keep the game interesting.
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