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  1. Amen brother, preach on! your comment on Gun/Illfonic made me think of this song Cause that sure as hell seems like what they have done. Take the money and run!
  2. I agree, which is why I made the comment below ... Revert to the August 28th patch, then fix the bugs in that build and you will have a truly great game. #makeF13greatagain
  3. I wish they would revert the game back to the patch after they took team (friendly fire) killing out, it was much better then. No more team killing, window attacks worked, no pocket knives and other items all over, and overall less bugs than we have now. Just think how great this game would be if they just fixed the bugs that was in the game then instead of adding frivolous things like bunny costumes and emotes. What a pity!
  4. @HuDawgwhat console do you play on and what is your ID? I would like to know that way I could avoid playing with you.
  5. You’re a bonehead people like you are exactly why this game has gradually got to the state it’s currently in today. play your role, if you’re a counselor help others escape as fast as possible. Due to the current state of the game I don’t play as often as I used to. But when I played often I chose to play A.J. and I always saw Bugsy or Vanessa trying to do repair jobs and I will be standing right there.
  6. Saw this last month http://www.fridaythe13thfranchise.com/2017/12/uber-jason-revealed-for-friday-13th-game.html
  7. Where is everybody from...

    Roll Tide!!! Mobile, Alabama here
  8. Yea I wonder how they are doing this. I guess it’s something to do with Xbox one, because there are tons of them for sale at that price.
  9. For me the most important thing I have took away from my F13 experience is: I know what I am getting now when I buy a product with Gun Media/Illfonic stamp on it.
  10. This might be true. Think about it from a business stand point They have made their money. There is no subscription or anything. There is no more big releases coming up. The game is obviously on the downhill slide. I notice thousands less people playing so why would they invest this much money on a dying game. I am sure most of you have noticed less of your friends playing. Want proof? The next time you leave a lobby with a bad connection and try to find another game only to be connected back to the same lobby over and over. This didn’t happen months ago. It’s happening now because less people are playing the game. This really sucks too, because the game was fun and had a lot potential. But their patches consistently breaking more things than fix and also never fixing the things that are totally broke really f’d up a good game.
  11. Roll Tide!!!

    Bump for more feedback!
  12. Roll Tide!!!

    Bump for the best thread in off topic
  13. Roll Tide!!!

    Yea I am slightly bias ... But at least it’s an all SEC National Championship baby!
  14. It was my first time ever hearing of the guy. After watching the video, I agree that guy is damn good.
  15. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    I hate to sound so negative, but I gotta get some things off my chest. I say that because you can check my post history and I have always took up for you guys in the past, when most others wasn’t. Myself I have stopped playing regular since you guys broke the windows months ago, and never fixed them. I would still play some on weekends with some friends, but no dedicated servers and a slue of their issues finally got to me. I stopped logging on to play as much and noticed a ton of others follow suit. I even had a very large community with over 80 members, hardly any of them still play regular. I checked the last time I played, which was about a month ago. I do check the boards regular hoping to see a patch update where all of these issues or at least some are addressed. But the only updates I see is where you guys mess more stuff up. And seeing players raise all kinds of hell making all kinds of posts/threads so I figured it’s probably best I don’t play till these issues are addressed. You mentioned there will be no patch in November, and it’s the holidays so I am guessing that will delay it even more so at the earliest, middle late December for this next patch? If my guess is accurate, I understand that. People are extra busy this time of year with families and other things. But what is frustrating is when you guys say this next patch is not focused towards gameplay balance (which is what most of your original player base is upset about) is laughable. And there is still no talk about fixing the windows. I guess since you have got everyone’s $40.00 already, and with no subscription fee you don’t care? Then you mentioned the patch that will “fix” stuff you guys broke in the previous patch will be a month or so after that? So I am guessing February before *some* of these issues are addressed? Maybe you guys should try to address things that most people care about that helped create your game and make it popular (backers, and original players) instead of putting out more costumes and other stuff. Gameplay is what matters most! If I am wrong, prove it to us! With that said, it sounds like it may be over guys. I hope I am wrong, but more than likely it’s RIP F13.