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  1. That’s great, and here is a trophy for you sir. It’s jusy to bad vanessa wasn’t using a microphone at the time! I bet they shit a brick! Lol Let’s keep this thread going with more videos please!
  2. Bring back early alpha/beta? What does that even mean? Also, I think the above image is photoshopped/fake. With the amount of heat this team has been taking for the last few months if they was truly adding dedicated servers with the next patch they would have surely announced it. #donotbelieve
  3. It is a good comparison, I will use this as a example. Do you guys remember the cars called Yugo? They was a success at first till major engineering issues, bugs and other failures killed the company. You guys saying PC statistics doesn’t mean anything for consoles is like saying Yugo’s are a great car because I see a few on the road every now and then. If it effects one it’s going to effect the other. As many people are not playing PC because of all the bugs and other issues. At least PC has dedicated servers! Hell if anything I would say statistics are probably worse on console because we also gotta deal with the constant disconnects etc. Want more proof? Take a look at the active members on forums and compare them to a few months ago.
  4. I am not sure about Xbox, but there isn’t many people playing F13 on the PS4 these days. I used to run a 100+ player community and now I am lucky to see 3-4 on a week. The only thing that could save this game is dedicated servers, and I don’t think they will ever come. They will probrably make an announcement in a few months that sounds something like this .... “we can’t justify implementing dedicated servers for a player base of only a few hundred people” If you wonder why I didn’t mention bug fixes, it’s because the fact every patch they release to fix one bug new bugs pop up in its place. Which really sucks because IMO this game is so much better than the competition.
  5. Salt mines were a great idea if the game didn’t have all the disconnect and crashing issues. If they could only get that fixed, here we are over a year later with the same issues.
  6. Nice video, after catching your name I think I used to play with you some back when the game first launched. Good to see you’re still playing!
  7. GG, I enjoyed the video, and yes you need to get better at those shift grabs
  8. @OP Welcome to Friday the 13th: The Game It has been like this since it’s debut, and I don’t see it getting fixed anytime soon. Not until they release those mythic dedicated servers ... coming soon! Lol
  9. Good Jason clips, post more please. I am sure others besides myself enjoy these as well!
  10. It’s 100% Nat type issue, more than likely OP has AT&T Uverse for internet I am guessing. I have done some research on this and the problem is when you change your Nat type to open (with AT&T) it will allow others to join your lobby but the connection will drop randomly. Because of that I switched mine back to type 2, good luck and if you find any permanent fixes, post them so others can see your solution.
  11. Yea that would be a great video, trophy for the story, ty sir
  12. I would like to see some videos related to this topic, post em up guys!