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  1. Hopefully people don’t buy it. Buying it just validates this game in its current form. Let all of your friends know!
  2. Ok a little backstory here, I rarely played my PS4. I mainly play PC games etc. My nephew lives about 75 miles from me and he needed a PS plus membership so I figured I would buy the 12 month membership, F13, and he could gameshare it off me. This way we could spend a little more time together. Several months ago I started a F13 community on the PS4 for mature players it was successful and had over 80 members. Myself I stopped playing as much when they broke the windows. I tried it again when they supposedly fixed the windows and it was still broke. As far as I know, months later it is still broke today. I tried to play again since the most recent patch and it’s just terrible. I am fine with some of the changes (additions) but the grab nerf is just ridiculous. I think the grab should of been changed some, but the current form is just broke. They should of just changed the grab range and left the cone alone. It’s not just me either, I have noticed less people being on and I have noticed there was next to zero chatter in our community, before it was constant. People saying hello, looking for games, and other things. I asked my nephew about it and he says he tries to find people to make his own private match, and he can’t even do that anymore because the people we used to play with don’t play the game or are never on. *I think they will be one final chance to fix this, or they will lose much of their original player base.*
  3. I Voted yes With that said, I would like to add I hope gun is not making any gameplay decisions on *any* of these forum polls. They can be extremely inaccurate due to people having multiple accounts and troll voting to stear the poll the way they want. I made this comment because I GM a MMORPG server and I have saw it first hand.
  4. Open to others, but definitely not Savini. He is already OP enough
  5. For those of you that keep up with this game more than I do, is there any plans for a update/new patch soon?
  6. The next time you run across a situation like that create a video that way the dev's see exactly what is going on. Rather than the constant bitching and whining, submit something with proof is your best course of action to get this fixed. I am not talking about OP only here, ALL of you that are having issues with this new patch. Make a detailed video and make a copy and send it to them, then post the another copy all over the boards in any thread where they are fussing about the changes the patch made to gameplayl. That is how you get things done.
  7. I have only played a few times in the past couple of months, and I have played recently. I agree the grab does not feel right. Instead of the current grab nerf, they should of done this in baby steps and if it needed tweaked again tweak it. Also, I noticed Jason still can’t hit a counselor with his weapon through windows. So in all this time they still have not fixed that? @John Wick you was active a few months ago, did they not fix attacking counselors through windows yet or am I missing something?
  8. I agree, but the majority (not all) of the players have opinions based on their preferred role. So I am clear, some players who prefer to play Jason think developers are ruining the game and catering to the crybabies. Then some players that prefer counselors think Jason is OP and should be nerfed (recent grab change is a good example). Then you have some players like myself that miss the fear factor in the game and want Jason like he was in the movies, where people don’t survive often. With that said, I like most of the recent changes except the grab nerf, I think it should of been done in baby steps (like you mentioned) instead of what is in game today.
  9. It’s 2 hits across the board with any Jason that has destruction if you are having an issue on Xbox I suggest you submit a bug report on jasonkllsbugs with video evidence.
  10. So I have not played F13 in about a month and a half because of connection issues and crashes. I assumed everything would be fixed in this massive match that was recently released. Anyway, I tried today and can't even connect to a game via quick play. So I got a few friends interested and I thought, maybe we can do a private match. At first the game was telling me I didn't have an internet connection when I tried to do a private match. FINALLY I get private match to work then people can't connect to me, it tells them "unknown error" Listen guys, you need to STOP working on development. and put ALL available resources into dedicated servers before this game dies. The game is fun when you can actually play it. @GunMedia_Ben @wes @Gertz @[IllFonic]Courier Thanks for your attention pals!
  11. I am not sure what I said for the "Tone it down" comment. @Kodiak I was telling he truth, and you know it. I don't sugar coat things ... if that's what you need me to do I guess I can try. I am normally pretty blunt.
  12. No, I don't want them to release exact dates. If they did, and they was a day late or anything like that these snowflakes would start crying, bitching, and talking trash about the development team. If you want proof you can look at this thread below for a reminder. People making countdown threads, posting negative comments, etc. The thread owner had some good intentions when he made it I think. But as you can see the thread got out of hand and just turned into a place to flame and talk trash about the people making the game. Talking about the developers like they are trash, yea that will motivate them for sure! Want more proof? Below is another recent thread where the players cried like a bunch of babies when @GunMedia_Ben posted a update. To ensure the developers was properly motivated they flamed the hell out of them. Those players flaming the developers reminded me of this Don't get me wrong guys, I get disappointed when a delay happens. But I also treat people with respect. Treat people the way you want to be treated.
  13. Yes they are! In my opinion, it's the only way to play and enjoy the game currently. With that said, if you are a mature player and on the PS4 look me up. We have a very active community that actually does stuff together. My playstation ID is the same as the forums, pro5pt0. Either way, good to see you are enjoying yourself and having fun. HAPPY ADVENTURES!
  14. Good idea for a thread @JohnnyKapow A few off the top of my head are: Megan Garris, Annie Phillips, and Jack Marand After this thread runs its course, gather all the data and make a poll based on the data you gathered. I am sure the developers look at things like that when looking for new ideas for the game. Good luck!