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  1. Oct. 11 Mode

    I guess you didn’t play before they started messing with the windows so let me explain. Before they changed the windows if a counselor was next to a window, going through it, or whatever Jason could swing his weapon and it would hit them and break the window as it should. Since they started messing with them it’s been a total cluster and it’s never been right since. I have saw many a counselor get away unscathed because of the broken window mechanics in this game. With as many bugs as the game had back then why they decided to mess with something that was totally fine and break it has me perplexed. It’s not like they didn’t have something else they could actually “fix”right? By the amount of posts you have made on these forums I am shocked you have never noticed this. But then again post count don’t mean you play the game it just means you post a lot
  2. I agree it is easier to kill him now than it was a few months after release. That’s why I think the developers should change it up a little and revamp the way Jason can be killed every 6 months or so.
  3. I wish they (Gun/Illfonic) would have waited. The constant breaks and major changes can really put a damper on a gamers experience and make them want to stop playing. This game had so much potential, but that has gone downhill because an average team got the rights to make it. Imagine if Sony, or Microsoft made this game it would of been much better and I can almost guarantee it would of had dedicated servers out the gate. After all the biggest issues with the game are crashes, and disconnects. I have been saying this for months but I will say it again, pretty soon there won’t be enough people for QP (the most played game). You will back out of a lobby and it will continue to put you back in the same one. So by the time they add dedicated servers (if they ever do) there won’t be as many people around to even enjoy it. If you don’t think Gun/Illfonic aren’t closely monitoring the total population to justify spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for dedicated servers and other additions on this game your wrong or naive. So there isn’t any misunderstandings, I don’t want this game to fail, I want it to succeed. But games like this only have a short window before they become stale and people won’t ever return because they have moved on to another game. That isn’t counting all the issues F13 has had since its release. I hope that is not the case here, we will just have to wait and see.
  4. Oct. 11 Mode

    Oct. 11 the windows was still broke yes? I just want them to revert to the old window breaking mechanics, the way it’s been for several months now has been terrible.
  5. A quick and easy fix would be to add a buff to flag their account for leaving a match early. This was an issue many years ago in the juggernaut MMORPG World of Warcraft. So Blizzard added the “deserter buff”. Anytime you left a match or dungeon early before it was over you would receive a icon on your character called “deserter buff”. http://www.wowhead.com/spell=71041/dungeon-deserter So basically players are forced to make a choice, wait a few minutes till the match is over, or leave and not be able to join a match for 30 minutes. Even after they (Blizzard) added this you still had people leave, but it happened much much less. If Gun/Illfonic added this you would see much less of this type of behavior. Myself I would support something like this.
  6. Is this going to go live soon? It’s 1:08 AM on 3/9 for me currently, and it will be the 9th soon on the west coast. I was thinking this might be a good time to start playin again
  7. I dont think so, I’ve had this same issue from the beginning of F13. 1. It has nothing to do with connection speed, I think it’s a NAT type issue. 2. I’ve had this same issue and my default NAT type is 2. I’ve messed around with changing my NAT type to 1 to fix this issue, these are my findings. 3. When you're NAT type 2, the game will not let people join when the game makes you host your own matches. You will sit there in a lobby all by yourself. But when you change it to NAT type 1 the game will let people join your lobbies. Keep in mind I am talking about the quick play option, not private matches. 4. As I stated previously, I am able to host matches with NAT type 1, but the connection will randomly drop. It could last a half a match and it could last 5 matches, its totally random. 5. At times I stream other games on twitch with my PC @ 980p and have zero issues, it’s crystal clear. So it’s not my connection speed. 6. In conclusion I think this is just another F13 bug, because this is the only game where I’ve had these issues. Possibly the coding and having complications with certain routers. Maybe we will see a fix when they upgrade to the latest engine.
  8. I can relate sir! I used to play all the time. Currently it’s been months since I have played. Why you ask? Because of all the bugs (mainly connection issues, host leaving etc.) and yes patches! But that’s another story. So I basically got out if the “habit” of playing because I got tired of spending 30+ minutes to play one damn game with my nephew. I can remember being mellow at the start and 30 minutes later when I can’t get one game in I am pissed. It’s just not worth it to me. Maybe one day I will return! When and if they ever implement dedicated servers.
  9. As long as you keep making posts like this it won’t ever change. This has been talked to death since this game came out. Stop giving them recognition by talking about it. Out of sight, out of mind sir! Best of luck!
  10. Your current thoughts on Gun & Illfonic

    I agree, it does sound sketchy. It sounds like they are covering up for something, which wouldn’t surprise me. Like I have said before, the main thing I have learned from F13 is to never buy another product with the Gun/Illfonic stamp.
  11. I believe that is being generous. Going by the history of this team, my prediction is July/August. With that said, I do appreciate @ShiftySamurai transparency. Keep in mind pals, @ShiftySamurai is just the messenger. So don’t blame him!
  12. I hate to sound like a Debbie downer, but I voted none of the above. This group needs more experience before taking on a major project again. To name a few issues, constant bugs, lack of effort, and broken promises are enough to make me never wanna buy another one of their products. I am sure many many others feel the same way.
  13. You can’t have it both ways. If you don’t want to be hit through a door as Jason, you shouldn’t be able I hit a counselor through a door either. I think it should be left alone. It’s not that big a deal, and as it stands it’s semi-realistic. Example 1: you could possibly hit someone through a hole in a door. Example 2: if you are standing on the other side of a door and someone starts hitting it with an axe, chances are you’re going to be hit.
  14. As it stands this forum is already policed to the point of idiocy. We don’t need players/members contributing to it. @deathbat96777 cute post
  15. I am still at work, 6 more hours left on my shift and I will get a taste of what you guys are experiencing. I hope its like OP says, pre-october. One thing though, I am still hoping they fix the windows one day!