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  1. I think Aldermach is banned sir (no idea why), so they won’t get your tags (I don’t think)
  2. You come off like one of those people that think they know everything and can’t stand when someone makes a suggestion because it insults their F13 ego. I may be wrong but that’s the way it appears to people that don’t know you and are looking outside the box.
  3. I try to always treat people the way I want to be treated weather it’s in game or in real life.
  4. A friend of mine told me he was in a lobby with a new player and one of the new players tried to use a wrench to fix the car! Lmao
  5. pro5pt0

    What perks do you use?

    Good post. Thanks for the laugh this morning
  6. pro5pt0

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    This and Illfonic being replaced is great news for F13 the game. Since we have some new blood here (black tower) if those two parties (Cunningham/Miller) reach an agreement maybe we will have some new content after all. It brings back a little hope!
  7. Lol, worthy of a purple trophy sir. Well done!
  8. I don’t see the big deal of adding the option to choose what server you would like to connect to. Hell if anything it would bring more people together and more full lobbies.
  9. It’s always been two people. Sounds to me like Finladd got killed as Jason then came to the boards to cry about it. #FinladdRustled
  10. You need to add that tid bit to your twitch highlight reel so it won’t be deleted. You should be able to break it down to the last couple of minutes. That was the best kill I have ever saw. Thanks for sharing it!
  11. Nice video and good shift grabs towards the end. Trophy worthy as well, keep it up!
  12. Good post, thanks for sharing. Trophy worthy!
  13. More information needed, was you Jason at the time? If yes that sounds logical