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  1. A few reasons. One is that, given that some people have experienced this bug for months now, if they have a fix they should not be waiting until the next update which still has no ETA. It’s impossible to complete a match with this bug and people experiencing it have waited too long already. Another reason is that the attitude seems to be that we should be grateful they tried to fix it at all given the small population. The bug shouldn’t exist in the first place so that attitude is not acceptable. Finally, given their track record of identifying changes/fixes in upcoming patches that fail to materialise, I imagine there is a fair amount of skepticism that a working fix for this bug will even be in the next update.
  2. Totally. Not least of which is customer relations. You have to love this part: ”...the actual affected population is so small that is it statistically insignificant. Still didn't stop us from fixing it and getting it ready for the next patch. “ Patting themselves on the back for trying to fix something that affects a small number of people even though it’s their fault it’s broken and renders the game unplayable. :/
  3. I feel the same. This bug should not even exist in the first place. The fact that some (not myself) have not been able to play for months due to a glitch is inexcusable. Whatever time necessary should be taken to fix it, even if it delays new content. As for Ben being not sure what we want him to say, the obvious would be when the patch is coming. Even then, there will be justified skepticism as to this bug being fixed. This is based on numerous fixes listed in prior patches that did not come to pass in the intended patch/update.
  4. I don’t think there’s any grab kill unlocked at 118. I’m 123 and both new grab kills are still locked edit: I’m totally wrong, disarm is available for me
  5. The tweet quoted in this thread seems to show someone asking the official game account if the 1000 matches as Jason achievement can be unlocked offline and they answer yes.
  6. I’d really like to know this too. Will the achievements for playing as Jason and for killing counsellors be progressed when playing with offline bots?
  7. Ahhh, it seems none of the tapes between the 10/25 update and the hot fix were counted. That explains if you hadn’t done the hot fix yet. Since that hot fix it seems better, I got 2 tapes yesterday and they both counted.
  8. Was this your first tape? And found after the latest patch last night? If so, tapes are still really messed up. You can’t even say it was a duplicate if you didn’t have other tapes to begin with :/
  9. It’s happening to everyone since the latest update. It appears that all tapes will not count until it is fixed/updated later. So frustrating. And Gertz mentioned in the “state of the patch” thread that there will be no “backfill” of tapes that are found and don’t count. In other words, any tapes that are found and don’t count will not ever count.
  10. Yep, I believe that all tapes do not count since this patch. I saw someone in the “Pamela tapes” thread who got their first tape after this patch and it still didn’t count - so couldn’t possibly be a duplicate.
  11. The odds of those tapes all being duplicates are very small. Somehow I believe that since this latest patch every single tape found will not count. So much for fixing the duplicates, holy shit.
  12. Well, that would explain why you don’t care. I have found 14 duplicates so far so I care.
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