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  1. Definitely prefer the smaller versions, fast paced and more happening at once. Although your probably more likely to be found by Jason, it is easier to collect items to escape. Excited for a new map though, looking forward to it.
  2. I'm glad its gone to be honest, had too many occasions where people killed me for what felt like no reason, certainly had my head blown off a few times. I get why it may be useful to kill Jason helpers but generally I prefer no team killing.
  3. I definitely have on Xbox One, is annoying and I hope this is something that's fixed quick. Dislike the fact we have to wait ages between patches. Or at least it feels like ages.
  4. Was hoping for bikini clothing pack, slightly annoyed that we still gotta wait, I wanted to check Tiffany's ass as I'm getting relentlessly murdered. Another time i suppose....
  5. Hi people, after playing a lot of Friday The 13th over the past few weeks I have come to really enjoy it, I would say it can be very nerve racking when Jason is trying to decimate you but I feel it like it would be more of an immersive and a scarier experience if you could play the game in first person. I've talked with a few random people on the game about it and they agree it would be cool, anyone else think this would be a cool idea? I would certainly love to see it.
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