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  1. yea it should go like this:
  2. oh Fgs its all good bro. People want the costumes early you know. Especially Team Tiffany (Which i am part of)
  3. Unable to find servers

    its been happening since the update.
  4. Well, Ever since the new update with the swimsuits, The Servers and repeatedly going from "Searching for Sessions" to "Checking Session for Room" and back again. Before the update, You find a server Easily. I've got to get help for this.
  5. Young Tommy for Jarvis Map

    What about part 5 Tommy?
  6. Yeah it would be Cool to play as a Villain other than Jason, I Vote YES For this.
  7. Disc Copy DLC.

    Bruh Im an Xbox user, and nothing Showed up on the Clothes selection apart from the unlocked ones....