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  1. To people new to playing Jason against skilled counselors. Throwing Knives and just hacking at them is your friend when they are in groups. Grabbing them or shifting is not the preferred method unless you can get them alone or are quick enough to spin the picked up counselor toward the person trying to hit you to negate a stun. A lot of people probably don't remember the early days where you could unlimited chain stun Jason with Bugsy/Chad/Tommy and a baseball bat. Like no cool down on stun, right out of it to back stunned and a lot more Jason deaths. Practice early game strategic trap placement, never place them all. Happy hunting
  2. Well that's 5-7.. so that's also 7 against good teams which is pretty much everyone and it's only 7 counselors.. only 8 if Tommy is called if I don't knock out power or they fix it.. so 5 of 7 isn't bad so yes imo Jason is too OP. I'm done with this topic though because you aren't suggesting anything at all towards a compromise or making it better. You're sitting.pmy saying that all my opinions are dirt and there is no room for compromise.. I'm done. If I could delete the topic I would.
  3. 7 is half?(A 6.6 average and sometimes people quit at the beginning if they aren't Jason and some matches Tommy isn't called so I consider it a pretty decent average) Even if I have a bad game at 5, I'll take it if it's against a skilled group. They deserve the W with that teamwork. And not Jason nerfs, leave him as is but give the counselors more fight. Yes I want it to be insanely hard.. and considering that is my average before this knife and med and weapon decrease I'd consider it good. So yes I think this patch ruined things.
  4. I have played crews of teams working together and communicating and stunning me and setting off traps at both places at once and I decide where to go strategically. That's why my average is only 6.6.. because sometimes I only get 5 kills when I play good teams. Please don't make this a pissing contest with bickering thinking I've never played food teams. I have and I've done it quite often and in those games I get around 5-7
  5. Again, some of these things I want as for when I'm a counselor but most is to make it harder for me as Jason as I've stated multiple times. I do use hypochondriac but I'd like it if when I'm Jason the counselors had more of a fighting chance. Traps by the door would slow me down, more weapons could cause a greater final stand against me, more meds would allow people who don't use hypochondriac to have more and so on.. I didn't struggle to do well as Jason before this patch but now I don't even need to place traps and I get the kills because there are only 4 knives to worry about and that's including Tommy's I haven't hit 1000 plays as Jason so I can still do the calculation of my total kills divided by games played and I average 6.6 kills per match. This isn't a brag, just the calculation. I just want it to be more challenging for me as Jason.
  6. I have posted a couple suggestions of what I think would make it better and like one other person has. Most people have just come to put others down(typical internet) and not suggestion anything and just talk about how much they loved pre October patch and that everyone who doesn't like the current bought the game in November or Christmas. Well now we've said all that and we've all proven each other wrong.. so does anyone have any suggestions?? Mine were leave as is less traps on a few Jason's. Leave Jason as is, give back either meds, knives or a new smoke bomb perk to block Jason's sense Leave Jason as is give us weapons Leave Jason as is and bring back old counselor trap placement by door. Any of these would not be game breaking and would type the scale to more of a balance than just heavily in Jason's favor. If you only come to this forum to put others down and do the typical internet troll you need to stop. Some people are trying to make real suggestions. You can defend yourself and your point of view without tearing someone else down. It's called discussion and it's how most good ideas are formed.
  7. You also neglected to read any of the posts in this thread because I've said multiple times I've played since June.. also you stated previously October reflected what Jason's power should be and that you think gun is working back towards that. Sorry I summed up your opinion to you think that pre October was perfect. So, when do you think the game was at it's best and most playable prior to this patch? Also, I'm just stating that with the Jason where he is now it takes very little to kill people because I know they aren't getting good items and they usually don't have a good stun weapon..so they're easy targets
  8. I'll do it tonight and take screenshots and show you. But I just watch videos of gameplay of part 9 Jason and part 5. Watch them both walk up to a door and compare the size... It's the same. Now I personally don't care about this but if people want to bring up the movies and say stuff like it's supposed to be like the movies.. then counselors need to fall down and be incapable of getting up and using their brains. Wait, that'd make for an game that isn't any fun to play? But who cares it's supposed to be true to the movies, right? So which is it peeps, true to movie or a fun and enjoyable game that has a lot of the qualities of the movies but tweaked to be more enjoyable as a video game?
  9. Congratulations.. there are still bad Jason's out there. I played against a kid that killed 0 people last night. There are still new players who have only been Jason a couple times. I however have found it incredibly easier to kill counselors. Haven't even had my masked knocked off in the last few days.
  10. I have watched the films. As a video in this thread shows a counselor throwing Jason to the ground. Also Roy, is 7ft tall like Jason and can shift and morph and is a giant terrifying undead God? No he was a person. The game isn't true to film.. if it were Roy should play similar to a counselor but be able to kill. Also if game was true to movie as a counselor you'd randomly fall when being chased by Jason and not have the common sense to get back up and instead cower in fear. I played pre October for 4 months and the difference was Jason was slower and his stun time was longer and he could kill counselors with well placed double traps.. pre October wasn't perfect.. stop referencing it.
  11. Haven't been able to trap doors in almost 2 months.. I feel like that is some time playing.. I just don't get why they did it.. because Jason's kept stepping in them? Oh well it doesn't kill him the way it did when he double layered traps which is why they nerfed his traps. It would literally insta kill you. Everyone keeps referencing when you play with a good team or against a good team and I hear and understand you, I do. It's just that isn't as frequent for me as you make it seem. Also I'm not sure about you guys but roughly 1-2 people quit per game I play whether I'm Jason or counselor and they quit in the beginning before any kill or anything gets done. Anyone else play quick play who experiences this? What do you think the average of quitters is that doesn't go towards Jason kill count?
  12. I myself am just looking for a solution of compromise. Like I said take away all Jason's starting throwing knives and knock down the number of traps that Jason's get( the ones that get 5 & 7, the 3 is already low enough). That or leave it as is and put more weapons in. Not shotguns that are guaranteed stubs but what's wrong with wrenches? Because it's not realistic? It's a GAME based on a MOVIE that's all unrealistic. Lol Leave the weapons and Jason the same and put a couple meds or knives back in...hell maybe add a different item too, like smoke bombs? Everyone played with smoke bombs as a kid.. if you used a smoke bomb Jason can't sense in it or through it. I'm all for playing and adapting. This, like I said before, is the straw that broke the camel's back. I'm honestly more upset about my trap placement being changed as a counselor (which isn't open or game breaking where it used to be) than pks. The weapon thing is also a downside due to I spawned in the fuse house with no weapons in that house or the next one I ran too and Jason hunted me down and murdered me, I was Eric (couldn't run far enough away from the running Jason)
  13. @WashingtonJones I agree with some parts but as Jason I find it way easier to get kills now. Also, you probably didn't read through all the posts(it's become a lot, I understand) but I've been playing since early June. Started on Xbox, switched to PC
  14. Actually the buffs for Counselor have been about the same number as for Jason. They decreased time Jason is stunned, Can't place traps at doors, his sense and stalk are better than they were, his grab range has gone back and forth a couple times, they added that he cancels a counselor going into a window(before he would not stop you from entering with a pocket knife), they've fixed he's kill activations so they appear better in certain situations, they added more environmental kills so you don't have to walk across the whole map. Point is he's been buffed more than once and so have counselors. It's gone back and forth. And I get private lobbies are a good and viable option and you can get a group of better players but I don't find it as easy to find that on PC as I did on Xbox Looking for Groups feature. You can't just take examples from private lobbies with people working together because some people can't find groups to play with or don't know where to look and use quick play which is the main source of finding a match. In there you run across people that speak different languages, no mic, aholes who don't want to work as a group. I get with teamwork the counselors can thrive but that's not how 90% of my match experiences go.
  15. Also, you were being stabbed with all the pks because of the type of player I hate. The type that would rather step in a trap and notify Jason then use the knife as defense instead of using the knife and not notifying Jason and escaping.. you could have left just as many pks but less meds so nobody would step in traps because there is only 3 or 4 heals on a map..
  16. Screw the less items and weapons.. leave the grab range where it is now but make it to where Jason needs to pick up all his throwing knives and cap Jason's at 5 traps, meaning now 7 trap Jason and take the 5 trap Jason's to 4. So you'll have Jason's with 3, 4, and 5.. that would probably play really well.. It's just crazy there is a 7 trap Jason and 4 pocket knives.. yes 4, I got stabbed with them all in a game last night.
  17. I do feel that the suggestions to make Jason more indestructible get listened to more to make it more like the movies...but at the end of the day the game has to be playable, right? There are 8 people in a match. I know the counselors shouldn't always escape and have Jason dance parties but a counselor should feel they have a chance even without teamwork. You can't force strangers to work together perfectly even though that is the intent. If you actually watch Dev videos describing how the game should be played in beta.. they talk about stealing other players finished cars and running away from a fellow counselor so Jason kills them and not you. The game was originally intended for individual survival.. but teamwork was an option..it should be the same way now.. but as an individual it's much harder
  18. Jason's throwing knives are his long range weapon..that plus a good shit-grab.. but I see your point. It could have been done a different way. They actually did increase the number of throwing knives Jason starts with
  19. That's because the mass majority of the people that play F13 don't come to this forum. I used to frequent it but I got annoyed by people attacking on here as the guy in the beginning did so I went away.. I only commented again now because after taking away counselors perfect trap placement and now less weapons and items it just felt a little unbalanced. But everyone has their own opinion.
  20. You could be right. Could just take some time to balance back. The thing about when I first started in June was when you actually did get a hit off on Jason with the extra stun time perk you had a good 10+ seconds to get away, sometimes it felt like 30. Lol. Now the stun times are super short so it just seems a little unbalanced in Jason's favor and yeah he's a destruction horror god.. but I'd like some challenge as Jason. Also, someone stated previously that your character will not get scared and notify Jason when he walks by when you're in a hiding spot and I tried it last night and Jason said he couldn't sense me but my character whining notified him.
  21. Unfortunately, you are way off. I started in June. I'm also tired of hearing people say you're not supposed to defend yourself with a weapon and that you're supposed to hide.. hiding is part of it but when he is chasing me in a house stunning is part of the GAME. It's a GAME based in the movies and although we want to keep it as true to form you all need to realize it also needs to be a well rounded game I'm not bad as counselor or Jason. I just feel my Jason kills are handed to me wayyyy too easily now and it should be challenging, not a walk in the park and if the only way it's challenging is against a group of 7 well coordinated players then that's just sad.
  22. I know this, but it is still not as close to what I was able to do and there was really no point to take it away. It wasn't op to place traps that close to the door. You can also open the door, place the trap on the ground. Close the door and lock it(or not) then set the trap.. this sometimes doesn't work either. It won't let me close the door sometimes and will force me to pick up the trap.
  23. Its different because Jason overlapping traps would kill a counselor. Also to your previous response. I did say that there is teamwork and they are a force to be reckoned with but I also said it's few and far between.. it's rare in quick play and my friends aren't always on.
  24. Before you could go sideways to the door against the frame of it and place a trap literally right up against the door. Now there is a boundary that does not allow you to place a trap that close to a closed door and when Jason rages through he doesn't have to step in it. @JulianVK it does take way longer to develop skills as Jason because you are him way less but my friends and I just went into private match and practiced shift-grab..stopping cars.. morphing to the right spot and skills for counselor as well. I get everyone may not do this. Also, yes there have been pro counselor buffs and I'm not always for those either.
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