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  1. Just frequently comment to reload to top. He's got good suggestions
  2. I still love Playing as Jason. I had 2 great matches last night. First match All 7 of the counselors were at the phone objective and even got it installed and were chain stunning me but I killed the box and since I had already broke all the windows they were all injuring themselves. I knifed someone they went to a limp then slashed them to death. Then they all start trying to chain stun so I went slash mode and took out 2 more successfully and they started to run away. I picked the rest of them off including a Tommy and nobody escaped. Next match was a good 6/8. The only people that got out were 2 in the boat when I was battling a group of 4 at the car. The people in the boat didn't mess up at all and I was preoccupied with others so this is an escape that would've happened pre-patch as well. Still had a lot of fun being Jason. Only people that give me trouble are Vanessa/Bugzy/Chad/Tommy/Tiffany just because they are super fast but I just have to rely on a bit more strategy and a little luck with my morphs. Lol
  3. @Punisher_2099 My point is what I said. You should not reward quitters in any way, shape or form. Most players are so high xp doesn't mean anything and honestly once you unlock Pt IV. XP means nothing. It's not even 101 players.. it just doesn't mean anything at all. I understand your grievance with the game.. I've been through it a lot of times. Random disconnects to dashboard or lost connection to host or a number of things.. I'd still rather just lose that 800xp than start rewarding people who fix a battery then die and quit.. If you want your xp you gotta stay and that is just how it should stay IMO Edit: You don't have to reply. This is your post and I get you are close minded about it. I was just letting you know an opinion for why although it sounds like a good deal it would just lead to games that end with 0 people left in the lobby besides Jason. If you don't have to wait there is no point to stay... That is all
  4. It is a good idea but it also encourages quitters. I don't think it should be implemented because then people who quit because they die will still be rewarded if they did anything and they shouldn't be if they quit. It's unfortunate to have games where we disconnect but I'll deal with it.
  5. I shortened the quote as to not take up space. First, I'd like to say that I like your idea to change up the escape for counselors as it is a mass escape and is the easiest one. One small change that could possibly help make this wayy harder without adding any other objectives would just be to make the phone now in the phone house. Perhaps Jason can see both the box and phone on his map or perhaps he can't see the phone. I'm just saying it's unrealistic there is only 1 phone anyway so why not put it in a different house. This way teams couldn't chain stun at the box and protect the person calling. It'd have to be separate. Also, this would make it to where the counselors had to find the phone and coordinate the fixing and the call so it wouldn't be such a quick thing for Jason to worry about and you wouldn't feel obligated to triple trap to win. I'd personally like this idea. Then people couldn't simply find the fuse, fix, then slip inside and call all in 2 minutes. Edit: I read all your other proposals and They're pretty good. I don't think the self-serve gas pump along with taking out and old battery would be well received as to adding a bunch of steps. I do like the immersion factor it would give. There wouldn't be just gas containers chilling around or two cars with no batteries. Also, people would just immediately run to cars and do the install before Jason morphed...soo it's kind of not an important step. I love the fact of trying to use Strength as a factor in repairs... I myself in previous posts had suggested that certain characters be better at propeller and gas vs fuse and battery but mine was not a strength stat but more a personality type of thing. Adam is a biker/mechanic/fix-it type of guy and then A.J. and Kenny would fall towards that as well, but I like using strength better. That's a good idea. Some of these ideas should be greatly considered. Maybe not taken as is, but at least looked at and tested. I also believe that if counselors are supposed to fear for their lives from Jason and be trying to escape that Timeout should not be a win for counselors. I think it should be a win for Jason because so what if a counselor survived 20 minutes. Jason would still hunt you down and kill you.. but I see people not wanting to give Jason the win, so I think nobody should get points for that. It shouldn't say survived/dead on the screen of the counselor but rather just say Game Over and then they get no bonus xp. This would maybe get people to try to escape more instead of trying to just run n hide all match. You've done well @Trident77
  6. Hi @[IllFonic]Courier and admins, I don't have pictures or videos but I was Jason 2 maps in a row(not my complaint) and I grabbed someone inside the house and did a kill but we ended up outside. Then I had grabbed a counselor at the yellow car and performed a kill and ended up at the Blue car. This sort of thing happened to me 4-5 times in 2 matches where I would teleport away while performing a kill.
  7. No such thing as Spawn Killing. If you want to kill the person at your first morph, it's fine. I do it against good people. Letting them go sometimes is just a preference of mine because I hate when it happens to me. I trap and smash and then morph to car. All kills on second morph are not even close to what could be considered spawn kills. Also, if I trap fuse and a kid runs into it while I'm smashing, they're instantly dead. I will let every other objective go and spend all my time killing that person who decided to tank my trap when I'm a 3 trap Jason. lol
  8. I agree, it should be way harder to stun Jason in RAGE mode. Also, his top speed should increase slightly. I'm not saying take a walking Jason to a running Jason but make him move quicker. He is angry and trying to hurry up and kill people.
  9. 1. I had some people running circles on me when I was Pt. 7 and I couldn't catch him. He was Tommy and he was good at looping and Pt. 7 doesn't get shift very quick.. 2. I've been wondering the whole time why a timeout negatively impacts Jason. If the point is for Jason to be powerful and counselors are supposed to fear for their lives..then the timeout should negatively impact them..just saying
  10. Am I the only person that plays this game that thinks people being able to pick counselors is kind of lame? Like when you're learning it kind of makes sense but then again I got better at repairs not by being Deborah, but by being Deb and then switching to Bugzy and then getting good and now can generally repair with anyone. I know it's just my opinion but sometimes I just get annoyed with people who main Chad/Bugzy/Vanessa that find parts and then say stuff like I can't fix stuff I'm so and so.. I'm like so?? You picked that person, I'm doing my own thing. I'm not running across the map because I'm the only person who is even slightly a repair left. Also, most of these people that main these characters only do it so that they can run Jason around a house or whatever and kill time. Which is a good strategy and needed for other players to do stuff. I'm not knocking on the strategy, I'm just knocking on the same people picking the same characters every round. I random. I feel like everyone should have to random or there should be a counselor select screen every round and it was first come first serve only 1 person could be each counselor type of thing. Again, not knocking on the stringing Jason along strategy, it's legit. I'm just saying that it annoys me as a counselor when I'm the only person in a game that has a repair higher than 2 and people keep telling me to do stuff. I'm also a person that likes to see a variety in matches and it gets dull when I see the same people being the same characters and then the match plays out the same because nobody has switched their strategy based on their character. Again, I know this is my opinion and it is a disliked opinion among most but it just kinda annoys me sometimes.
  11. remove small maps

    Yeah, I kind of wish I had the choice to never play small maps. I'm not saying remove them, just give me the option to Random maps, but never play that one. If anything make larger maps!! and make like 1 16 person lobby, 1 Jason, escapes are: Cops, 4 seat car, short bus/truck/rv that 8 people can escape in. Fuse require 3 repair (fix phone fuse, find and connect phone, call cops), 4 seat repairs (battery, gas, keys, two tires), short bust repairs (battery, gas, keys, steering wheel, two tires). Jason gets double traps and knives for every Jason and his hit damage is doubled(two shot kills on all counselors). I'm jk that would never work
  12. The Problem

    @Caulus You are right, it's not just people who were happy pre-patch it's also people who were screaming for the patch. They are just called trolls
  13. The Problem

    I'm not upset that Jason can't kill. Idc if all 7 counselors escape. I just don't want to escape by cops and watch a bunch of people not even attempt an objective.. and if it were to get that achievement then why do I watch the same people do it multiple games in a row. Legit I'm talking obvious people trolling, we all know it when we see it. Even you are acknowledging the trolling and trying to blame it on Jason and him not being a proper threat.. no, the problem is trolling.. The problem is the people doing the trolling. They are just awful people to play with and I've been playing since early June and trolling has always existed. The same people doing this now were the same ones who have trolled against the beginning. They will always find a way to do it and ruin the game for others.. So the problem isn't the newest update.. it's the people playing Like I'm really liking the idea I had of adding a timer after cops show up.. if you don't make it to the cops in 4 minutes then you lose and you should lose if you don't escape in 20 minutes.. I get there is an achievement but they should get rid of it and then maybe people will feel the pressure to get stuff done. If you call the cops it overrides the main timer. Like if there are 2 minutes left and you call then there are now 5 until cops come and then you have 4 to exit
  14. The Problem

    Man, I get it.. you just like to argue for the sake of arguing. But you know a troll when you see one. I explicitly said dancing with emotes in my original post. That is the point of this topic. Obvious trolls.
  15. The Problem

    Honestly, I wish they would implement a Countdown Timer for counselors after the police are on the scene. You have 4-5 minutes to get to the exit or you lose. Hell Jason starts with a 20 minute timer, why shouldn't the counselor get a timer one his escape arrives? Lol I just get tired of watching people not escape and mess around. i'm trying to play not spectate and watch people goof off. I get if you are legit doing stuff, but most of these people are not.