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  1. Jason Selection Update

    Speaking of how Jason spawns, I had an idea for those of us that use the random Jason preference. Would it be possible to increase the odds of spawning as the right Jason on his map? I would also like to see savini added to the random list, I don't understand why he wouldn't be... And our bloody skins don't show up when we set it to random, but I'm sure everyone has figured that out.
  2. Yup. But they can't see it that way. They're blinded by the crotch in their face and can't understand that it's really just making their job easier.
  3. Same here. I think I only need 5-6 more Tommy tapes. Pamela tapes are everywhere though...
  4. Yes, they just don't seem to spawn nearly as often. I've only gotten 2-3 since the last update.
  5. Jason Selection Update

    @MyNameisJason This will be part of the engine upgrade. April 13th is not a date they ever stated. They don't give dates.
  6. My guess is it was too difficult to program the physics for it. It would look pretty stupid if it didn't move as she jogged, so there's (I would assume) a lot more coding required for something that's just cosmetic. I would like to see it added, but it's not that important to me.
  7. Hit him and do it again...? Leave the counselor to die? Does it matter? Like @AdmiralJT said, no strategy is 100% effective. But as long as there are people like you that get pissy when teabagged, there will be a person like me that uses it to their advantage. I don't understand the issue with teabagging. It's not like this is the first game that has the capability...
  8. Do be fair, he didn't specify he was streaming the game. That was my first thought too lol
  9. Jason Selection Update

    I'm sure that's what they're hoping for, but they've repeatedly said they had no intentions of releasing it that day.
  10. My mom always told me never to get in a car with strangers... Holds true to this day!
  11. Oh god... I have to watch that with audio...
  12. WTF is wrong with that dude...? And why is the audience so calm while some dude is stroking out in front of them?
  13. I'm sorry, but this is a really bad idea... Who would want to be a counselor? You have no way to defend yourself in the water, and it's an instant kill for Jason.

    Figured it was worth asking. That's an awesome offer! I'll send you an email shortly. I figured. I just get impatient sometimes. I'll probably forget that I bought it by the time I get it lol The snow sucks to hike through, but I love the scenery after a nice snowfall. I also think think it would be nice to have an f13 movie set in the winter. Edit: Do you think a full scale release will ever be possible? I know you don't have the rights to do so now, but I hope that's something you're actively working towards. I know you've talked about a possible sequel, what's holding that back?
  15. This would really help push objectives. Give more xp for disarming a trap than using it on Jason.
  16. Last night I found a Kenny dancing in front of a radio. As I got closer, he moved and I noticed he was limping. He starts saying "don't come any closer" and I figured he was just going to try and hit me. Then he steps in a trap he had set behind him, killing himself... Same match I chased Fox around for a while, took a knife and she used 2 med sprays. Got her limping 1 last time and she decided to window hop while I was trying to get into the cabin and killed herself. Another match this morning I had someone else window hop after stepping in my trap to kill herself. This is the most I've encountered suicide since release...
  17. Yup, I use a lot of the tools they gave us. This would also prevent people from being able to run past him when he's down.
  18. Jason Selection Update

    Thanks for clarifying. I assumed that December patch would be it. The complaints seemed to die down after that. The idea makes sense, I just never really had a problem with the current system.
  19. Jason Selection Update

    Well that was before the patch that made it so counselor preference players wouldn't get Jason. I thought that patch pretty much eliminated the issue. I have mine set to Jason and I get him like every 3-4 matches in quick play. That's another thing, why is this only for quick play...? Just because Jason can be chosen in private matches?
  20. Jason Selection Update

    Interesting... I don't really recall too much complaining about how Jason currently spawns, but if you guys think this will work better then I'm all for it. Just out of curiosity, what made you guys decide to make this change?
  21. I tend to leave it open when I switch to netflix for a break. I'll have to start closing it I guess... I was around back during the memory leak issue so I've seen the intro too many damn times...
  22. I've liked a few of your ideas, this isn't the first. You're probably right about me liking the more difficult ones though lol

    That's not too bad, even with gear. Was there a tier with a physical script, or was it just digital? When I looked the higher tiers were already sold out so I can't see everything they had. Edit: Also, is there a way to combine shipping? I just decided to get a second copy in case my buddy wants it. Edit 2: One more question, will production start early since you already reached your goal?
  24. It's pretty much one or the other for me. If I'm really bored I'll read it all, but I'm usually on here at work so I actually have a job I should be doing...
  25. That's what I do best. It does sound like a pretty decent idea. I don't think I would mind it.