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  1. New Ranks

    Honestly, that seems kind of pointless to me. Not that I'm opposed to them doing it, I just don't care personally. After "x" posts you get to set it yourself. Go for it.
  2. New Ranks

    Ranks for what? The forums...?
  3. Emotes need to go

    Maybe if they also remove the ability to crouch, stand in the same spot for too long, take the weapons away, spawn the parts next to the objectives, make people bounce off the cars instead of getting run over, etc. Emotes are not the problem, the toxic players are. I don't think anyone would care if I was standing next to a radio dancing. Knock Jason on his ass and now dancing is the worst sin of all.
  4. Sometimes I make digital pinball tables

    @ShiftySamurai You should talk them into adding that to the game. I can't imagine it would be difficult. Or at least make it a REAL table! I've always been interested in how those things work. That would make for a fun project.
  5. Yes, I'd love to know how difficult it is to find Deborah with my perk load out. I'd also like to kill lobbies of Chad.
  6. Emotes need to go

    How am I preventing them from "having their own experiences"? I said to get over people using the emotes. I even offered up advice on how to AVOID the emotes. If they want to let emotes get the better of them, that's on them. I will continue to use them as I please. Everybody wins.
  7. I watched Jason walking around with a trap stuck to his leg. This is an older issue (I think) but the REAL issue is that when he shifted, you could still see the trap floating around wherever he went.
  8. How does beer increasing your stamina make any sense?
  9. Yes but which do they do first? Going for the car fist means they have plenty of time to call the cops. Going for the fuse box first means there's at least enough time to get the parts gathered up. It would make you think about your first move a little more than you currently do. I don't think I've seen a Jason player NOT trap the fuse right away. Without any other viable strategy, they'd might as well just start the match with it trapped.
  10. Sunday morning Jason Hunt

    @TheHansonGoons I knew I should've messaged you! I was bored as hell, and even noticed you were on F13... Maybe next weekend...
  11. Ok I never played the NES game. I retract my "dumbest idea I've seen here" comment.
  12. If you knows it's been brought up then why did you make another post about it...?
  13. A reminder of the function of the Report Button

    You talking about me?! Lol I think this is a big reason for so many reported posts. We see duplicate threads and (at least for me) first instinct is to flag it. Thanks for clarifying that.
  14. Why on Earth would you want to fight a floating head...? That might just be the dumbest idea I've seen here and that's me being nice about it...
  15. You'll probably have the app done by the time we get any sort of game "news". I'm guessing it wouldn't update all that often.
  16. @JPops I don't know who was tagged, but couldn't the account be deleted to avoid this? It's not the first time I've seen you mention a fake account.
  17. You should retitle this as "bitching thread". I'm getting sick of all the bullshit people post too. It's never a new issue, always the same shit...
  18. @Syomare this has been brought up before. Your end game idea might be new. I'd link it but I'm on my phone and that's a pain in the ass. @EvilElvenElvis that's their job. When a duplicate post pops up, they're supposed to lock it to keep the forums clean. It has nothing to do with "long time members" or causing trouble. It's in the forum rules.
  19. That's been brought up before. They said it would basically require a 4th version of the build and wasn't worth the time/energy to create. I agree though. The more people they have testing the build, the more likely the bugs will be fixed before release. They just don't have enough people. I'd gladly do it for free if I could.
  20. Yes, but you shouldn't ignore the decent people and only consider the hoarders... You should reward good behavior, not make it impossible.
  21. Congratulations, but do we need a thread for this?
  22. You're only considering knife hoarders in this suggestion. What about people who share them?