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  1. That's on sony/microsoft, not the devs. That's how I got my skin too, doesn't mean it I deserve it or that it should happen again.
  2. Might help if he at least tagged Shifty right... Still, no one is going to give a serious answer to that question.
  3. Truth


    Well then start coding! Lol You know I'm going to keep trying. We need something to do instead of being forced to watch the rest of the match. Hell, even just letting us roll perks or customize our counselors would be better (sometimes). Edit: I'll also remove Ben's tag.
  4. That would be pretty badass.
  5. Right, when you play as The Skunk you only see through a pinhole in the can. Your odor drives Jason away (similar to how Jason drives Muffin away) and conselors get a speed boost when in your vicinity.
  6. Exactly. If this update is fucked up, it would probably be the end. I don't care how long we have to wait for it as long is it doesn't fuck things up even more.
  7. Truth


    @TheBloodyMan I've been trying to get @ShiftySamurai to add his pinball table to the game. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/15890-sometimes-i-make-digital-pinball-tables/?tab=comments#comment-209779 It would be a great way to kill spectating time, and it's already made. I sure wish whoever can make that call would see how great of an idea it is.
  8. @BigJay Why? I understand suggesting handguns, but why bother changing the flare gun?
  9. That was supposed to be our next campaign! You spoiled the surprise!
  10. Truth

    Graduation! Woo!

    Well with how shitty our shelves are here, one good nudge would start a domino effect... That would make a much better presentation.
  11. When I start up the game and the first 2 hosts quit, I lose all motivation to play that day. I'd imagine I'm not alone in that statement. It's very discouraging to waste that much time right off the bat.
  12. There's your problem... We all know that the steam player count has been low for a long time. Just like any other multiplatform game, it sold more on console in general. We also all know that steam has the most hackers and shitty people. You can't expect anything else from a steam review.
  13. Truth

    game is reset to 0

    That's what I was going to ask. Someone else made the same thread, so maybe they were having issues last night.
  14. Truth

    2nd crowd fund

    I didn't ask what they could do. You said they haven't given the original backers everything yet. What haven't the backers gotten that was promised? As far as I know they've gotten everything now.
  15. @Scorched Galaxy sounds like your internet cut out. That's what happens to me once in a while.
  16. Truth

    2nd crowd fund

    What haven't they given that was promised to the backers?
  17. I meant time in-game. Should've been more specific. We've all had to deal with the same shit, but the high level players dealt with them the most simply because we've played more at this point. Everyone else (theoretically) will have a much better time leveling up after the update. I agree that they didn't pick the right reward for that though. It doesn't mean that at all. Some people are just less interested and won't care to level up, that was my point. People that really want to swap weapons will all get there at some point. Hopefully they can get there faster after the update. Salt mines, single player challenges, and better bots (if done right) will make the time spent in the game more enjoyable. I understand that it may take a lot of time though, I'm fully aware of how long it took me. The high level players needed something like this, but not necessarily this.
  18. Truth

    2nd crowd fund

    @Redrum138 I respect the optimism. I just don't have it... I'm not even a backer.
  19. I also found this one pretty funny. I made this the background on my xbox. They were standing there waiting for a few minutes before Jason showed up in stalk.
  20. @Ghostboy20 I was looking for my video of when I drove into the lake. Couldn't find it though... I had a full car and I was just dodging Jason and fucking with him for a minute before I headed out. I was probably driving around 2 minutes before I took a wrong turn and couldn't see the lake in front of me because of my fear... Luckily everyone just laughed about it instead of getting salty. I was still really disappointed because I'm usually pretty good with the car.
  21. I got the car stuck on a sign once:
  22. I get Greg Allman and Jesus mostly. I also haven't gotten a haircut in at least a year. I donate it though.
  23. Wouldn't be that hard... I haven't shaved in like a year lol
  24. Not a slacker, just not motivated enough to unlock it. If it's not important to you, then you won't get there. If you really care about swapping weapons, then you'll get there eventually. Not saying this is how it should be (in case you haven't read my opinions here) just that it is what it is and anyone that cares enough about the feature can get it.