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  1. @wildthing73 no need to tag the devs when one of us could have easily answered this for you (as @JasonLives86 has).
  2. I actually only checked out this thread because you hadn't locked it and i was curious why. This one's actually a good reason to post about Savini. @Lexandremon as a backer, how would you feel if they released Savini's stats on a "regular" looking Jason? I think that's the only real solution. Backers still have their awesome skin, but every one would have the "pay to win" stats and maybe shut up about it. I'm not a backer, but I got it when Microsoft fucked up. I don't really like his play style personally, so I never understood the "pay to win" complaints (other than them being jealous, obviously). I don't even get to use him online since I have Jason set on random, but I have noticed that anyone using Savini does get treated differently. Mostly what @bewareofbears said.
  3. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    That was a very important point, thank you for clarifying. Though I could also understand penalizing players that leave (even after death) to decrease lobby wait times, but that would probably be going a little overboard. Regardless, this is great news and I'm sure this will help make things better while we wait for dedicated servers. As I said on the first page of this thread, you guys are fucking awesome! Keep up the good work, and please spread the praise. This is not only a great modification to the game, it was an incredible way of presenting the information.
  4. Like I said, I'm just guessing. I have no clue who has what rights to the game.
  5. No worries man, we were all new here at some point. When you respond to a thread it gets bumped to the top. @NthnButAGoodTime does a good job cleaning up so it's not really a big deal these days.
  6. I don't know the rights situation with that game, but I would guess that Nintendo would have an issue with it.
  7. I'd probably just join them lol
  8. People saw that "leaked" video, took it as Dev-made, and now continue to spread misinformation.
  9. I'll try to find the quote later, but I'm pretty sure Shifty specifically said no new counselors or maps will be part of the update.
  10. I think @Lucipher28 (correct me if I'm wrong) was suggesting that they add the actual nes game. That would be cool, but I highly doubt that would be possible.
  11. There's a search function at the top of the page that can be used to find existing threads on the topic you're suggesting. If you already know it's been brought up, post in the existing threads.
  12. Please keep us posted @[IllFonic]Courier.
  13. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    @ShiftySamurai you guys are fucking awesome!
  14. I don't... I was simply informing @TheHansonGoons that his efforts are futile being that many of us have tried to help him. I don't like ignoring people because I like to remain optimistic and hope that eventually something worthwhile is said by the person.