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  1. Truth

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    When selecting kills for Jason, they seem to reset once you leave the customization screen. I found that if you set ONE Jason at a time (press "b" when you're done) it saves correctly. Bloody skins still don't show when Jason is set to random Emotes don't seem to save on the newer counselors (Mitch, Fox, Shelly, Victoria) when you reboot the game. I'll check it again later to be sure. Edit: emotes aren't saving on several counselors. It's not just the new ones like I previously thought. Might have to do what I did with the kills. Edit: the emote issue might have been my own stupidity... Challenge 4 seems to have problems if you do the kills out of order. Someone said the harpoon gun didn't work. I found that after killing Shelly in the barn, you can no longer start the wood chipper. Sparkly blood on Pinehurst. Doesn't seem to be every time, but it may be related to the main house (the videos I've seen were all near it). Multiplayer seemed fine in the few matches I played. Didn't encounter any bugs (other than random Jason bloody skins). Placing traps has changed and you now set it way too close to your feet. I can definitely see that being abused by trolls. One little nudge after you set it would put you right into the trap. Be careful with other people in the room!!! I'll be playing more today, so I'm sure I'll have more to add later. Edit: just crashed the car like 5 times... More than likely lag though. Edit: my bat just clipped into the ground when I swapped it for a trap... And of course decided to make this edit while still playing... Jason got an easy kill there... Edit: came back as Tommy from that. Got fucked by the car rubber band issue...
  2. That actually happened to me once. I was hosting in quick play, but I was hidden so I wouldn't be bothered. My buddy logged on and just joined a random quick play, but he was sent to my lobby. I wonder what the chances are of that happening...
  3. It only worked once for me. Also Pinehurst bot round, bloody skin, first kill only. It was next to the main house (outside). In that clip, yes. Definitely. In the clip I got last night, it seems to be a lighting issue. You can still see the red at first until it travels farther from the body. Too lazy to post that on my phone though. I'll post it to the group on Xbox for now. Edit: nevermind... Apparently someone booted me from the club...
  4. Truth

    Thursday the 12th Xbox group

    Nope. Random quick play.
  5. Truth

    Thursday the 12th Xbox group

    Worked fine for me... Not sure if I had swapped it for something else though.
  6. Right? Who the fuck ever tried setting a bear trap in a tent? Who the fuck has even bothered BRINGING a trap to a tent?! I agree. As long as it doesn't happen too often, I don't mind it. Edit: It would be cool if that was an indication that you got some sort of bonus xp for the kill.
  7. We also didn't have fairy blood before yesterday... Who knows?
  8. It really does. They've proven that time and time again. They just don't have enough people testing shit out to find everything. Granted, some of this should've been pretty damn easy to catch...
  9. Wouldn't be surprised, but my screenshot is really old.
  10. Ouch... @Thatguyinktown forgot about that... Keep us posted!
  11. Truth


    Do you think they even tried it before putting it on the menu? lol Chocolate on pizza sounds horrible... Then you add the creme... WTF?
  12. Lmfao I hope I remember that one...
  13. I know this is off topic, but I was on this page when I got the email. I GET TO LEAVE AN HOUR EARLY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See @BrokenFattHardy, I am special. Edit: (like how I brought that back on topic?) Edit 2: Now it's time for a smoke break to help kill the last 30 minutes!
  14. I actually have a video that I think was the exact same spot. There was some weird blue light that flashed around there. This was LOOONG before this update though, so maybe that exact bug just got worse... I'll try to find that video if I can. Edit: I was wrong, it's a screenshot and in a different cabin...
  15. Banned? Edit: I don't think it would dashboard you.... Why do you have to sign in? You should already be signed in when you boot the game.