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  1. Nah, they gave me a "thanks" because (joke or not) I'm right. It IS against the forum rules to threaten another member.
  2. The description on amazon (interesting portion in bold letters): "Friday the 13th: the game Ultimate slasher Edition comes equipped with the game, a 13x19 game poster and all available DLC released for the game. This definitive collection Includes single player challenges, virtual cabin 2.0, all kills for Jason, new maps, new counselors, new playable jason's, matches with AI bots, all clothing packs & more. The game is a faithful tribute to the franchise, all the way down to the tiniest detail. Whether it's One of the many iconic film locations that have been chosen for the game, or the various Jason Voorhees models themselves, fans can rest assured that everything in Friday the 13th: the game has been painstakingly recreated with accuracy in mind. This is truly the love letter Friday the 13th fans have waited more than 30 years for."
  3. @VoorheesGt101 http://forum.f13game.com/topic/20062-were-still-here/?tab=comments#comment-305729 There was negativity, but there was also a large portion of the community that had no intention of giving up on them. Obviously I was wrong, but this is what I said in that thread. We tried, they still gave in.
  4. This thread is threatening and should be deleted per the f13 forum rules. I'm deeply offended.
  5. @lHeartBreakerl isn't banned, he just got sick of how the forums are handled (along with plenty of other reasons). Several people were banned/suspended for posting their opinions of Gun/jpops. Some people were just silenced and gave up. Hell, I was told I can't post Alder's video because he's banned. I was told I would be suspended if I posted it again. That's one of many reasons people are leaving, especially those of us that remember back when things were decent here.
  6. "They broke the rules"...
  7. He's referring to ghost Jason from Never Hike Alone. You should definitely go watch that, it's up on YouTube.
  8. Sorry for posting it here, but figured you might be interested.
  9. @AldermachXI is streaming the game right now (before the video).
  10. Holy fuck... This is going to take me a while... Edit: Copied it to word in case this gets deleted too. Came out to 5 pages!
  11. Could've at least dropped a link to this one before closing the original...
  12. See @Slasher_Clone, we can't even discuss their announcement...
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