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  1. Mommy isn't watching, dad says it's ok.
  2. Emotes need to go

    I'm only on Xbox. I guess that explains why I never see it and you always do.
  3. Thanks @BetsyPalmer. Satisfied @Dr. Lecter @Slasher_Clone and @Yayson?
  4. Alright I'll give you that one...
  5. Emotes need to go

    Good luck with that. They would never do it and you know as well as I how dumb of an idea that is regardless how you feel about them. Just get the fuck over it.
  6. I know it's there, I don't need to search for it.
  7. Linking on my phone is a pain in the ass... And I can remember a lot of topics that have been discussed, I'm sure they do too.
  8. I'm using my phone and that's a pain in the ass... I'm sure a quick search will show you.
  9. @Dr. Lecter keep in mind that the mods are all volunteers. They're not getting paid to deal with our bs and have nothing to show for the time they've spent here. It's not up to them to do the searches for us. It's up to the community to follow the rules and use the search function. If the thread gets locked, then you can search for the existing one yourself. I'm sure you're entirely capable. I understand your point, but we can ALL use the search function. There's no reason the mods should have to waste their own time finding the existing thread for you.
  10. Makes sense to me... Of course you can mention it in an lfg post for private matches, but I doubt that would really help.
  11. You are forgiven! People (including myself) sometimes forget that there are more than just Americans using these forums. Don't take it personally. Aren't we known for being ignorant?
  12. I get where you're coming from, but why? What's the difference? And why would you single him out?
  13. Why do I feel like I've seen this thread before?
  14. Yup. Maybe you should check out the existing threads about offline bots.
  15. We already have a poll for this...