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  1. With the new emotes being the up directions pad and moving the menu screen to the touch pad is ok, I hate it but ok. The problem is that when you are dead, during the cut screen, and other actions, you cannot look at this menu. There seems to be a problem when pulling up this menu now. I want to see when I die, how many counselors are left and such.
  2. PS4, I have crashed a lot, even as Jason. I will be killing someone and it just crashes to BSOD.
  3. As of right now it really sucks to be Jason as when you are finally Jason all the players leave. If you kill the host all your work was in vain unless it is a cool host who doesn't leave when you kill them.
  4. I have no faith in the dedicated servers, especially not coming anytime soon. Also doesn't help the game right now and the status of it. I played 10 straight games without finishing one of them due to the host leaving, or the game crashing.
  5. The punishment can't be a ban either as there is not single player or another way to play the game. That would absolutely kill the player base.
  6. Still does not solve the quitting issue. So not at all. Giving the points to Jason should already be automatic.
  7. There is no punishment right now for people leaving games. I have noticed more and more people leaving right as the game is starting when they are not Jason, or if they die right away. Staying in the game to earn 500 points is a bonus to finishing the game. I think a way to keep an incentive to stay in the game make each game bonus subsequently more for each game completed. If you quit the game you lose the bonus and your next score has a negative modifier. This will discourage people from quitting games mid-match. A lot of people are quitting just as Jason is killing them, where they don't gain any points and Jason does not get the kill despite finishing the move itself. If you give someone incentive to stay in and a punishment to leave it will help the game a lot more. Finish 1 game: 300 points, Finish 2 games 400 points, finish 3 games 500 points and so on. Give a bonus modifier for the host completing the game. give the host an additional 100 points for finishing the game as they are most critical. Not finishing 1 game (own volition) -300 next game finished, and that increasing each game not finished. Also do not allow a person who quits the previous game to be Jason in any subsequent match. Not allowing someone to quit/start games until they are Jason will help with keeping full games. The dedicated servers are more than likely not coming, let alone anytime soon. A simple solution would help out a lot on some of these problems plaguing the game.
  8. It isn't that anyone is impatient. If you release a game for people to play, without stating that it is in Alpha state, people expect at the least to be able to play the game. That isn't asking too much. Imagine the backlash any other developer would get for releasing a game as glitchy, buggy, and unplayable as this one. The closest I can remember in recent is For Honor. That game has received serious backlash for it as they were a major developer. When the game is this unplayable yet you plan to release paid DLC before ever fixing the core issue is going to raise a lot of concern and ire of the players.
  9. That is what killed For Honor for me too. Horrible P2P connections in a game that requires timing and precision. That game had such great potential but was destroyed by bad networking. Sad part is that For Honor was released by a major developer. Illfonic and Gun Media have no excuse though with how much money they raised for this game. How I fail to host my own game is just beyond me.
  10. If that was a run-on sentence to you, than you sir, need to go back to English class. Improper paragraph structure would be a more valid argument.
  11. Absolutely. Destiny 2 comes out in two days? DLC for Battlefield 1 comes out in two days, what other games coming out soon will be the end of this game. Games that you can actually turn on, and play. Not waiting idly for you to connect to the game.
  12. Awesome you just bought Friday the 13th the game, be prepared to the shit show you are about to encounter. This is a fun game when working properly. The game uses a horrible P2P connection where there is one person who hosts the game for everyone else. All other players are at the mercy of the host. Whether or not they have a great connection or not isn't taken into consideration. They are the first to die, rage quit and the entire game drops because there is no host migration, awesome right! And I thought the game For Honor had horrible connections. But don't worry we have taken your millions of dollars and will keep promisin dedicated servers that you will never see because you will have stopped playing the game before we implement them. So you have entered the game with a good host and begin to run around in the glitch filled forrests on 3, yes 3 whole maps. Don't worry we made 3 more maps by making the original three smaller! It took nothing on our part to create those other than shrinking the borders, but we are thinking of how to improve the game. Oh no while running through the woods you and another counselor spot Jason, enter combat stance and square off to the other counselor and ignore Jason! Brilliant. You and Jason begin swining at each other like you have noodles for arms, swining wildly, hitting doors, trees, missing altogether. Jason realizes he can grab you and quickly hit a button to start a kill animation that your fellow counselor an do nothing about but swing his wet noodle at Jason with no effect. Great you are dead within the first minute because you are the unlucky sap who spawned right next to packanack lodge. Great now you just have to wait around 19 minutes for the match to end in order to collect any sort of points in that game. You wait patiently for 16 minutes idly watching the game, don't worry we don't have any mini-games or anything for you to do while waiting, enjoy watching other people play the game. At 16 minutes in the host realizes he is about to die and quits the game before Jason can kill him, yup, no points for you while you were idling waiting patiently for the game to finish. You receive the black screen of death notifying there was a connection error. You return back to the home screen to enter a new game and hopefully it is just as exciting and fun. You wait, and you wait, wait some more to enter a game. You get to the play online screen and realize you are the host. You wait. You wait. No one joins your lobby. You back out and try again. A minute and a half later, you are the host of your own game again with no one joining. Isn't this just fun! Aren't you glad you bought this game. I sure am, peer pressure is the greatest. Don't worry, we have a screen that has badges for you to collect. What, you think everyone you complete a level you should earn experience or coins? HA! Instead of coming out with a Bikini suit paid DLC you should implement a way that the counselors can wear said badges that you have earned as a way of showing the pride in games you have actually been able to complete and the success in those. HA! No the badges are meaningless and just a screen you can reference. Just try and play the game, wait you failed to host your own game. This is just so fun.
  13. You have one job when releasing a game that requires an online connection to play, that is to ensure your networking and matchmaking is done properly so people can enter the game and have fun. This is the problem now a days with video game companies that aren't the large studios that release AAA games. They release betas as an excuse to push out a game that isn't finished without any intent to fix it before they push another game down our throats. With large games like Destiny 2, CoD WWII, Battlefront 2, among others this game will die very quickly especially when people can't enter or even play the game. This will be the last game I ever buy from this company becase of this practice. No body gives a crap about bathing suit DLC... WTF?!? is your player base all 12 year old boys? So we are going to have a bunch of Tiffany Cox's running around in bath suits for 10 seconds before we disconnect or the host leaves. It is bad. Did anyone even ask for small maps? I think it was a bandaid to pretend to release something new. It isn't like they created all new maps, all the did was keep the old maps and shorten the edge of the map, wow look new maps! No they are just smaller maps of ones already released. We want new maps and modes not miniature versions.
  14. Was the range of Jason's grab increased? For some reason it seems like Jason is grabbing from even farther ranges now. Ridiculously long reaches that he is grabbing counselors. That with the horrible swinging of the counselors it has made Jason even stronger and harder to escape. Swing at Jason he turns away and the counselor misses, you turn away he grabs you from 6 feet away. And on small maps this is even more noticeable.
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