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  1. Haven't played in about a week which sucks cause I really enjoyed the game but it got boring as hell playing as counselor which is 90% of the times and then playing as Jason is just frustrating even if you're lucky and clean house. Since you most of the players will play as counselors most of the times, I think the devs went in the direction so the experience would be less frustrating and easier to win to the counselors which would be the majority of players. That being said I believe it's a fatal mistake as it misses the whole point of the game. The only time all counselors should be able to escape is if Jason is AFK other wise even the less skillful Jason player should get 4/8 or 5/8 and Good Jasons should have no problem cleaning the house. That would pretty much make counselors work together as a team knowing that at least a couple of them will get left behind in the process and make it a challenge to escape. Ganking Jason shouldn't be an option for counselors, weapon strength should be taken out as a main stat and all Jasons should have part 3 and 4 weapon strength. Lots of people complain about not bringing Roy because he's human and he can't have powers yet some counselors can get hit 3 or 4 times from some Jasons and keep fighting. All Jasons should make a counselor limp after 2 shots, windows system need to go back to it's original state and the traps should come back to where you could double and triple trap something. I'm not sure if they need to bring back the vacuum grab but you can definitely feel the difference of the grab nerf. Anyway, hopefully the deploy a new patch soon and it worthy of playing. I'm a big supporter of this game and I would love to continue to support it.
  2. Same thing dude, before the dancing there was the tea bagging so yeah... people will always find a way to taunt you within the game mechanics
  3. Couldn't have said it better myself. Right it's to easy to be a counselor and too annoying to be Jason as where it should be the other way around. I used to get excited when Playing Jason, now it's like.. F@ck! I'm at a point in the game that after one or two matches I'm bored as hell and switch to another game. Hopefully they tweak things a bit cause I think it's a combination of everything that's leading to Jason being useless
  4. Because going down that road will bring more toxic behavior. If you want to be that guy then I feel sorry for you but assuming that the 86 on your tag stands for your birth year by now you should know better and take the high road cause youre acting like a 12 year old. If you can't stand that "trolling" find a different server but going in that direction only means that you are part of the same problem you are complaining about. And it's not like the guy was trying to kill you or anything because that's a whole different story. The way I see it if the game mechanics allow you to dance and have a lifeline (Pocket knife) while standing on the cops then The devs should do something about it. Even though Jason has been nerfed to the ground in latest patch, every single player on this game with 10 or 15 matches on their belt should know that 99% of the players who stand by the cops being retarded will have a pocket knife so why as Jason would you even grab them????
  5. First time you play Jason after patch feel a bit odd but then it's easy to get used to...
  6. # 1 is a Classic. You forgot #9. Guy with a F*cked up Mic that the only thing you hear is an annoying static and you have to mute him before your ear breaks...
  7. I think you might need to work on your throwing knives strategy. Looks like you just stand there for 10 seconds trying to AIM at the counselor... As there are player that can land melee attacks 9/10 times there are Jasons who will land 9/10 knives...
  8. Losing the thrill of it. Cops are getting called within the minute, the only time I have a hard time escaping if it's the rest of counselors are complete trolls, even then at least now you can see the gas in in the lodge next to the car that already had gas in it. Do a couple of matches a day but honestly every day I play a bit less and it sucks cause I really enjoy the game and have supported it purchasing all DLC. Hopefully this Paranoia bring something refreshing to the table, have to say I'm intrigued by it. Those claiming I got 8/8 so "Git Gud" probably playing with bunch of trolls. Been saying this for months. Good group of counselors with Mic will give Jason a hard time and will not go home with a clean slate.
  9. They are a waist vs. an average Jason or Better IMO. Current mechanincs allow Jason to spam sense so you will get spotted almost every time unless RNG goes 100% in your favor. Even then when he hit rage his range will eventually spot you. And below average and rookie Jason's are easy to handle anyway. Marathon, Restfull, Tinker, Heavy Hitter, Grease Monkey, Thick Skin are among the best. Lots of people like light foot and preparedness. If Jason is close, you have a better chance of dodging him using a hiding spot, just make sure it's not a house with a genetaror.
  10. Bring Roy and stop complaining about him being human. All Counselors are "Human" yet they can take a couple of slashes from a Super Natural Freak. If you want to bring "reality to the game" then it has to be both sides. One Melee attack from Jason and you're done....
  11. I don't mind Grab range nerf, you just need to go back to the drawing board and learn how to shift grab again. As for the trap nerf I think they messed up. Putting up one trap per objective is too easy with experienced counselors. I've played Jason twice since the patch with 8/8 and 4/8 so it makes a difference when you play with coordinated counselors. Also the fact that Jason can take damage while stunned it's huge and now Tommy with a pocket knife, We re going back to Jason's getting killed over and over and over and over and over.....
  12. Best way to do it. After Mask is off Grab an Axe with Tommy After sweater hit him with the axe and de X (on PS4) should appear and youre good to go. 100% Effective with this method In my experience. So Tommy outs him on his knees and kills him
  13. Ok so in my first match as Jason after latest patch La Chappa stunned me with a bat early in the game and Adam started hitting with the machete and took my mask off while I was Stunned. Is this intentional or a Bug?
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