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  1. I couldn't agree more. I feel the stumbling should punish you more as stamina depletes. Would solve alot of issues. I think players should be punished for running rather than using more intuitive ways to escape. (Windows, traps ect)
  2. You are acting like I'm angry I'm not even bothered. My internet is fine every other game I have not a single problem. Yeah I could wire it in and I said earlier my mat is type 2. "Your not having this issue" how am I supposed to have found your original post constructive or helpful. Hopefully now you trust there may actually be an issue here. Again all I want to do is play the game. If I turn it on and just spend 20mins in menus something is not right. That's my giving up after 20mins.
  3. Fiberoptic mate my internet is really good and the router is right next to the ps4 Why would I even make this up. I just want to play the game. I've never once complained all I want to do is turn the game on and find a match without wasting 45mins restarting the game.
  4. Search gets to 1min, I reset it regularly it shouldn't be this hard tbf I just want to slice a few heads off you know what I mean.
  5. I will turn the game on try and matchmake doesn't find a lobby and if it does I get kicked. (Nat 2 - decent internet) But I sit there for 20mins keep getting to find matches doesn't connect so I just end up turning it off. Not played since the Jarvis and rain update.
  6. Just wondering are there any upcoming fixes for the ps4 servers. Been trying to play since last Friday I've tried for about 20mins at a time then just turn the game off cause I'm not sitting around for 3 fucking hours. Cheers
  7. This shit needs fixing sharpish gun. Get your mob in on their day off get this fixed.
  8. "Hi I'm spenz, And I'm a noob" *hi spenz* Day 1, 10 games in landed the killing blow on Jason and won the game. Day 3, got my first 8/8 as Jason Loving the game not met many trolls on the ps4 so far currently in the process of getting all my nearst and dearest playing the game. Really cool community hope it stays active.
  9. Yeah was kind of crazy. Really enjoying the game. Don't think you would be calling me clutch if you saw how I died to turn into Tommy haha Good luck anyway
  10. I don't know if this helps I killed Jason last night in a public game. Only around the 10th game I played but I was getting advice from another player(who had read how to do it but never actually achieved it) But as he distracted Jason with the sweater. I knocked him down and did the finishing blow. (Also knocked his mask off) It certianly would have been achievable with just 2 of us though. Just if we had a shot gun and fire crackers while we removed his mask.
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