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  1. Camp away, I’ve been called a cheater/hacker a few times because a bunch of noobs want to vault into a locker and they don’t think I heard or seen them quickly jump into one. I have only camped once since I played killer
  2. Yeah Ben mentioned Dedicated Servers on Console way back in August we’re heading into February with no updates at all, they’re never coming it’s pointless at this stage too.
  3. Instead of me saying this game is dying I’m just going to say my final verdict that the other game is more fun in my opinion, with their variety of killers and different tactics you have to face on each trial.
  4. We say this with every patch that comes, new players join... last patch the game had a spike for 2 days on steam and that was it. It didn’t even pass 3,000 players either.
  5. I just checked and the game currently has 966 playing right now, wow...
  6. Well the game has been stuck at 1,000 players on steam per hour, none of my friends don’t play it as often anymore on PS4 and it’s embarrassing that DBD has more players online and it’s been out for nearly two years. Plus more players now that they announced Jigsaw.
  7. Dedicated Servers are never coming to consoles, they make up a ton of excuses to cover up its “lengthy process”.
  8. poll January 2018

    I’m on Dead By Daylight until they can balance Jason.
  9. I’ve been playing DBD a lot more than Friday recently, I prefer the challenge that you have to do plus it’s more rewarding when you do those things. Their perk system is way better than what Friday has to offer, and it requires heavy teamwork if you want to have a chance at surviving. Plus I don’t feel like playing a broken game right now.
  10. I don’t think they care at this point, no one really plays it on steam anymore.
  11. Bloody Skin Unlockables?

    I’m watching Slash N Cast and apparently you get bloodier skins as your level up more according to Samurai.
  12. I just want to know where the back door leads to now.