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  1. Just look at steam charts lol, compare it to other games. http://steamcharts.com/search/?q=Friday+the+13th+the+game
  2. For this game to have 700/900 players actively playing is really bad considering it hasn’t even been out for a year..
  3. Devs are scared to make him scary.
  4. At the end of the day the hardcore fans of this game are going to deny how low the player base, also this game had a LOT more potential but it was released too early, we all know what happened around that time which caused people to ditch the game so early on into its release.
  5. You will get the same excuse that they’re small company and you should be patient (BS)
  6. I agree, they never listen to their strong community they go and do what they want and they think it’s going to be the best thing ever and a majority of it comes back with a strong percentage of negativity from the fans of the game, that’s one reason why it’s dying. I haven’t played the game since the last patch in December
  7. If you want the ultimate Michael Myers experience you would want to hop onto Dead By Daylight, they have a lot of licensed killers.
  8. Let’s hope this patch brings life to the game, because they need a home run with this one.
  9. Camp away, I’ve been called a cheater/hacker a few times because a bunch of noobs want to vault into a locker and they don’t think I heard or seen them quickly jump into one. I have only camped once since I played killer
  10. Yeah Ben mentioned Dedicated Servers on Console way back in August we’re heading into February with no updates at all, they’re never coming it’s pointless at this stage too.
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