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  1. They must and the option to change the time limit to make it longer or shorter,among Other things you have mentioned .
  2. That's why I smoke and play offline, there is nothing like getting baked and slaughtering teens as jason. Childhood dream come true,without having to put on my hockey mask and excerpt myself . Lol
  3. Not a long time member . Have you heard this pitch before ?
  4. I was trying to figure out how paranoia would play and I came up with this idea. Possession ,I know alot of you hate Jason goes to hell,but it gave me a cool game mode idea . The match starts kind of like it does now,only the counselors find a body instead of jason walking at them.One player while be selected to play a counselor that is possessed by jason . However the counselors body wont last long,and you while have to switch bodies by attacking a taking a new body . The goal is as a possessed counselor you must make it to a random spawned cemetery ,to be reborn as jason winning the match . As the counselors you must find out who is possessed and keep them finding the corpse in the cemetery . There is room for alot of adjustments , changes,this is just off the top of my head. I would like to hear what the community thinks.
  5. We all know that the single player challenges are stealth focused ,example ; "Take out this counselor while she's taking a shower without alerting anyone one" but what if your spotted ? Do you restrart the challenge? Or does go into the multiplayer and bot mode with have been playing for months? Gun said multiplayer was the last reel,when everyone knows jason was there.Single player challenges are reel one,no one knows jason is stalking them. Just curious .
  6. Same here. U got rain? I really hope that add a option to turn of the timer though .
  7. You have boats? I have seen 3 in a car trying to escape ,and when u stop them they will circle back around for the car just like in multiplayer . Currently I have no boats and no rain.
  8. The bots seem to be trying different strategy's to escape. After a few rounds of calling the cops and me not letting them escape , they start to focus on repairing the cars. I don't know how they perform for other players,but for me every couple rounds they will dumb down and get stuck.Then BOOM they surprise me. I havve noticed some counselors work better with certain counselors around.Maybe their skill set, i dunno . I get shotguned alot on hard,they will run out of nowhere and blast me and take off lol. I hope they don't change to much ,if they make it were they use perks and fix the damn running in place.They will be balls to the walls! Playing with J7 against bots has become more enjoyable then quick match with a bunch of brats that think there hard. LOL
  9. I'm assuming thats from trailer park boys. I could be wrong.
  10. I also like how they took characters from the first few movies and worked them in,like the protagonist is they hitchhiker from part 4 looking for his sister .
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