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  1. I'm sticking to my original "guess" on this... ( I may regret posting it but it's just a guess and hopefully, no panties will be twisted IF it doesn't happen. ) I still say Wednesday. Yes, tomorrow. -pb
  2. Aww, the feeling is mutual! You've been my buddy..since day one! Thank you for being such an awesome friend to me! You rock!!
  3. Halloween Costumes DLC

    I believe that means.. The season. Not costumes. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, plz.
  4. Exactly. After 1 match...I'd be long gone, @mojitodominic However, Don't stick around with trolls, @Woozyer. Ever. Just my input.
  5. Halloween Costumes DLC

    Where do you "see" this? I'm just curious.
  6. Snow confirmed

    Snow and bikinis / speedos. Makes sense. Smh It represents winter, ( is my educated guess, only ).
  7. Host Etiquette

    Hosts that leave because Jason killed them.. Grrr
  8. Johnny, On the forum, check out "Good Sportsmanship Club" thread. Lots of cool people there and guaranteed fun!
  9. Been in this situation. It does suck. All I wanted to do was play and collect what I rightfully earned. However, since I've been playing private matches, it hasn't happened. I realize that " private matches" are few and far between ( when friends aren't on ) Yet, I am the WORST Jason and I've had ppl leave during the 1st kill ( on quick match ) ...Mainly, the host, in my short playing time. :/ People suck.
  10. Is Jason too tall ?

    The tallest....is prolly 5'6" lol..Lachoppa LOL
  11. Is Jason too tall ?

    Personally, I think the height of Jason is great! Intimidating...that's how Jason is supposed to be.
  12. New Modes

    Hence my bridge comment, lol.