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  1. Unfortunately, most Suggestions/Feedback topics are dead thanks to the lawsuit since no new content. All the counselor threads, map ideas, and others are technically useless. Except for quality of life stuff and big fixes. Sad to see this topic come to this thanks to the lawsuit.
  2. Yoshman2523

    Is the Game over now?

    Thanks for clarification!!! I was sort of confused since I don’t know business and lawsuit stuff. It’s sad to see that he only cares about money so as a result THE FANS suffer
  3. Yoshman2523

    Is the Game over now?

    Very upset about the news. Why does he even want the characters? Now we can’t have Trish, KM, Uber Jason (only through hax), and more as new charcters
  4. While this idea is dumb it does give me a somewhat better one. I could lock one door and have all the other ones open and hopefully Jason will try to break down the locked door thinking I am in that room. Then, I will get a free stun and go to the basement and hide by my fridge because I like it.
  5. Yoshman2523

    Mortal Kombat 11

    I was really sad when Jade wasn’t in MKX. It brings back memories of when stupid Sindel killed all the cool characters in order to make room for the trashy new characters in MKX. Devorah was annoying too, killing off Baraka and Mileena. Thankfully we were able to get Jade in the MKX Mobile app. I just hope if she is in the game that she’ll redeem Kitana as Kitana is my ultimate favorite kharacter from the series!
  6. Yoshman2523

    What is your favorite Friday the 13th?

    I like Part 2, Part 3, Part IV, and Part VI the most. IV is my favorite followed by Part 3, then Part 2, then VI. @Freddie Mercury Part IV = The Final Chapter, I think you meant Part VI. VI = 6, IV = 4.
  7. All the same because they all have potential to do well.
  8. I prefer playing Jenny still, but I also really enjoy playing as Victoria. I still think that every counselor has potential so I don’t get all the hate on some of the counselors. It feels play style based to me and rewards the type of play style that you enjoy.
  9. Instead of making this the casual outfit we could make it into a swimsuit. She’s wearing like a swimsuit underneath the white business shirt. I’ll make recolors for this eventually since it’s pretty popular.
  10. The perk system is trash. Something different then what we have now would be better.
  11. So far for me, the only likeable combo is pink top, blue pj pants, and pink flats. Hopefully high demand will have them add an all black outfit for her.
  12. Well said, to me, most of these challenges feel like a slap to the face to all the characters that could’ve been in. Pamela Trish Vera Chili etc. Yeah I get that they were just to fill in the roles for the scenarios that actually happened in the movies but it just doesn’t feel okay
  13. Lol J4 is getting the AJ treatment. When everyone said stealth was actually useless and switched to boring, easy Vanessa. Everyone loved J4 now they all hate him??? Okay whatever. I think J2 is, sadly, the worst now since everyone likes to kill Jason now??? It’s a shame since I love P2 and love his chase theme.
  14. Final Girl Content Update ”The leading ladies of the franchise return!” Includes: • Alice Hardy: The Original? (Friday the 13th) • Ginny Field: The Pyschologist (Friday the 13th Part 2) • Trish Jarvis: The Big Sister (Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter) • Chris Higgins clothing for Jenny Myers I can imagine this so easily haha.