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    If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that Trish Jarvis is my favorite slasher character ever. And that I have my preference set to counselor (pls no hate).

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  1. Well for AJ she has her arms open soooooo it’s pointless to wear this apparent dark clothing you guys like.
  2. Unlike DBD, there’s no point in dark clothes because of sense. The white boots look more trendy in most of her outfit mixes.
  3. Yoshman2523


    Finally unlocked AJ’s white boots. Too bad the first match with them on was ruined by teamers.
  4. This game is done. The sad thing is that it could’ve had great potential... if it was made by a better company. Most of the online community of this game is pathetic, there are more then enough reasons to explain why (just look at the post above). Defend this dead game all you want but it’s done, the final straws have been pulled.
  5. Wow, there’s no saving these forums or the game. DEAD. #StopPamHate #PamLivesMatter #StopPamAbuse #PamDeservesBetter #PamRoberts
  6. I had fun times on this poll, seeing so many characters and so many people voting was cool. I’m happy Trish got #3 overall for counselors and technically #1 in the Part 1-9 Poll as Mellisa was added to the game. I wish she was added so bad!!!! Also pls stop with the P A M hate. #StopPamHate #StopPamAbuse #PamDeservesBetter #PamRoberts
  7. The characters don’t even look like they’re from the 70s. None of them look appealing to the eye.
  8. I came here to complain that Laurie is a Hero character and Loomis isn’t. Idc what anyone says, Laurie should be full-time playable.
  9. Fuck that. My character only has 2/10 Repair, meaning it’s easy to mess up, and if I mess up Jason will be on me and I don’t want him to tunnel me. I’ll stick to do what 90% of the community does with low repair counselors.
  10. Ferris Buller’s Day Off- 10/10 I watched this movie a long while ago. It came to my local theater as a Wednesday Rewind and saw it again after such a long time. Still an amazing movie! I love Jennifer Grey!
  11. Okay that’s nice. I’m not having Jason on me “at the beginning”. Besides if it’s at the beginning, I’d want to look for more parts, items and the fuse.
  12. Ummmmm I’m not a repairer so I’m dropping it off at the car for someone else to repair it, too bad!
  13. I LOVED His Eyes. Part 3’s intro gave off a really cool 80’s feel so that was nice. I only really liked one little theme from Part 9 and that was when Jessica was fighting Jason or whatever.
  14. Just don’t leave the forums if you quit the game. I refuuuuuse to looose a member who has a pic from Part 4!!!!!!
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