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  1. Jason Coming to DbD?

    If they add Jason or Pamela, I want the Survivor to be Trish.
  2. F13 original artwork

    Rip this dead thread. I want people to see my art Anyways, here my picture of Ginny https://imgur.com/gallery/xtkgJ
  3. F13 original artwork

    Replying again so people can get a notification https://imgur.com/gallery/U54B7 ^I finished my Chris Higgins pic!
  4. F13 original artwork

    I’m currently tracing and drawing a picture of Chris right now, I’ll post it here when I’m done.
  5. I would love to see a Texas Chainsaw Masscre- I would love to play as Sally! I would also love to death a Scream game- playing as Sidney or Randy would be cool In the end though I chose Halloween- The creepiness of this game would be unreal!
  6. Chase or the one that plays when you’re playing as Jason. The chase themes we have now are pretty good, but the one Jason hears can get repetitive and it’s not that cool or immersive. ^Hearing this would be pretty cool EDIT: Skip to 0:24 for the part
  7. Friday the 13th and Friday crossover

    Very sad that no one has replied to this topic after 3 days So here’s a cupcake I had more extravagant cupcakes, but there image size was ‘too big’.
  8. PC,PS4 or Xbox ine

    1. PC because when the host leaves the entire match could continues on 2. PS4 3. Xbox But it doesn’t matter which one is better
  9. Every Final Girl In Movie Order

    True, but Tina is kind of annoying. Out of all the final girls, she was the most obvious to have plot armor.
  10. Every Final Girl In Movie Order

    Yeah, you could hear him grunting aggressively— he wanted that machete too! He was pissed of the entire movie because of his latest encounter with Chris, but when he meets Trish that’s an entire new level. She slashed his arm on the stairs, bashed his mask with a hammer, dodged his hammer thrown, threw a tv on his head, dodged his ax surprise attack, jumped out of a window to avoid him, slashed his hand, did a badass phrase and slashed his chest hard, and removed his mask. All of this combined made a very grump Big J. It’s one of the reasons why Trish is one of my favorite characters in the franchise.
  11. Every Final Girl In Movie Order

    I always personally believed that Trish would refuse to die until she knew that Tommy left and gave Jason something to remember her by. Also +1 for voting for Trish!
  12. Playing Jason has become too easy and boring

    Everyone always picking annoying ass Vanessa helps with not getting objectives done, but I’m not sure if anything can be done about that.
  13. Favorite Jason theme

    I already made a topic exactly like this
  14. Every Final Girl In Movie Order

    I’m so happy Trish is in the lead!
  15. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    I want her to have high Luck, Speed, and Stealth. Trendy outift colors, make-up must look very clean- no messiness