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  1. As someone who plays as a counselor and jason ive notice that all jasons are slipping up. I feel that since some conserlers know u have problem braking doors now and some misplaced traps can be avoided they get less worried about death. So they do stuff better. Itll be fixed soon
  2. People who slash kill. I understand its apart of the game but we got people who do it to everyone just because they are scared of a poket knife or someone breaking away. And its more annoying when u find one and you keep it a secret and jason still kills you with a slash kill. Now before someone says "oh well its sometimes needed in game" yes i know but if u do it all game its a problem.
  3. I clean house as Jason and usaly get six to seven people out as a counselor counting myself
  4. The 8th dot is darker then the rest so could it be 8/28/17?
  5. Hi im new to this whole form thing but i wanna be apart of this Community because I love the game and I also want to know is there anybody else out there who plays as Jason and kills 6 to7 counselors game and can play the counselors and Escape almost every time?
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