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  1. The servers have been down for 3 hrs now!!! The moderators aren't responding to anyone, and all these people that bought disc copies are taking them back for refund. I know 3 people so far that got refunds about an hour ago. They should have had the servers going on the one day out of the whole year they are supposed to honor their own game!!!!! Way to go you guys!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for answering why we can't play the game we just bought!!!!!
  2. I am very pleased to see the overwhelming response of players who have shown their love and support, and dedication to the game! Congrats again to all of you for joining the Elite players of Friday the 13th! Welcome to the best of the best!!
  3. I have 2 pamela tapes so far. I have found them only in lobbies where other people have them as well
  4. Thanks DamonD7! We love the game and hope to see new content released this week so we can continue playing. Any chance you guys are considering raising the level cap?
  5. Post your tag if your level 101 and want to team up with others of the same achievement! Congratulations everyone!! Warchild197533. On ps4. Just finally got to 101 today. Hoorah!!!!!!!!
  6. I was playing in a public match today and someone said if you escape with items like keys or the phone box fuse in your inventory, they randomly wash up on shore. Is this true?? They said if you search the shore line items randomly appear after someone escapes. I hope a moderator answers this, because I've seen nothing about that in patch notes.
  7. Well, like I said. They will do my bidding or I shant play the game. Doomed!!! They are all doomed until my demands are met!!!!!
  8. I'm still not playing until they release the content and fix the game. I just bought observer on ps4 and I plan on playing it until Gun Media meets our standards and honors our requests!!! Have fun everyone wasting your time in lobbys full of stupid glitchers and trash talking 8 yr olds... have fun with that!!!!! Lol!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I'm level 98... I'm experienced quit well. I have played constantly since day 1 and am burnt out.
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