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  1. I was able to get up to 98% in quick play matches. I went into offline to figure out what one I missed and had the achievement unlocked after doing a head smash against a cabin on higgens. I am on xbox and it worked the way truth said. Offline play is good at figuring out what ones you need to do because it resets your percentage after every match so you would just need to note what kills raised the percentage and then do them online.
  2. Two weekends ago a random person and myself, still drunk from the night before, almost killed Jason in a QP lobby without ever saying a word. The only reason it didn’t happen is I forgot to press Y to activate the sweater after knocking Jason’s mask off. So things can get done easily with no mic as long as you’re not in a room with a bunch of window lickers and or a drunk me.
  3. I play QP matches on xbox because usually I only get enough time to play a match or two. I have noticed that when I do play there’s less people in the rooms and normally the ping is terrible and everyone seems to be From Europe, I’m in the USA. So after two rubber banding around matches I’ll switch off the game and play something offline.
  4. The grab distance looks good to me. There’s a thread somewhere that explains that the engine does not allow for a more fluid grab animation that would allow Jason to move in a more realistic way when grabbing. So the distance in the clip looks like it factors in a couple feet longer than his arms. This would make sense if the animation allowed for Jason to move forward while leaning forward and extending his arms out to grab.
  5. I have all my female characters set with their glitched bathing suits and will not change them no matter what they sell or have as exclusive. If they bring the clothing swap texture glitch back I’ll change them.
  6. I was able to play one match today was Jason I took 4 pocket knives from one Tiffany. Sure enough when I started recording I was able to kill her. Not sure if it’s a glitch or what but the player kept baiting me to grab them so not sure what to think. I’m on xbox so it’s not a trainer.
  7. They were rage quitting last patch. Most the games I played in either 3 would drop off start of the match and more would disconnect as soon as they were going to be killed.
  8. I haven’t had time to play this new patch yet and I bought a the US copy. Jason can now get hand jobs in the euro version? Guess it makes up for the few months he spent castrated.
  9. I wasn’t the person that came up with 8 feet tall. In prior posts about this subject I put him at 7 foot tall. I also do not expect anyone to be able to grab somebody just by using their arms. I have said in other posts realistically a person who has two feet of height difference would need to move forward while bending down to grab somebody effectively. In real life nobody would keep stationary while doing this either. So if people want to keep it simple With measurements 3.5 foot arms plus leaning 2 feet forward plus stepping two feet would create a grab distance of 7.5 feet with bare minimum effort. I wouldn’t expect Jason to shoot like a wrestler while trying to grab somebody in the game but if he did he’d be able to cover a larger distance in a short amount of time.
  10. We are on the same page. A video game can not be realistic and there does need to be balance of all factors. When people questioned the force grab it should have been explained the way you did. You also made it clear that you understand that the grab range shouldn’t be just his arm length. So I think the balance will end up well.
  11. You explained why there was the pop(Vader grab, force, etc). That’s a perfect justification of why that occurred to compensate for the lack of motion. So it compensates for what I was saying a 8ft tall person should be able to grab somebody 10-12 feet infront of them.
  12. Ok that’s fine but that’s the justification for Vader grab and I’m fine with it being a shorter grab distance but justify the force grab with the explanation you just gave. When it comes down to it the grab range needs to be wider and longer than it is now. When people are playing naturally they won’t notice if there’s some Vader grabbing going on.
  13. That’s my problem with this, you guys seem to have a poor understanding of how people move to be able to grab and pick somebody up and the spacing of those motions. People don’t lift and grab with their arms they do that with their whole body.
  14. So based on that video and your numbers the full rug was not between them the person was about 2 feet from the end of the rug. So a 8 foot tall person could not reach a person 10 feet infront of them? More than likely not standing up straight with their arms out but with moving forward while leaning forward they should be able to cover that distance in seconds.
  15. I hope my earlier post was not counted as agreeing the grab is fine, it was a sarcastic post. I have never seen this 18ft grab distance while playing back in August when I first started playing and if it existed then I guess really I should have dig duged as Jason back then and realized he had an 18ft reach as used it more. I wonder if there were more magical abilities that Jason had back then that I never realized. Have fun trying to sell more kill packs when people hate playing as Jason.