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  1. That is how I heard about it also. I stumbled across that video.
  2. Host Kicks/Lost Connections. I'm Lvl 55 but should probably be Lvl 90. I have lost 10's of Thousands of XP because of Host Kick/Lost Connection issues. When I am not host, I have a Host Kick/Lost Connection issue about 40% of the time. It's pretty ridiculous.
  3. Thanks for the tip.
  4. On a friends recommendation I picked up Dragon's Dogma. I have only played the opening part of the game, but seems promising. Has some mixed reviews, but I like what I have seen so far.
  5. I currently own and have played EVERY Fallout game. The originals were amazing. I even like Fallout Tactics, which the few people I know that have played it, do not. In any case I have about 400 hours into Fallout 4, and about 200 hours of that is settlement building. My wife always gives me crap when she sees my building a new settlement. And as much as it pains me to say it, I deserve it. Settlement building was like heroin to me for a while. Glad I kicked the habit.
  6. I have a huge backlog of games myself. Currently I only allow myself to play 1 current console game, 1 retro console game, 1 PC game, and 1 multiplayer only game between all platforms. This has helped me get through some of my backlog. Also, I do not buy a new game until I have completed the last "new" game I bought. With the obvious except to multiplayer only games like F13.
  7. Truth. I have thought that since day one. Also, if you quit you should be added to Jason's tally.
  8. I believe @BetsyPalmer is talking about people that abuse known glitches, like the Packanack roof glitch from two patches ago.
  9. 1 1 8 1 1 1 1 My honest opinion. I know how to repair some stuff, but suck at everything else IRL.
  10. I made many of these points in my Open Letter to Illfonic and Gun. I have realized, I just have to deal with it. However, if I would have known the state of the game, I definitly would have waited. It is still a great game...when it works.
  11. My wife has been watching me play the F13 Game, now she wants to watch all of the F13 Movies. She has only seen a few of them when she was little. She doesn't remember much. Should we watch them in order or certain movies first?
  12. Truth. This is common for groups of people that enter a lobby with the intention of working to kill Jason. It also makes all Walkie perks useless.
  13. Last night I was being attacked by a Chad working with Jason. His attacks didn't do anything to me, but I still ended up bloody as hell. Covered in my own blood and not a single point of damage taken.
  14. Just an update on me using this technique. My Shift-Grab fail rate has dropped from about 90% fail, to 20% fail. So yes, this technique works. Thanks everyone for the help.
  15. I didn't even think about combat stance. Feel like an idiot. And about half the time was rage and the other half was standard chopping. Stunned either way.