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  1. Me and Jason has a wild west shoot out the other day. I was Tommy with my gun, and Jason had his throwing knives. We turned on the Wild West Standoff music and had a duel. After that I cam across him again and he turned on the Mortal Kombat Theme song and we fought each other. Good times.
  2. Im with u on this one. So many people ruin the fun of the game when they all gang up on you and you can't go anywhere. But you know, it is always funny to kill them all one by one later on down the road. Lets the anger and rage flow out of you, and so u just keep on going and going.
  3. The new Part 4 map and Jason has been confirmed with the latest teaser trailer. I am very excited for this Jason as he brings a new weapon the "pig splitter" if that is what you want to call it. However though I am a little confused with this DLC. Will it be free, or cost money? If it were to cost money I would imagine it would be $5-$10 as it is just one map and one Jason, maybe counselors too. Anyone know what it will be priced as or if it will be free?
  4. In this post I will go over everything I want in this game ranging from maps, minor fixes, new Jasons, and game modes. So, without further ado, let's get started. Keep in mind that all of these new maps and Jasons will be canon, so they are from the movies. New Maps: - Tommy Jarvis's House/Part 4 Map (from part 4. Map is likely to be in game as model of houses are made already.) - Jason's Underground Lair (from the 2009 remake) - SS Lazarus (from Jason Takes Manhattan) - The Grendel (from Jason X) - Green Forest Run town (from Part 9 Jason Goes to Hell) New Jasons: - Jason X - Jason (2009 remake) - Bloody Jason Skin So these are all of the new maps and Jasons that I want to see in the game. The "Bloody Jason Skin, and Part 4 map are pretty much already confirmed. I thought about including a Pamela Voorhees mode and campaign, but I am not too sure about the Pamela mode. For the best Pamela Mode overview just watch this... Thanks for reading, and also do not forget to vote for what you want in the poll.
  5. I think the only necessary circumstance for team killing is if there was another teammate killing a friendly. I like the idea that they got rid of it in public, and just let it in private. Personally, I don't use team killing unless there is two of my teammates battling it out with each other, some really annoying person (which rarely happens), and if I see someone cheating/glitching.
  6. I came up with a new idea for a vehicle on a different map or game mode that would be pretty cool. I was think there could be a truck implemented into the game somehow, as I mention before in a new map or game mode. It could hold 4 people like the 4 cheater car found on all current maps. 2 people could sit in the front seats on the inside of the truck, and the other two can take a risky seat in the back of the truck on the bed. The truck can be stopped like any normal truck by Jason of course. However though, he two people in the back seat can easily be snatched off and killed by Jason when he uses his shift ability, just like the boat. What do you think? Vote in the poll. Sorry for the confusion everyone, when Jason uses his shift ability if he gets close enough to the back of the truck and presses whatever button it is to grab the person, then he will then grab the selected victim off of the truck while the rest continue driving away.
  7. Thanks, I thought it would be scary to be running down a street and see someone's body come flying out of a window from the second floor, and land right in front of you. And then you look up in the window to see Jason staring at you!
  8. I have an idea for the dynamic weather in the game, that I think is pretty cool. There can be fog added on maps. Just imagine looking off into the distance at nothing but trees, and fog, and then see Jason walking through the fog right at you. That would be cool. I think it would also be cool if they added rain, and thunder/lightning. Think about it. You are running alone in the woods searching for a cabin and supplies. It is dark, rainy, with an occasional roll of thunder and flash of lightning. You can barely see right now, because for some reason ou don't use your flashlight. Then there is a bright flash of light from lightning an the roaring thunder, and Jason immerges right in front of you out of nowhere. Scary! I think that they should add a thing where whenever you are Jason and the weather is Thunder and lightning, whenever you shift there will be a bright flash of lightning and you appear. This would add a neat effect. There would still be lightning and thunder present, but also hen he shifts or morphs. what do you think?
  9. Lakeview town for those of you ho don't know is from the movie "Jason Goes to Hell". It is like a little town. We don't really have any urban maps on the game right now, so I think it would make a great addition. Think about it. Instead of Cabins to go in and loot, we could have houses. There could also be a Police Station, where you can radio for Tommy Jarvis/ or even the Duke. I would prefer Tommy though. When you walk into the police station there could be dead Police Officers there, as if Jason attacked there before. You could also find the shotgun in one of the rooms of the station. This would act as the main building of the map basically. There can also be a Diner there, as it was also present in the movie. Jason's house can be found in the nearby woods of Camp Crystal Lake, and it would be kind of a walk as usual to get there. I was also thinking they could put a Truck as one of the vehicles in this map. It could hold four people, two inside the truck itself, and two sitting in the back of the bed of the truck. However, sitting on the bed of the truck comes with a price. Jason can use his shift ability to snatch one of the counselors sitting in the back of the truck, similar to how he can on the boats. Just think about it, you think your gonna escape Jason, but then you see a arm grab someone by the neck from off the truck. You turn to look and you see Jason ready to kill one of your buddies, as ou continue to speed away. there would also be your normal two seater car as well. This map would also come with some enat environmental kills such as throwing someone throw a window from the second floor of a house. This is my idea of another possible map. Don't forget to vote on my poll on whether or not Lakeview town should be added as a map or not. (I know that it is pretty weird for a town like this to be vacant, but think about it. It would be fun and pretty dang creepy as well.)
  10. Thanks, you give back the best feedback. It helps a lot when I am thinking on what to use in my posts like these.
  11. We need to take this to the developers right now! This is so good! Maybe his morph ability can activate this lightning flash when this weather is on.
  12. I hope they add weather patterns to the game. Such as rain and thunder/lightning. It would be pretty scary to be looking in the distance, and then a flash of lighting shows Jason staring at you in the distance.
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