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  1. I also hope we get the bitchy blonde mean girl
  2. Playstation Plus?

    I game share from my brothers PS4, I don’t know if it makes a diff.
  3. Its not allowing me to play the game unless I sign up for Playstation Plus, anyone else have this issue? I’ve been playing the game for months now, and it did some update rn and it won’t let me play without getting PS Plus??
  4. Whats the point of unique counselors if most of the lobby can be the same counselor, with the same exact stats anyway. If thats going to be the case then i'd rather it be a lobby variated with different characters with similar stats.
  5. Well your work is stunning, don’t feel bad. <3
  6. Unexpectedly Targeted

    Who is the counselor you are playing as? Some counselors are spotted more easily than others. For example, if you are a Vanessa in a room full of Tiffanys and Ajs...You will be spotted easier. I always play as Tiffany and I am usually last one to be chased.
  7. Wow these drawings are great!! I love the 2nd the most but the 1st or 4th is like the most fitting for the game imo
  8. I updated her, made her a little more menacing and sort of smug, she was too smiley in the original. I like this version a lot more.
  9. Thanks but I didn’t draw this, its more of a manip. I used Chanel Oberlin from Scream Queens body and then I got a models head and stuck it on. Its not too hard.
  10. Should have named her Porscha I dunno I like the name Courtney, sounds posh enough for me. In my mind her dad bought camp crystal lake and after crashing her new (80s) Mercedes convertible, shes made to work there all summer with “lessers” to her and she’s miserable because of it. I’m working on it, and thanks!!