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  1. Maybe you play it too often lol this game works best when you take a few days off and play it spontaneously. At least for me
  2. Can someone PM me the “catty girl”??
  3. Its one thing giving their opinion, its another constantly COMPLAINING and whining about every little thing. If the game is that bad then delete it and move on.
  4. Coming on here really drains the fun out of playing this game. Don’t play it anymore if its so bad.
  5. Yeah exactly, looks perfect!
  6. I know she's not really a "Red head" but Tatum from Scream's hair always looked more orangy red to me than blonde. Anyway I could see her being Jenny's sassy best friend Composure: 8/10 Luck: 5/10 Repair: 3/10 Speed: 4/10 Stamina: 6/10 Stealth: 5/10 Strength: 4/10
  7. Well be specific on the rock...so we can all get up to speed and crack it together..
  8. The radio outside truly plays no purpose than to listen to some songs?
  9. The Jasons have some badges in there hands
  10. Its just a suggestion, you don’t have to rude. Lol
  11. Heres a quick attempt at a more 80's Courtney, she's channeling some Melissa.
  12. Unpopular counselors

    When I first played the game I was Jenny until I leveled up and to me she was like so slow. I would legit always get caught like 1st or 2nd. I main Tiffany, shes just much more agile and aside from her composure and repair I find shes the character that works best for me.