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  1. Tell us what's newwww and good , happy and jealous of you dude
  2. same , i'm waiting like hell and starting and cutting the game hoping for the update to start
  3. Omg is it a Blonde if it's a blonde i'm going to die of happiness and main her forever But thanks for the information can't wait for the update
  4. um sure , it's taking so long that will not be thea anymore why speed 2 , 3 would better i guess
  5. True , well on their twitter they post about that they won an indie game award , i guess it's communication ... i guess I hope that we get some information about an update , Soon.
  6. oops i created a thread since this one didn't appeared , but i glad tho guys do you think it's going to be new cloth or just new color variant ?
  7. I hate the idea of chritmas clothing pack , i wouldn't mind something more like a raincoat /bombers/jacket pack but that's it i know we don't have to buy it but duh Okay a winter map could be interestign and cool but it have nothing to do with the game , if they want to do thing like that they should hurry to finish everything and create a new game , why not with more horror/slasher killer
  8. Don't think so , probably in middle november but not before , but hey it's halloween , i'm even be able to see kane hodder tomorrow
  9. So true but i won't be possible i mean look at vanessa's one it's ugly it look like a moving stick , i mean i hope she'll look nice maybe with more hir in thefront will make it better For the skirt case it's dead dead dead i mean look at jenny's costume it's no skirt animation , ballerina + legging it's awfull , it's a crime againts cloth something like this for the blonde mean girl would be nice i guess or a ponytail but like this
  10. Maybe no mic , no dot on Map That would make it even more paranoid
  11. True i prefer playing counselor than Jason it give me more feel of the movie *omg surviving jason* even if i like Jason And yeah it Can help to improve playstyle for other player
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