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  1. Y'all fix the counselors having seizures during kill animations yet?
  2. Jason X and Grendel map release date maybe potentially perhaps please?
  3. Wasn't Uber Jason and the Grendel map hinted at before single player challenges but they still released after. I understand it would take a complete change of play style for the map but can we at least receive a suspected month of release date or even season? Also will the Grendel map be in it's own game mode due everything changing in it (car/boat/police escape, guns/weapons, etc.)?
  4. I've seen heaps of people righting paragraph long posts about releasing Savini Jason.
  5. They shouldn't get an exclusive Jason, they should've got a Jason skin. I said I demand Savini Jason for everyone. I don't want him but I believe plenty other people still do.
  6. The volume of Part 5's music was what made it scary when he appears right next to you. It was an audio jumpscare
  7. Can't find any for PS4. I don't think 90% of the actually legitimate codes will work because I live in Australia and they are US codes or something
  8. "we want to make sure that when we tell you something is coming, you can count on it." Paranoia lol
  9. But he starts in the shack, why would he not return to it? I like the Ambulance idea.
  10. I live in Australia. This means I do not have the update yet. My problem is I can't even play a game with anyone because I glitch out of the game. This is due to them having the spring break update and I do not.
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