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  1. If you spam x or what ever platform you play on. If you spam the interaction button to break the window spam that button and the animation is much faster. Like a counselor opening a door really fast vs the normal speed. When I found out you could do that I decided I like the new way to break windows a lot more. Before when I used battle stance sometimes my weapon would get stuck in the wood. I'm sure you have experienced this before. Now that's an animation that I don't like...
  2. If people have problems with this game then take a break and come back later. I've been seeing a lot of toxic posts against devs. If that's you quit wasting their time and go play viva piƱata!
  3. You can probably imagine how crazy it is over there for them right now. I'm sure they are doing their best to fix bugs and create new content. I think players can try to be patient to with Devs and in the mean time report bugs. Don't just point out problems, make solutions.
  4. Stamina item would be OP af. A good counselor should plan ahead and not run out it the open where you are exposed. Run only from cabin to cabin(cabin hopping )??
  5. New game mode

    So he mentions that they are coming out with smaller maps??? Honestly I love the size of the maps that are made already. It feels I'm playing at a real summer camp in the 80s and it's awesome. Don't change what's already awesome.
  6. Wait do you think they are gunna add new weapons for Jason?
  7. Just made this for fun:p Pkay how cool would it be if there was a Starwars mod for f13 and it's just Vader running around as Jason chasing down a bunch of helpless rebel troopers much like the final Vader scene of rogue one???? Someone please make this real!!
  8. Hi everyone, I am Gertz

    Don't be sorry! I didn't expect a response in the first place haha. That definitely seems like a Russian heritage thing then which is surprising cause gertz sounds so German to me. I never got to meet my awesome grandfathers and herd their stories but anyways... you guys are doing great with the game! I've been playing it since it came out on ps4 and I love the unique gameplay it offers!!
  9. I really like the idea of Tommy getting 2 shots in his double barrel shotgun! However I couldn't argue that tommy is already fairly unique vs all other counselors with his buffed stats. But, I am in favor of tommy getting two shots. I think that is the most practical and easiest way for the f13 staff to give tommy more unique attributes.
  10. Hi everyone, I am Gertz

    No way I am a Gertz too!! Ppl have called me gertz and gertzy haha you must be German
  11. Emote will not be affective when we are at opposite ends of the map or not be affective anywhere unless adjacent to each other for that matter. Also, DLCs take a long time and planning to have ready. Creating a mics only option for a quickplay type would be fairly easy if imagine.
  12. If you plan on not using a mic you would then chose to que up in classic quick play, not the mic only quick play. There would be 2 options for quickplay.
  13. Yeah some sort of system in place to give us a mics only option in quick play would be great. Now, for those who play without a mic don't worry you could still do classic quickplay just like anyone else.
  14. I understand but that is why there would be 2 quick play options. 1st option would be standard classic quick play like there is now. 2nd option would be mics only quickplay so then if you don't like it then you would play standard. But believe it or not there are a lot of us out there who prefer mic only lobby's. I play on ps4 and am apart of the biggest f13 community on it and I know for a fact that most active users go on it to find mic only private matches which is fairly inconvenient if opposed you could have a mic only quickplay option. What so horrible about that idea? Especially if standard quickplay is still an option.
  15. Okay here's my idea. What if there was a mics only option for quick play? Now here's the trick. People without mics are bound to que up in the "mics only" quick play option. So, you have a system in place to kick out micless players by allowing a vote to kick option. With a required minimum of 4 or 5 votes any player can be kicked. In theory, 9 times out of 10 the players without mics will get kicked. Pleas illfonic! Many others and myself are tired of being the few that actually use radios in game!!!