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  1. Do you need servers for host migration to work? I remember on the 360 that’s how a lot of games worked it was peer to peer and if host player left the game would stop for a second and migrate everyone to a randomly selected host
  2. The grab is fine b/c it has a small window of countering it but they never really balanced the game around fast counselors...for instance if you have a good Tommy and Vanessa running to the cops together with bats.....good luck. This is one area where I thought redoing the way stalk works into more of a FEAR tactic....aka take away stalk call it fear now the music for Jason is always off but he can now activate fear which turns his chase music on and dramatically increases stumble chance on the counselors in the radius who can hear it.
  3. Possibly tie it to the map, for instance on a map that takes place in a cross between hell and earth maybe you only have access to killers with powers for example Pinhead but on a map that takes place at the lake you only have access to slashes that way the maps can be balanced easier than if you just allowed everything. Obviously certain powers would have to be allowed for slashers but we aren't there yet lol.
  4. Make an in depth CAK....basically like a create a wrestler like in the WWE games but based on the gameplay of this one, you wouldn't be tied to a license and the groundwork is already there you'll mostly be changing assets. Id buy it. I mean you can get pretty creative in those wrestling games...
  5. You aren’t suppose to blast the gamma, calibrate your monitor and set it to 2.2-2.4 as intended.
  6. High repair I’ll usually tunnel a bit especially since they have bad stamina
  7. I don't think the game needs to figure it out I mean theres in game invites it can tell if you left a game and got put into another game immediately vs backing out. Its not like people are gonna have their friends waiting not playing the game on the off chance they want to purposely screw a game over ya know?
  8. I think thats one scenario that isn't purposely trying to ruin someone elses game plus its not like you can just say wait till this is over and the game last 15 more minutes they want to play too.... Like if one of my friends come on I wont message them but if they send me an inv then I'll join them otherwise i'll wait till game is over and then ask, I'm not going to have friends wait for me in their spare time.
  9. I don’t know how they would determine Jason is chasing though what if he’s stalking and waiting
  10. What if stalk was replaced with something called fear.... Now the music is always off until Jason chooses to turn it on in a chase and when the chase music is on the stumble chance increases.
  11. Try it go up to a pole in the game line it up with middle of screen go into aim the crosshair will go on the pole but with Jason its off center also counseler isn't getting the weird lag I get sometimes going into aim mode that Jason gets.
  12. Not private matches but if you always group with 2-5 friends how does the game then handle salt mines if everyone isn’t salty lol
  13. Don't know if its the camera when going into aim but I feel like I was more consistent before the patch theres also this weird hiccup sometimes when going into aim. I use to be able to aim prior to going into zoom and then jsut quick throwing it but now it feels like I'm off center everytime.
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