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  1. I only ask this b/c 2.2 in general is what calibrators shoot for and the image is way to bright at 2.2 so maybe its mislabeled or the numbers are incorrect?
  2. I have over 200 hours in the game if it was unplayable I wouldn't have over 200 hours lol.
  3. The darkness from the beta has turned more into a see across the whole map.... every video I seen of early beta access it was much darker and atmospheric.
  4. So many times I've been in rooms where I have Jason as priority and it picks someone who has counselor....then either they just screw around and say kill me or leave...pointless. It should only be someone who has counselor priority if the entire room has it set that way.
  5. Waiting. I have 230 hours in the game and theres no way I have that much gameplay....alot of that is waiting.... Should there be SOMETHING to do after you die I think that is the question that hasn't really been asked. If so what would you suggest? Maybe something stupid like prop scares you unlock movie prop scares and you can place them after you die and if someone triggers it bonus empty drawer...perfect fill it with spiders and watch the hilarity when someone opens it.
  6. Curious didn't see the title on their list of titles If so please target 60fps even if you don't hit full 4k.
  7. Well since the pumpkin was Halloween I imagine the snowflake is Christmas
  8. This is not my video just someone I am subscribed to and he makes some good suggestions.
  9. Incredible Hulk Jason.......zombie muscles...make him look like the guy from Splatterhouse lol
  10. Id love to see some fictional Jason's that didn't exist in the movies.....even if they are just model replacements for current Jasons sort of how Retro Jason works.
  11. I was just in a had 2 traps by it....I disarm the one that can get me.....I screw up the install since I'm buggzy...I die..come back as jarvas.....3 traps are on the ground....wth....
  12. I would sum up DBD as killers guest staring in someone elses movie. Fun...but not as fun as it should be.
  13. The maps.....they feel real as if I'm not in a game....DBD they feel like Call of Duty Free For All maps if that makes sense.
  14. I feel like having Jason’s music play before you even see him by default should not have happened.... I feel like by default the music shouldn’t play until a counselor sees him and then you use stalk to reset it bc right now getting jump scare happens once a month.
  15. Without the lobby overlay...just the background...I think that would make for a nice wallpaper but I have no way of capturing it without the lobby overlay.