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  1. Is the playstation version washed out or is the gamma set high?
  2. Went 8 for 8, part 3 but also used a controller way easier to get the hang of plus I watched before hand so I had a general idea.
  3. I might actually use Roy now. Looked ridiculous smashing doors.

    Make Roy Green Again

    My issue isn't the color it's how clean he looks....asthetically it's ugly
  5. Escapign with Jenny was easier than Buggzie by alot
  6. Stamina is useful on a high stamina counselor they get the biggest bonus.
  7. Like for example all living, running Jasons have either normal morph or negative and all zombie slow walking Jasons have either normal morph or +...that type of thing.

    New Monitor

    It’s not OLED that’s how? I don’t understand the question
  9. What about the opposite then best version = one less check mark but the check marks lean towards the smaller ones
  10. Instead of making it go faster increase the size of the check marks?
  11. Get an Xbox controller, this game plays fantastic with it and you should just have a controller by now for games that tend to play better with them.

    New Monitor

    I personally wouldn't get that monitor b/c the games that don't support it would drive me nuts lol.
  13. In shooters sure but in a game like this nah.
  14. Dont need much precision in this game....the knifes always go to the center of the screen even before you hit the aim button so I just aim before hitting it lol.
  15. No offense but this isn't the type of game youre meant to play forever I mean I've gotten nearly 400 hours out of it and still playing. Thats value.