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  1. Got it and thanks for taking the time to offer some advice it's appreciated.
  2. That makes a lot of sense and admittedly I'm way behind on the whole posting on forums thing this is first game I've ever even wanted to go to the forums and see what's up with everything going on. In real life my humor is considered dickish so I guess online without tone or context it can be taken the wrong way and I wouldn't really worry about it too much but I'm also concerned about permanent banning even though it feels like everyone on the ps4 is banned with match making the way it is right now.
  3. Ok I just got accused of trolling in another post because I was just messing around with people and their posts nothing hateful just being stupid I even apologized for it being taken the wrong way. Now I know what in game trolling is and it's something I don't do because I can't stand that shit but I don't really understand why it's considered trolling just because you respond a couple times to a post just to mess around. Is everything you post supposed to be in support of everything all the time and your never allowed to have a bit of fun or is it something lost in translation from hearing something in real life and reading texts?.
  4. Fine I'll move on to something else for awhile. But and this is a serious I've never really been sure what trolling means but I'm assuming it's just messing with people and they don't get it? Because I always understood it as calling people every racist and derogatory name in the book but if it's just having a little bit of fun with people I apologize.
  5. I don't believe in facts I believe in perspective plus I'm bored cuz internet is down in my area at the moment so I decided to see if I can keep the hate going for my own personal fun and this post has a lot of hate
  6. The music is annoying as hell so I don't really care about it at all but I get tired of seeing these types of posts with people claiming to be something or somewhat of an expert or whatever words you want to use and expect people to just believe that it's true with no proof at all. And I know that they don't need to prove anything to anyone but they follow their own post to try and validate their point whenever someone has something else to say that is in direct opposition. To me it all sounds like people who wish they were more important than they are so they exaggerate their own self. I am a musician and study copyright laws as a hobby. (I am not a musician and know crap all about copyrights) see what I did there.
  7. We played together about an hour ago maybe a bit more on ps4 my tag is P1gmartyr and you were trying to help me out but instead I ran out into the road like an idiot so lets call that suicide lol. And to the guy in the boat who waited for me no matter how close Jason got to us I just wanted to put it out there that when I was pressing X to get in the game would warp me under the boat and after about 4 times of that we got away. I can't remember your name and my players met screen says zero but just wanted to let you know THAT'S how we should be playing. Leaving someone behind should be a last ditch effort where it's you or me and there's no way around it. I know we need more players like this. I myself will drop everything im carrying on the road if I have a clear opening to the cops. I also don't like messing with vehicles but I will carry the battery or gas can to a car and drop them on the ground so another player has at least 2 out of 3 done.
  8. Wow don't think I've ever seen a developer actually reply to and update a community so fast and with actual useful information of what they are doing. Great job guys
  9. Just sat through two entire episodes of the defenders on Netflix while trying to find a lobby that actually had people in it on the ps4 and it never happened so I gave up. I really hope they are aware of this issue and correct it soon
  10. I think it would be kind of cool if you had the option to throw gas on Jason and if he's hit with a flare gun or fire crackers he would be set on fire for a few seconds lightning up his position and slowing him down. But of course the balancing problem would be people just using the gas cans for that reason only instead of using it when Jason has you pretty much blocked from the cars as a last ditch effort.
  11. Well after the update (ps4) and waiting for like seems to be around an hour to get into a match then being able to finish a match without the host rage quitting the whole game feels a little off. Besides the new window crap I can't really put my finger on it it just seems different. Haven't been able to play long enough to figure out if it's a bad thing or not yet so hopefully they will fix the match making problems and we can get a better feel for everything new.
  12. I don't care about killing Jason and I don't even bother with the car or boat and not only have I survived the entire round when I do escape to the police I've only been caught maybe 4 times and I even drop my weapons on the road before I get away.
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