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  1. Maybe I missed it, but is there a spot I can go that tells me details about the next patch? I don't mean what's already out. I know about the patch notes section. I'm talking about what is being worked on now.
  2. Upcoming patch notes

    I was hoping one of the devs might see this thread and drop in with an update. No luck 😭
  3. Upcoming patch notes

    I think that would be a great idea. As a player, it would be nice to know what specifically they're working on. As a developer, they can hear feedback on certain ideas before releasing them.
  4. I'm so tired of playing matches as Jason and getting screwed. How does my axe go through a window and not break it? How do I not hit a counselor when they are directly in front of me, and my weapon goes through them? How can I be close enough to hug them and not grab them? This is getting really old with all the knives that counselors get now on top of it.
  5. Fix jason!!!!!!!

    That sounds like a really sad day. I mean, how can you have nothing better to do?
  6. Fix jason!!!!!!!

    Well, maybe if you read it already you shouldn't open obviously similar threads to complain.
  7. Fix jason!!!!!!!

    I don't care. I wanted to vent. I'm sorry if my improper forum etiquette has offended you, and ruined your day.
  8. Here is an example of how ridiculous this trophy is in its current state. Yesterday, I played from approximately 10am-7pm. I was only Jason 3 times, and one of those times I timed out so it didn't count. Yes, my preference is set to Jason. At that rate, it would take me about 500 days to get the trophy. That's insane!
  9. Playing 1000 matches as Jason is insanely difficult. I've been playing since the game came out, and I haven't even hit 500. With hosts quitting, getting timed out, and just the rarity of being Jason, it is way harder than it should be. That's why playing in offline mode should count towards the final chapter trophy.
  10. I think if you have all the Pamela tapes and you pick up another Pamela tape, it should become a Tommy tape. Or, only Tommy tapes should spawn in drawers if you already have all the Pamela tapes.
  11. I don't think I'll ever use offline unless being Jason counts towards the final chapter trophy. I just hate when I find Pamela tapes because I have them all. You shouldn't be able to find them if you have them all. At the very least, it would stop players that have them all from picking them up, so players that don't have all the tapes can get them.
  12. I don't think it would even be that bad if you couldn't fix it. For one, it requires some specific conditions like a counselor being there, Jason grabbing them, no pocket knives, and it would have to be the Tommy generator for it to matter. Even if you can't call Tommy, counselors are too strong as it is.
  13. Is it just me, or do you not crouch walk any faster with low profile? I don't think that part of the perk works. If it does, I think the crouch speed needs to be increased more.
  14. How can you say it's non cannon? How else do you explain when a counselor runs and runs and Jason just pops up behind them?
  15. I run into anywhere from 4-7 knives a round as Jason. I still all or most counselors, but it is a bit annoying.
  16. Grip strength

    Yeah, but it would only effect two jasons. Someone also suggested a QTE for Jason whenever a counselor uses a pocket knife. Grip strength could be like the repair stat. If he has good grip strength, he has to hit fewer bars. If he has poor grip strength he has a bunch of bars to hit.
  17. What if you couldn't break free from a Jason with grip strength as a strength without a pocket knife or help from a counselor? Anyone think that would make it a worthy attribute?
  18. I think Jason needs more traps. With all the pocket knives, and med sprays now, having three traps is a joke, 5 is minimum to be useful. I think all Jason's should have their traps up by 2. The bad trap Jason's have 5, regular have 7, and sack head has 9.
  19. Okay, we all know there are some perks that are only useful in very specific situations. We also know it's a pain to get hiding place kills as Jason. What if you could change your perks in game by going into a hiding place? It would make certain perks like potent ranger and motorboating much more relevant.
  20. Yeah, my friends and I quite enjoy it. The only thing wrong on PS4 are the people sometimes, but not much you can do about that.
  21. You should have marathon on Vanessa anyways.... People are still going to use their usual perks. It would just make the situational perks better.
  22. I think there is still something off with Jason's grab. I'll have times where Jason clearly grabs people outside of his reach, but other times people will literally be touching Jason, and he doesn't grab them. Also, I'm not sure if people are cheating somehow, but I'll pick up a character like bugzy or Vanessa, and they'll break free of my grasp before I take my third step. Just curious if anyone else seems to experience this.
  23. First of all, even if you die first you may not be Tommy Jarvis. Potent ranger would only be worth wearing if you can equip it after you become Tommy. Second of all, there are other perks like motorboating that you won't know if you can even use them until the match starts. If it's done right, I don't see any harm in being able to customize your perks during a match.
  24. Jasons grab

    It just seems to inconsistent now. His grab range was ridiculous before, but it seemed consistent. You knew what you were gonna get.
  25. Jasons grab

    I love that someone else uses the term stretch Armstrong grab.