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  1. 2 questions. If these were already answered and I missed them because I'm skimming through the article before work, my bad. 1 if one player has more tickets than every other player are they automatically Jason? 2 is there a cap to how many tickets you can have?
  2. I can't believe the motorboating perk is getting a boost. I can already go faster than all but the water jasons now. It's gonna be stupid if you can outrun a water speed Jason.
  3. I watched part 4 again, and in order to remove his mask she hit him 10 times with a machete, 15 times with a hammer, and dropped a TV on his head. It's not about being one on one. It's about the damage he endured. Also, a lot of other Jasons took quite a beating in order to be put down, part 6 and 7 come to mind. That's why it should be a war.
  4. I'm talking about 5 seconds of him actually being able to move and attack, not just the part where he pulls the knife out of his neck or when he is standing up.
  5. There's only 20 minutes in a match, and at least 3-4 pocket knives a match without Tommy. If Jason is getting a minute of being invulnerable everytime he gets knifed or knocked down, he is going to be invincible for almost half the match. That's ridiculous. All he needs is like 5-10 seconds to be able to move. Let him take 3 or 4 steps that's it.
  6. I even feel like 15 might be too much. I don't want him to have a super Mario star power effect. I just want him to have a chance to move and react after he gets hit with a pocket knife or knocked down.
  7. I think a minute maybe too long. I'm thinking just like 10 seconds. Give him enough time to move and react.
  8. Also, I've seen a couple of you mention "playing Jason smarter" without any actual suggestions. So let's play out a scenario. I'm Tommy with an axe. Tell me how you play me smarter.
  9. On average, there are 3-4 pocket knives in a match without Tommy. I'm not sure how much more you need to survive. Also, I'm not complaining about this because people are beating up on me as Jason, as I have stated. Im complaining because it's too easy for me to kill Jason. I want a challenge. It's not supposed to be easy. He is supposed to be an unstoppable killing force. He is supposed to be a terror. You're supposed to fear for your virtual life when you see him. You're not supposed to kill him in three hits.
  10. I think some of you are missing what I'm talking about. I'm not talking about general combat. I'm not even referring to combat as a group. I'm referring to a specific series of actions that can be done to Jason that almost always knocks his mask off and he can't react to it. I'm not having a problem fighting counselors. I've only ever been killed once in almost a year. I'm saying its too easy for me to kill Jason. If you know the trick, it's not fair to Jason. Everytime my friend and I play, we kill at least 5-7 Jason's a day. They're not AFK. They're not all low levels. It's just as easy to kill people over level 100. I wanna be scared to try to kill Jason. You should be. It shouldn't be oh hey I'm Tommy let's kill this guy.
  11. I would really love to play against these people that say it's not hard to avoid getting stun locked. I guarantee I can easily kill them as Tommy with an axe. You literally knock Jason down, stand behind him in combat stance, and hit him as soon as he gets up. You can't stop it. You can't react, and your mask comes off 99% of the time.
  12. How so? You gonna trap the cabin? Tommy's first aid takes care of that? You gonna pop up and kill them when they go in? I hope you do because I'm gonna be waiting there as Tommy to kill you. Saves me the trouble of hunting you down.
  13. There's just something I enjoy about outrunning Jason in a boat. Mines epic, so I can outrun slow water speed in reverse lol.
  14. I usually run deb with motorboating, my dads a cop and lead foot, but if I'm Tommy it's on.
  15. That moment and after he gets hit with a pocket knife there is a brief window too. We need those changes at least. I still think he should be a little more durable. I just want more of a challenge. It's basically a guarantee Jason is dead if I'm Tommy now.
  16. I've played this game since it came out, I'm level 150, all badges maxed, all trophies but two, and I've only ever been killed once. I don't think I'm bad at Jason. I'm guessing you guys don't know the trick since you literally can't move as Jason while it's being done to you. Either that, or you're the type that just runs away when your mask gets knocked off and hides, which is pathetic.
  17. So the fact that you can knock Jason's mask off with successive hits without him being able to move seems fair? Being able to kill Jason 7 times in a day isn't too easy?
  18. I'm not entirely opposed to this idea. Perhaps with the upcoming weapon swap it change Jason's strengths and weaknesses too, so you can change whatever Jason you want to your playstyle. That way you can play the Jason you want the way you want. You're wrong on part 6 though. He doesn't suck.
  19. Maybe it's just me, but I think Jason's mask comes off too easily. It used to be hard to kill him in the beginning when people didn't know all the details, and his grab was outrageous, but it's far too easy now. Also, there is that little trick with Tommy and the axe where you can get two basically guaranteed hits on him with the axe. It almost always knocks his mask off on the second hit too. I'm not asking for anything crazy. I think there should be two simple changes. 1 Jason needs to be immune after getting knocked down, stunned, or after a counselor uses a pocket knife. It's not fair that people can get a free swing before he can move. 2 the Jason's that have a weak defense or HP should be as durable as normal Jason's are now, and all other Jason's should get a boost to defense. It shouldn't be 3 or 4 hits and his mask is off. It should be a battle. It should be a war to get his mask off.
  20. Some sneak far more than others. Off the top of my head, part 6 and 9 seemed to be far more aggressive than others. Part 8 wasn't exactly shy either, strolling down Manhattan.
  21. I know a lot of people have complained about part 7 from a balance perspective, but I recently rewatched part 7, and his stats are all wrong from a movie perspective. 1 most of his kills in the movie are sneaking up on people, so stalk should be a strength. 2 he goes through all sorts of abuse, and he keeps on going. His defense and/or hit points should be a strength. 3 sense should be a weakness. Half the counselors he doesn't notice until the scream or trip. Some how the Dr loses him in the woods after being right in front of him. 4 water speed should be a weakness. It takes him like a full minute to swim 3 feet over to kill that girl in the water that isn't moving.
  22. I think there should be an option either in the game or on the website to view your profile stats. For example, how many times you've been Jason, how many people you've killed, how many times you've been killed etc
  23. Yeah, it would be cool if they had a story mode where you essentially played through each movie as Jason, but this looks cool too.
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