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  1. As the online scene seems to be slowly dying down over time and I find myself more often just doing a quick Offline Bot match/ Single Player Challenge, I'm wondering if there's any chance of a future patch that would allow us to fully customize the offline counselor bots? Such as; being able to manually select which counselors that Jason goes up against, which costume/ skin/ clothing they wear, along with being able to adjust their stats and weapons. For example; I think it would be really fun to go up against a group of 7 ultra-strong, aggressive Speedo-wearing Chad-bots who are armed with bats and machetes. Or perhaps duel against Vanessa in her Wonder Woman costume with double her max endurance and speed, or against Tiffany in her devil costume with double her stealth with maxed firecrackers and pocket knives. The idea is to allow the creation of unorthodox bot matches to spice up the challenge and fun factor. The beauty of this possibility is that it would be using already-existing assets, of course; no new content required. Access to bots options would just be opened at the match start-up screen rather than having them be randomly generated.
  2. Stephen King loves to kill kids in his movies. And yes, there are examples of kids getting killed in games. I think the problem that F13 would come up against is the potential manners of Jason killing Reggie (think pt 4 Jason).
  3. Totally agree. While I'm very glad and appreciative to see that bots have finally been added, there's definitely a lot of room for improvement for this mode. I'm hoping that the AI can be improved in the future to be more challenging, and definitely hoping that we will eventually be able to customize the counselors (and their outfits) that we go up against. I wanna take on a team of 7 super-aggressive speedo-wearing Chads!!!
  4. I like these. I still think they should make kills that are even more brutal/ gory... 1- A crotch kill where part 7 Jason grabs a grounded counselor by their ankle with one hand, lifts them up and holds them upside down, then using his other hand, slices down with his machete between their legs, completely severing their pelvis apart vertically (a la Andy from part 3). (I realize there's already a crotch kill with the part 3 Jason using his ax, but it leaves the counselor's corpse still fully intact.) 2- Jason machetes counselors in half horizontally at the waist. 3- A full-on dismembering, lopping and chopping off legs, arms, and head. 4- Head split in half vertically with ax. (again, the current ax-to-the-head kill leaves the counselor's head still intact). 5- Harpoon gun to-the-crotch kill (a la Paul from part 4).
  5. It'd be fun to see the Andy kill from part 3 in the game; macheted in half vertically while upside down from crotch to stomach, then shoved in the rafters with the torso splayed open and guts hanging out. Freakin' brutal! But since most counselors usually don't walk around on their hands like Andy did, what Jason could do in the game is: after throwing them to the ground, grab them by one ankle and lift them high into the air upside down, and then while dangling them in his left hand, use the right with machete in hand to slice them down the middle!
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