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  1. Just one quick one for some suggestions on additional XP gains for the game. (Sorry if they exist and I don't know about it). - Extra XP for escaping as the driver and having passengers. E.g. 25xp per passenger. - Saving someone from Jason's grasp - giving someone an item i.e weapons, med spray etc. Thought a few cooperative actions would improve counselor gameplay and reward players who actually cooperate and not just escape on their own. Thoughts? Other related suggestions?
  2. Still think the colour is significant. Maybe a link to Shelly from Part 3. Same colour as his diving suit. Plus recently the producer Randy said the following on 14 Aug on Twitter. "One of my fave films in the franchise! Part 3 had a lot of memorable characters, including the ever-affable prankster Shelly Finkelstein! https://t.co/KnyVHZe09n"
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