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  1. @somethin cool Yea I dont sit there and beat on people that's a waste of my time and if people do it to me I call them names in game chat and let them know I dont appreciate idiots doing that to me. if I was there in real life and a dude hit me that pussy would be a dead fn man. Facts!
  2. @VLK yes I meant to say fix auto aim target selection system to differentiate friend from foe. I have skillz it's just that it's stupid to focus it on the counselors and not the main killer. I would expect them to fix that Bullshit. and that's why I have tons of videos of me easily killing jason. I have a squad that knows what they r doing but when u work with randoms it's quite different cuz most don't have microphones cuz they broke.
  3. @something cool yea you right. No window jumping no opening/closing doors cant open map, and cant use weapons. but u can still use Firecrackers. I hope they fix this dumb glitch report them and block them haha thanks 4 replying my friend.
  4. Need to fix Combat Stance I'm tired when I go to hit jason and counselors are near me it focuses on counselors not Jason Especially when we're teaming up on Jason. That is stupid as hell why the hell would a counselor focus on another counselor and not Jason. This needs to be fixed.
  5. On Pinehurst map Theres a glitch u can hide under the stairs in the main house. it's a god mode area and jason cant get you. well he can grab u through the wall if ur close enough to wall but if ur in middle he can't. Also You can hit jason through the Stairs and wall. That's a huge advantage for u but a bad disadvantage for Jason. please fix this.
  6. Infinity Stamina Glitch it's a disadvantage for Jason if people r hoping through unbroken windows running around buildings. Jason can still get u if u shift perfect but still is unfair to players. plus u cant pickup or drop items once u do it. please fix this. Thanks
  7. u have a option to change that in private games but not in public lobbies. its below map it says turn rain on or off.
  8. Please Fix Rock Glitch on Higgins Haven Small. There's a big rock Behind the main house that people get on that Jason can't reach and it's a disadvantage to jason and it's unfair to gamers. please fix that. Thanks Guys.
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