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  1. So now we’re saying the update is officially coming in May?
  2. Which kill do you save for those super annoying trolling counselors? Before the kick, I would say the headrip or part 9’s coconut peel👌 Thoughts?
  3. I heard there are things you can do that enable rage mode prior to halfway through the game, for example; destroying hiding spots supposedly help enable it faster... can anyone confirm this?
  4. I noticed after I purchased the kills, the special counselor clothing options on the physical version of the game disappear. I saw a past post when I searched the forum that someone said it was fixed but I still have the issue?
  5. Still too many pocket knives

    As soon as you reup I’m expecting to buy more😉
  6. Every match I run into 4-5. It’s an improvement compared to before the last update but what is the point of giving half the counselors second wind?
  7. Vent out your frustrations

    That is so common though. I see people leave as soon as I pick them up on almost every game, or a host that will quit as soon as they’re killed (aside from all the tea bagging they do prior). I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of F13 players are just crying little bitches, just gotta always remember that and take a break and always hope for the best next time you pick it up. Hopefully when the salt mines update comes out in the next decade or so, it will address that. Thats also just in reference to issues regarding the toxic player base when there is so much more annoyances in general with the game itself that I don’t want to go overboard discussing them.
  8. Got killed with mask still On

    This is exactly the scene I saw. I was playing as Savini
  9. Htf does that happen? Still had mask on, one hit from Tiffany while wearing the sweater I get a kill scene from tommy Jarvis...??
  10. I noticed that if one counselor escapes, as long as Jason kills tommy Jarvis along with the rest , his death counts as a replacement for the counselor that got away, thus granting jason the no survivors XP. Anybody know if this is what the developers actually had in mind? I’d think you should just get credit if there are literally no survivors.
  11. AJ’s purple fishnet stockings

    Seriously no one plays as AJ and rocks the purple nets? She looks cute af with them
  12. Disappeared from her outfit options? What’s going on?
  13. Every time I am host and Jason in a match, after the beginning cut scene concludes I’m kicked to the Xbox dashboard. Why is this?
  14. Have had this happen many times, usually when a counselor jumps through an open window and I try to break it as they are getting up. I think if you spam break window action while they are getting up os what glitches me. What I do now is not strike the window until the counselor has been able to get up and move once inside.
  15. Anyone notice a correlation

    I feel that often the asshats who only decide to be ready once everyone is waiting often get to be Jason in the match, I know it’s supposed to be randomly generated according to the devs but I can’t help but notice how often that happens