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  1. Perk System Update & Legendaries

    That color scheme for the perks is the new scariest thing about this game.
  2. Can't wait to equip my Savini with a pig splitter! I've always loved Part 4's kills the best. I really hope weapons equipped to Savini Jason get that "Savini Finish" to them.
  3. This should be good...
  4. Make Roy Green Again

  5. Upcoming Jason Balance Changes - 1/25/18

    Yes, Chad IS a dick!
  6. Personally, I don't like to slash people to death when I'm Jason. I will slash a counselor into critical so I can grab them and finish them off. And I will slash a person to death if they start complaining and talking "slasher" trash when I am slashing them into critical.
  7. Jason Taunt Pack?

    This taunt for Jason is an amazing idea.
  8. Scream Queens F13

    I feel like it's important to bring up. Marginalized people are often times dealing with negativity in every aspect of life. If someone can understand that, maybe they can understand why a person might want to have a safe space to enjoy a game without having to worry about it.
  9. Scream Queens F13

    Do you really think this type of behavior only exists on a specific gaming console? This shit happens every day in real life at the workplace and in the streets. The problem isn't PS4.
  10. Scream Queens F13

    Your inability to comprehend the full scope of why this is important is very telling.
  11. Scream Queens F13

    I think this is a great idea. I have some female friends I play with on PS4 I'll be telling about this. This is important because dudes that play this game are fucking gross. If you think the male on male banter in this game is toxic, try walking in the shoes of a female that plays this game. My female friends are constantly harassed, threatened with physical / sexual violence, or bothered for photos of themselves.
  12. SPOILERS: Next Jason

    I personally love Jason X and the frozen face smash kill is one of my favorite all time kills in F13 history, but I can't even get excited about this cause the game is still so fucked up. At least half the glitches the devs claimed to have fixed still happen and now there's a whole new batch of glitches to deal with.
  13. Nerfed Car?

    Ok, so I just drove the car and it didn’t go slow this time. It was on a rain map no less. Seems like this is probably a glitch.
  14. My apologies if this has been addressed. Has the car been nerfed or is this some type of glitch? It moves way slower but also “vibrates” in a weird way.
  15. Looks like you can get it for $100 here... http://www.imagingmodz.com/friday-the-13th-dualshock-4-ps4-controller/
  16. DO NOT sell Preparedness. If anything sell that Lone Wolf perk. Lone Wolf is essentially Preparedness without the benefit of spawning with a map. At max Epic they both have 10% Fear Resistance.
  17. AJ is my regular. Lately I've been using Marathon / Restful / Thick Skinned with her. She's a stealthy lurker that is great at repairing objectives. Thick Skinned gives her the ability to tank traps without going into critical and tolerate wack ass slasher Jasons. The Marathon / Restful combo increases her chances at running away if Jason pops up after tanking a trap.
  18. Whoops.

    I'm gonna be totally honest here... I'm a level 101. So... I don't really need the XP. If I'm escaping in the car and someone runs in front of me I'm running their ass over without hesitation. Running directly in front of or behind a moving car is a dumb move. I'll gladly lose out on some XP to get whoever else is in the car with me out to safety.
  19. Thank You From The IllFonic Team

    Believe me, we're all as shocked as you are Chuck.
  20. Are you only playing private matches or something? I have a friend that plays on PC and she says this kind of thing happens all the time.
  21. The teaming / trolling is out of control these days. Was in a match with a friend about a week ago where a Jason and his buddy killed everyone (while slinging racist insults mind you) in the first 10 minutes and then spent the last 9 minutes trying to figure out new glitches and how to fuck with people while everyone watched. Literally talking openly on their mics about it. There is no concern of any consequences from the people that do this.
  22. I think it's great that you managed to chime in to criticize a customers post while not answering any questions that have been asked. A+ dude.