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  1. This game is still broken on PS4 right? Reducing the price to attract consumers to purchase a broken game is pretty fucked up.
  2. andtodayidied

    Can't find game on PS4 (Issues)

    I’m having the same issue on PS4. Doesn’t connect to a lobby no matter how long I wait or how many times I try.
  3. andtodayidied

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    PS4 by chance? I’m having the same issue on PS4.
  4. andtodayidied

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    Anyone else having an issue finding a lobby on PS4? Currently on my 4th Cancel / Quick Play after letting each search go for 5 minutes and getting nothing.
  5. andtodayidied

    Current state of the game❓

    I was also curious about the current state of the game this morning so I decided to fire it up. I sat in a lobby with 2 other people for about 20 / 30 minutes while no one else joined. Also received repeated friend requests from this squeaker who kept trying to get my attention on mic so I could “game share” Savini. Shit’s dead yo.
  6. I haven’t played the update yet, but a friend is telling me the update (PS4) doesn’t have actual dedicated servers, just host migration. Can anyone confirm / deny this?
  7. I'm sorry your mic isn't working. You can submit a million tickets and it will probably never be fixed. Not being a dick about your issue, just acknowledging how monumentally shitty the development team is.
  8. Dude, no way. I can honestly say that I will never play a game of theirs again after how poorly this one was managed.
  9. It’s been over a year and they’ve had an engine upgrade. Unless they hire an entirely new staff I don’t see this game ever working without bugs.
  10. I appreciate the suggestion, but I can’t say that the game is worth the effort. Happy gaming homie.
  11. I can’t even argue with this. The reality is that I should have known that the game would still be glitchy AF and that this would probably happen since there has literally NEVER been a stable build of the game. For the record, I have really fast and stable internet and my PS4 never crashes on any other game I play. That’s offline or online.
  12. This happened to me last night. I was hosting and the game crashed. I had not broken any other rules. It is bad enough that we are still dealing with a ton of glitches after this update, but now that I’m personally being penalized for the developers shitty programming I’m pretty sure I’m gonna shelve this game again until dedicated servers come out. Y’know... if that ever actually happens.
  13. Anyone else get caught in a Jarvis Loop? My lobby keeps selecting this map over and over unless I manually select something.
  14. I’m experiencing that thing when I have my own lobby but no one else is joining. The game froze the last lobby I was hosting forcing me to close the app / shut down the lobby. Is this the salt mines I’m experiencing or is their shit broken again?
  15. andtodayidied

    Ending a lobby before it even begins

    I refuse to shut down a lobby in these situations, because that is foul. But... I might set the map to Jarvis and leave it there. This usually gets these types of players to leave pretty quickly.
  16. andtodayidied

    Update Status & First Look: Engine Update

    I hope the extra add ons are better than the “improved” graphics. It’s like they just made the game darker and lubed up the counselors head to toe.
  17. andtodayidied

    Marathon vs Restful.

    I always use Marathon and Restful together. I've yet to find a combination that offers me a bigger advantage with how I play.
  18. andtodayidied

    Perk System Update & Legendaries

    That color scheme for the perks is the new scariest thing about this game.
  19. Can't wait to equip my Savini with a pig splitter! I've always loved Part 4's kills the best. I really hope weapons equipped to Savini Jason get that "Savini Finish" to them.
  20. This should be good...
  21. andtodayidied

    Make Roy Green Again

  22. andtodayidied

    Upcoming Jason Balance Changes - 1/25/18

    Yes, Chad IS a dick!
  23. Personally, I don't like to slash people to death when I'm Jason. I will slash a counselor into critical so I can grab them and finish them off. And I will slash a person to death if they start complaining and talking "slasher" trash when I am slashing them into critical.
  24. andtodayidied

    Jason Taunt Pack?

    This taunt for Jason is an amazing idea.