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  1. 1. SUGGESTION: Counselor screaming and muttering - PLEASE take this out. If someone is hiding from a sadistic serial killer, the last thing they are going to do is scream when they see him. Also, when a counselor in the middle of the woods and the lights go out, there is no need for them to scream. I know you are trying to make it easier for Jason to find the counselors, but screaming is not the way to go. And when the counselor is in a hiding spot, muttering to him/herself is a little ridiculous. Again, when hiding from a serial killer, the last thing they are going to do is make any noise. Here is my suggestion: Heavy breathing. When you are afraid for your life, your breathing becomes more rapid and you shiver (due to the adrenaline coursing through your body). Add the heavy breathing noise when the Jason gets close to a counselor in a hiding place. And I thought you guys said you all sat Tommy down and had a talk with him. He's still pretty much a whiny b*tch. Sometimes, he screams more than the counselors do. 2. FIX: Jumping through windows - I don't know what you did in your last update, but counselors are throwing themselves through windows at the drop of a hat. I can run up to a window, stop completely, and try to open a window...and the counselor throws him/herself through it. Sometimes, I am just running or walking by a closed window, and the counselor will suddenly just jump through it. Please fix this!!! 3. FIX: The black loading screen - I realize that this is a tough one to fix. We (my gaming community and I) have tried numerous times to pin down a commonality, but randomly, right after the video, a black screen appears and all activity stops. I am almost certain this has something to do with networking. 4. FIX: The kill glitch - Randomly, when Jason tries to kill a counselor, you can hear the animation sound effects but nothing happens. The counselor receives a "time bonus" message and is listed as dead, yet he/she can still run around and do things. Sometimes, this has horrible game consequences. Once, when this happened, the counselor escaped and the game wouldn't end. Jason was still wandering around camp, but there were no counselors to be found. 5. SUGGESTION: If counselors can hit and stun Jason through a broken door, then balance it out by allowing Jason to grab counselors through a broken or open window. 6. PRAISE: Currently, if a counselor hides under a bed or in a closet, there is a chance that the sense ability will not detect the house he or she is in. Also, the sense does not always detect the counselor. If this was intentional, kudos. It forces Jason to use regular vision rather than depend on the sense ability (which is something I used to do). 7. SUGGESTION: When the car crashes, have a small (5% - 15%, maybe?) chance that counselors can get injured. I once saw a car flip, dump the counselors out, and then crash. It is not likely that counselors would walk away from that unharmed. Also, maybe a noise of crashing for Jason if he is not in the near vicinity might be in order.
  2. Question: Will the update change the values of the perks we already have?
  3. It's not even worth stunning Jason anymore. The stun times were fine. Why did they mess with them?
  4. Many people tried "having fun" with him. That's what he wants...to prevent others from having fun. He's already been banned several times. That is the best way to deal with him. Keep reporting him so that he keeps getting banned. Don't talk to him. Don't engage him. In fact, when you see him, drop out of that match. Block him from messaging you. That is the best way to deal with idiots like that. Don't give them the attention they want.
  5. I had no idea there was anything wrong with killing a counselor at the beginning of a game. For me, the sooner you kill them, the less of them there are to gang up on you later. This is not a dick move. A dick move is when someone says they are going AFK, and Jason puts a trap behind them. Counselor comes back and hits the trap. A dick move is killing Tommy Jarvis before the movie even stops playing (he spawns at the same time the movie starts playing). A dick move is killing a counselor that is glitched somewhere. A dick move is taking advantage of exploits. Killing a counselor at the very beginning of a game is just "playing the game."
  6. No, you don't get insta-killed. I have escaped many times from Jason after he tipped the boat. I understand your point, but here is another point: Not every Jason is fast enough to catch the boat once it is in motion (yes, he can morph to the exit - but that means he would have to keep his morph unused or have a fast recharge). I've always operated under the assumption that Jason can hear the boat when it starts just like the car.
  7. By that logic, no one would go for the cars either. I'm trying to figure out if the developers did it on purpose, or if it is simply not working.
  8. So I've noticed that Jason hears the cars when they start, yet he can't hear the boat when it starts. Is this intentional or a bug?
  9. Hi. Love the game. I play it all the time with a great group of friends.
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