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  1. I'm contemplating starting to play Dead by Daylight since it's free for PS Plus users. I'm going to get the Michael Myers DLC if I do. Any of you guys play it?
  2. There's a workprint version out there, it's basically the theatrical version, but with the alternate escape scene where the two guards try to rape the girl, and the ending is one that's not in either version where Michael gives up, drops the knife and gives Laurie to Loomis only to be gunned down by cops and die. The only other difference is in the opening scene where Michael is playing around in his room, the song playing is Monster Mash and not God of Thunder by Kiss
  3. Pretty self explanatory. Super Troopers 2- 7.5/10 It was really funny, but not as funny as the first. The second half was a lot funnier than the first. The first half seems like it tried too hard to milk off the fact that this is a sequel
  4. I watched bits and pieces of Cult of Chucky with a friend and I thought it was hecka cringy to say the least. Seemed boring and uninspired. I might have to go back and watch it in it's entirety to get a full opinion of it.
  5. I had forgotten about that! I remember reading about the novelization now.
  6. There's a two disc theatrical version I used to own that has audio commentary, blooper reel, deleted scenes, Many Masks of Michael Myers featurette, and the alternate ending where Michael surrenders and gets gunned down by cops. I have a feeling that's probably what this is, just in steel book form. I'd only want it if it had new stuff to offer I hadn't already saw or owned
  7. I would consider the unrated version the definitive cut of the movie if it wasn't for that cringy, very disturbing rape scene they added in. If you cut that part out of the unrated version and replaced it with the deleted scene of Michael throwing the fat black guy through the glass, stealing his keys, and letting all the patients out, then it would be just fine.
  8. Have you guys saw this? Just saw this on Rob Zombie's official Instagram page. I think it would be worth having if it contained both versions of the movie or maybe some never before seen bonus features. If it's just the base movie itself with all the stuff I've already seen, then I just see it as a quick cash grab https://www.amazon.com/Halloween-Collectors-Steelbook-Taylor-Compton-McDowell/dp/B07FKV3HK7
  9. What if Thorn is just a branch off of Silver Shamrock, and Michael's powers come from the masks he wears and not a curse? Maybe Michael was Conal Cochran's prototype for a perfect minion? I get that H3 is a separate universe since we see the trailer for H1 on the tv, but let's pretend for a moment that they didn't include that part. It would be a neat way to tie all of them together.
  10. they need to fix that, it's ridiculous. They should just make it where it doesn't reset.
  11. 10 out of 10 for the TCM remake? Why? You do realize that a ten means it's a perfect movie, right?
  12. Halloween III: Season of the Witch- 7.5/10 This is my second time watching this movie. I think it's very outlandish to the say the least, but not bad. If not for it being a Halloween movie with Michael Myers in it, I think it would be remember as a very okay movie that maybe a handful of people would see as criminally underrated, which is basically what it is now A Quiet Place- 8/10 Great movie and the sign language idea is creative, but the creatures themselves remind me too much of other movies
  13. here's a cheesy video me and my dad made today. My house is insanely messy and it stresses me out that I couldn't hide that fact.
  14. They need to release digitally remastered version of the original Castlevania legally
  15. the first video is me pretending to get shot, then I get up and stab my dad to death XD the second video is just me doing the head turn with the nicer mask on
  16. I have this movie on digital. Love it! Third favorite movie I have ever saw, and that's saying a lot because I've watched thousands of movies
  17. I always liked thorn. It makes Michael more of a victim and gives him some interesting depth in my opinion. I've always wondered what it would be like if Michael lost the curse and became an anti hero. A semi good guy Michael that rectifies his mistakes by killing the remaining members of his cult and also decides to make it his goal to kill off every serial killer instead of every family member.
  18. Kane Hodder actually vomited for real for this take. My take on it is that it's another one of Rennie's hallucinations. I think in actuality, Jason didn't actually melt or turn back into a little kid, whenever they hit him in the face with the toxic waste, it melted his mask to his face and when the sewer flooded, he floated down stream and somehow ended back up at Camp Crystal Lake, which explains why in Jason Goes to Hell, his skin looks all charred and his mask is embedded into his face. I don't think he yanked off his mask and made that elephant noise either, I also think that was part of Rennie's imagination.
  19. I'll still be on here in the off topic section, just won't be talking about the game and I won't ever be re-installing it on PS4. Just isn't worth it.
  20. If I were a famous Hollywood director, I would remake Frogs and I would also reboot Resident Evil and make it into a trilogy that's more like the games and centers around actual characters from said games. The first entry would be based off the original game and star Chris and Claire in the main roles, the second would be based off Resident Evil 2 and would follow Leon, and the third would be based off Resident Evil 4
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