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  1. The Equalizer- 8/10 . Has a slow start . The action is epic but at times it's kinda cheesy because the main character seems way too unbeatable, almost like a James Bond or Jason Statham type. . It didn't need to be two hours to be effective. . There's a scene that's obviously been flipped because Denzel's scar moves from one eye to another . There's literally a "cool guys don't look at explosions" scene I felt like it would be easier to point out the things I didn't like than what i did like, so there ya go.
  2. They need to at least release content that was already finished or close to finishing if it rules in their favor. It would be a disservice to fans not to.
  3. They should make a Sleepaway Camp game. Those movies aren't as known to the general public and it would make people go back and watch them
  4. What if they only had to remove Pamela from the game and could do whatever they wanted with Jason from here on out? What would you guys think about that? So no head in the shack, no mother's voice, no pamela in Virtual Cabin, but we get Uber, Grendel, pajama pack, and two kill packs. I doubt this would happen but i think it would be a cool compromise
  5. I think they should be allowed to put out the kill pack and the pajama pack as a last DLC and a farewell to the game. Granted, it wouldn't be Jason X or Grendel, but it's clearly content that's either already finished or mostly finished. It sounds like a typical Gun move. A kill pack with a clothing pack with new emotes. Not exactly the most satisfactory of options but if they are ever allowed to do new content I feel like this would be a move they'd make.
  6. Are they really? If and when it comes out, if you don't mind, post a video link showing off said kills
  7. If the lawsuit ends in their favor, I think they should release the kill pack we saw in the Ultimate Edition trailer to us and put it in a DLC pack along with the pajama clothing pack as the last official DLC for the game. Have it be like $5.99.
  8. To those who don't know how to read and don't listen to a thing I say, I want to remind you that I quit playing this game a long time ago. I've chose to stay within this community because I enjoy talking to you guys, but please, for the last time, STOP INVITING ME TO THIS GAME. I've had it deleted for months now and I still get bombards of invites, and don't think just because it's free I'm all of a sudden going to play it. I had one guy literally invite me 50 different times the same day and I finally had to block him. It's just rude and inconsiderate, if I say I'm done with something, I mean it. So please y'all, if you respect me at all, please stop inviting me to this game because I don't have it anymore
  9. I have mixed emotions. To me it looks like they just did a better version of Halloween H20
  10. What it boils down to is they don't want to finish content or give us new content because they have no idea what they are doing. Even if the lawsuit was settled the day after they made the announcement to quit and it was in their favor, I guarantee you they still wouldn't have put anything new out because they just don't care.
  11. I found this really obscure power metal band called Zuul. I don't remember any song titles off the top of my head but they're really good
  12. In my greatest rage I took a copy of Modern Warfare 2, scraped it against the brick siding on my house so that it was completely unplayable, then I broke it into separate pieces and threw it in a pond. Another time I snapped a keyboard in half.
  13. If they make a Halloween game I better get to play as Loomis
  14. If it ends the way a lot of people are saying it does, it's not anything they haven't already done a million times.
  15. What's the maddest you've ever gotten over a game? Describe it in detail
  16. Necromancer + year you were born Crystal Lake Informant Haddonfield Horrors idk, i suck at this kinda thing
  17. I got into this game for a few weeks and grown tired of it. I liked it better than Friday the 13th at first but that didn't last too long. It's mainly the fact that the gameplay is relatively the same for every killer. Yes, they have different abilities and what not, but basically they are all just different speeds and they all basically do the same thing: put people on hooks. It would be better if each killer had signature kills like on Friday the 13th instead of you sacrificing them on a hook to.... whatever a tree entity is?
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUqcy5q-8MQ Me and my nephew used that hood and mask in a really corny parody we made a few years back. Check it out! and just fyi, I am well aware Jason was only afraid of water in the Vs. film. I know my stuff, trust me (We said Jason was afraid of water in the video)
  19. This looks good enough to be a NECA figure. Love it!
  20. I think I would've been fine with that kind of foul talk and profanity if it had just been isolated to the myers family in the prequel part. That would've made Michael's upbringing more shocking and would've shown how different he was in contrast to the rest of Haddonfield. It would've made a much more human Michael more believable and the movie more surreal if it'd had just been that family that was like that and no one else was.
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