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  1. deathbat96777

    Savini Jason Custom Figure

    This looks good enough to be a NECA figure. Love it!
  2. deathbat96777

    Is the Return of Michael Myers mask underrated?

    I think I would've been fine with that kind of foul talk and profanity if it had just been isolated to the myers family in the prequel part. That would've made Michael's upbringing more shocking and would've shown how different he was in contrast to the rest of Haddonfield. It would've made a much more human Michael more believable and the movie more surreal if it'd had just been that family that was like that and no one else was.
  3. deathbat96777

    Taco Tuesdays?!? No, Grasshopper! Tacos EVERYDAY!!

    Dos Equis Amber and some quevos rancheros sounds good right now! Btw, idc if Taco Bell isn't real mexican food, it's still goin in my belly. Just sayin You can't beat a XXL burrito or a crunchwrap supreme
  4. deathbat96777

    What kind of beer do you drink?

    3 weeks sober baby!
  5. Any of y'all played the Crash Bandicoot N' Sane Trilogy remastered?
  6. deathbat96777

    Is the Return of Michael Myers mask underrated?

    My main problem with Zombie's movies is the language. It's just not realistic. A lot of people really do cuss that way, but not everyone. Profanity always needs to have a balance. A good example would be the last Wolverine movie Logan. Wolverine, Charles, and the main baddie cussed a lot, but the little girl, the evil doctor, Calaban, the family they stayed with, etc didn't cuss much. Balance is key. It's more realistic
  7. deathbat96777

    Is the Return of Michael Myers mask underrated?

    Speaking of Zombie, I feel like I'm of the rare minority in saying I actually thoroughly enjoyed his first entry. His second one on the other hand..... I like to think only the first 15 minutes happened, then when Michael slammed the axe down, that's where it really ended. The rest is a dream because Laurie is in a coma dying from an axe wound to the face
  8. deathbat96777

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    I watched the first four Hellraisers and was going to keep going but after reading how they played out on Wikipedia (literally every single detail summed up in a paragraph, pretty helpful when trying to avoid non-sense) I had no interest in watching them. it all sounded stupid. I'm a Christian myself, but I personally find it odd to throw a Judeo-Christian spin on Heaven and Hell all of sudden. It kind of goes against the established lore. If it were an entirely different franchise, I'd be all over it obviously because I think it would be cool to see that, just not with Pinhead.
  9. deathbat96777

    Is the Return of Michael Myers mask underrated?

    He stabs a girl through the chest with a shotgun, he shoves his thumb through a guy's forehead, he gets hit by a truck and gets up again, etc. Not exactly human
  10. deathbat96777

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    Black Christmas (original)- 6.5/10 A lot of you are probably shocked at this rating, but I just didn't get the hype. To me, it was at best a slightly okay run of the mills mystery slasher.
  11. deathbat96777

    Is the Return of Michael Myers mask underrated?

    it makes sense for the mask to be cheap looking because if Michael Myers walks into a store to steal a cheap mask it's not going to look like an exact replica of his old mask, especially with the bad taste his killing spree left in the town's mouth.
  12. deathbat96777

    Anyone here familiar with Fright Rags?

    I pre-ordered a shirt actually. It's the one with Michael holding a knife looming over Laurie. I got it two days before it ended
  13. deathbat96777

    Rate/review the last non-horror film you watched

    The Interview- 9/10 I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Yes, it's insanely culturally offensive, but it was hilarious. Can't believe I hadn't saw this sooner
  14. deathbat96777

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    Lords of Salem. I just don't dig Satanic stuff, it weirds me out. Last House on the Left (remake)- 7.5/10 I want to watch the original but it's not on digital for whatever reason
  15. I'm so done with this company, you don't even want to get me started. The only reason I'm still here is my love for the films and my love for you guys.