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  1. deathbat96777

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    From worst to best for me personally: Rob Zombie's Halloween II- 5/10 Halloween 5- 5.5/10 Halloween: Resurrection- 6/10 Halloween 6- 6.5/10 Halloween H20- 7/10 Halloween 3- 7.5/10 Halloween 4- 8/10 Rob Zombie's Halloween- 8.5/10 Halloween II- 9/10 Halloween 2018- 9.5/10 John Carpenter's Halloween- 10/10
  2. Just got back from seeing it. Loved it! Best movie since the original
  3. deathbat96777

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    I don't like 2 as much. Idk why but I like the half brother twist of 3
  4. What if you were able to release everything except Grendel? I'm sure most people wouldn't care as long as they still had Uber and the kill packs. That alone would be a good enough send off to satisfy most people
  5. I always went back and forth between Part 2 and Roy Burns. Part 2 had the most traps and Part 5 was just the best overall imo, which is ironic because it was a copycat
  6. deathbat96777

    My 3d Renders and Fan art

    can you do one where Adam has a Misfits Friday the 13th shirt and another one where Adam is getting killed with an Alice Cooper shirt on?
  7. deathbat96777

    Rate/review the last non-horror film you watched

    I'd give Venom a 7 out of 10
  8. deathbat96777

    My 3d Renders and Fan art

    how did you give AJ the motley crue shirt? I tried to do something like that with Adam but only in paint. It looked pretty cool but I would have no idea how to put it into the real game
  9. deathbat96777

    Post Your Mask Collection

    My plan is to sell the Jason hood w/ mask and cap and the Don Post Zombieween mask and replace them with a Ben Tramer mask and an H2 Hospital mask from Trick R Treat studios and then just call it quits after that
  10. deathbat96777

    Post Your Mask Collection

    I just have the three there. My Jason cowl actually has my graduation cap on top of it now. I've nicknamed it the "PHD in Murder" bust. I may actually advertise it as such and put it up like that on Ebay eventually. Wouldn't be a bad deal, you'd get a cheap mask you could customize, a nice hood, and a cap and gown (the gown is what I keep stuffed inside it).
  11. deathbat96777

    Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    Out of sheer boredom, I'm going to review all the famous slashers again. Jason- 64% Friday the 13th- 8/10 Part II- 6.5/10 Part III- 6/10 Part IV- 7.5/10 Part V- 6.5/10 Part VI- 8.5/10 Part VII- 4/10 Part VIII- 3/10 Part IX- 5/10 X- 6/10 FVJ- 7/10 reboot- 8.5/10 Freddy- 62% A Nightmare on Elm Street- 8.5/10 Freddy's Revenge- 6.5/10 Dream Warriors- 7.5/10 Dream Masters- 6/10 The Dream Child- 4.5/10 Freddy's Dead- 4/10 New Nightmare- 8/10 FVJ- 7/10 reboot- 3.5/10 Michael- 67% Halloween- 9/10 H2- 8/10 H3- 7.5/10 H4- 8/10 H5- 4.5/10 H6- 6/10 H7- 7.5/10 H8- 4/10 RZH1- 7/10 RZH2- 5/10 Leatherface- 45% Texas Chainsaw Massacre- 9/10 TCM 2- 7/10 TCM 3- 4/10 Next Generation- 2/10 reboot- 6.5/10 reboot prequel- 6/10 Texas Chainsaw- 6/10 Leatherface- 2/10 Ghostface- 64% Scream- 8/10 Scream 2- 6/10 Scream 3- 6.5/10 Scream 4- 5/10 Michael wins!
  12. deathbat96777

    Best Halloween Movies

    John Carpenter's Halloween, John Carpenter's The Thing, the original Alien, the original Evil Dead, the first six Friday the 13ths, the original Nightmare on Elm Street, Saw 1, New Nightmare, The Shining, original Psycho, original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the first Scream. You're welcome
  13. deathbat96777

    My 3d Renders and Fan art

    How do you do this?
  14. deathbat96777

    Rate/review the last non-horror film you watched

    The Equalizer- 8/10 . Has a slow start . The action is epic but at times it's kinda cheesy because the main character seems way too unbeatable, almost like a James Bond or Jason Statham type. . It didn't need to be two hours to be effective. . There's a scene that's obviously been flipped because Denzel's scar moves from one eye to another . There's literally a "cool guys don't look at explosions" scene I felt like it would be easier to point out the things I didn't like than what i did like, so there ya go.
  15. deathbat96777


    They need to at least release content that was already finished or close to finishing if it rules in their favor. It would be a disservice to fans not to.