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  1. The in depth ability to make your own counselor. I'm talking WWE2K games or Tony Hawk's Underground level customization. Yes, we'd get silly stuff like a seven foot tall blue guy, but you could also make yourself, which I think would be awesome. I basically look like Lachappa cosplaying as Adam in real life, so it wouldn't be hard to make me in this game lol
  2. I don't get why The Man Behind the Mask isn't playable on the radio or in the car. It totally should be
  3. You can listen to Spotify and play at the same time, so there ya go.
  4. I was in a game with VeteranZero yesterday haha. Didn't do the glitch with him that particular time, but whenever I played as Part 2 Jason either yesterday or the day before, it said I got 10/8
  5. cut out the beating heart at the end and I would agree. I'd be low key ticked if they ever implied that Jason body hopping was canon.
  6. I honestly wouldn't mind if Jason had weapons he could pick up, but to me, an even better idea would be to have a switchable weapon for each Jason based off kills from the movie. Just have it where you hit the same button you would to change a skin, except it changes the weapon. It would look something like this: Part II- Pick Axe/Pitchfork Part III- Axe/Machete Part IV- Pig Splitter/Kitchen Knife Part VI- Spear/Machete Part VII- Machete/Tree Trimmer Part VIII- Firemen Axe/Wrench Part IX- Axe/Machete As far as Jason having weapons of his own to pick up, I would say make it so that Jason can pick up the axe or the machete that's in his shack if he doesn't already have one. This would make for a potential challenge whenever people try to kill Jason, because sneaking into his shack is often a go to spot for grabbing the machete or axe if you haven't already found it. I also think Jason could have the option of swapping weapons whenever he walks up to the knife or screwdriver environment kills. There could be a second button you could hit where instead of triggering the kill animation, you could instead swap weapons. I also think it would be neat if counselors could steal Jason's weapon whenever he falls down and drops it. A lot of people would give a big "hell no" to that considered how nerfed everyone says Jason is, but I personally think it would be fun as a counselor to be able to steal Jason's weapon. The balance for this would be that Jason could in turn steal their weapons or pick up ones laying around.
  7. I want to see him in the game. All negative stats, and he basically just stands there and breaths. I say Tiffany is most useless. Just eye candy for sexist nerds. She can run, but that's pretty much it
  8. To me, Parts 3, 6, and 7 are all three completely useless. If I play as Parts 2, 4, 8, or 9, I can get 8 out of 8 almost every time, but with these three Jasons? Yeah, good luck with that.
  9. I'm bringing it up with the assumption that it would be a long time away. I'm not hoping for a new one any time soon either. They would have to get their stuff together before they tackle a sequel. I'm just hoping they will have their master crafted by then. They have a long ways to go.
  10. Why would you want an animated sequel over a live action one?
  11. how about "all of the above" ?
  12. I like the one where he hands you a Snickers and tells you that you get cranky when you're hungry. sheesh! But in all seriousness, my favorite kills are body slam, head punch, can opener, double tap, axe throw, and the jarvis
  13. Nah, bath salts. You're a really bad guesser, Washington Jones.
  14. If they ever make a sequel to this game, what would you guys like to see and how would you want it to be different? For me personally, I would rather they wait and put the game out when it's entirely finished so that we don't get it in spontaneous, random updates, and I would like for all the bugs to be fixed beforehand, even if it takes them a whole extra year to do so. I would also like for them to try to work with New Line Cinema so they could use the Jasons we can't have in this game, so maybe instead of having the first nine or so Jasons, this game would have all the newer Jasons instead because of the different licensing rights, so in this new game, we would get the Jason from the versus film, with a toggable skin that has the claw marks and battle damage, two different Jasons from the remake with one having the cornsack and then the hockey mask one, and as silly as it sounds, I think the Jason from Mortal Kombat would be cool to have, but with a different face design. Also make it where single player is actually story mode, and it's a game where you play as Pamela and start the fires, poison the water, kill the counselors in 57, then you do a series of missions where you basically replay the first movie as a game.
  15. there's always that one guy that talks insanely loud and you have to mute him, and you never have any idea what the heck he is doing or saying on the other end. There's always loud rap music, a baby crying, sounds like he's hitting a bong. You hear him drop his bowl of soup or something. He bangs his big toe on the table. Sounds like his momma in the background tripping and knocking all the pans off the wall. You get the point