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  1. Let's talk about "Zombies"

    I love Resident Evil 4 and I love the zombie maps on the first Call of Duty: Black Ops. As far as movies go, I'm a huge fan of White Zombie, Zombi 2, and Zombieland
  2. Why is that clown stabbing Wilfred Brimley?
  3. Pure Gold

    I love Alice Cooper! Made that movie even better than it already was

    That's not funny! I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!
  5. I just have a feeling that even with all the delays we've had, it will be extremely rushed and full of glitches they'll have to fix just like always. Releasing it a piece at a time would prevent this from happening as widespread and would give them more time to make things better in the in between spaces. I can guarantee you that if all of this comes out all at once, the game will be crashing, people will be playing as Jason and glitch out of single player challenges like Mary Poppins, etc.
  6. Am I the only one who thinks instead of having a huge bulk update that comes with the engine update, single player challenges, etc, it would be a lot better to just get everything in bit sized chunks from now until the end of summer? Here's what I was thinking: April 31st- Release Victoria as a playable counselor + Roy Burns color swap May 25th- Engine Update + Dedicated Servers June 1st- Key Binding + Weapon Swapping July 13th (which is a Friday the 13th)- Single Player Challenges + Double XP Weekend July 24th, 2018 (my 22nd birthday, also the day Jason X hit theaters, would be a great way to celebrate the anniversary )- Uber Jason + Grendel Map
  7. Is that really you in your profile picture? 

  8. How about other horror games?

    A Halloween game with Haddonfield as a huge open world map. The other map would be Smith's Grove. The Michaels to choose from would be: Classic Michael- Michael as seen in H1 and H2, features a "blood tears" skin option. The blood tears option will also put bullet holes in his coveralls. Cursed Michael- Michael as seen in "Curse of Michael Myers". Reboot Michael- Michael as seen in Rob Zombie's Halloween. Comes with four different skins: Clean (the unrotted mask from the beginning of the movie), Zombified (regular movie mask), Escape (orange mask he had on when he kills Joe Grizzly), Zombiefied 2 (mask that he has on with a chunk missing where you see his face). Weapons: Kitchen Knife, Bowie Knife/Hunting Knife, Fire Axe, Scalpel, and Machete. Weapons would be swappable for each Michael interchangeably.
  9. I won't be home on Friday the 13th, so I'll probably watch the first one on Hulu tonight
  10. Favourite DC hero?

    I chose "Other" because it's hard to pick just one. My top five in no particular order would be Batman, Superman, Dr. Fate, Plastic Man, and Green Arrow

    If said person making comment is a self-ascribed fat boi who loves fast food and thinks Burger King is the bomb, then no, it's not an intended insult
  12. I did this last night during a quick play match on Packanack Small (first time I'd played online in over a week!). Basically, I placed a bear trap directly in front of the car after I had already put the battery in. My goal with this was that if and when said car was started, just in case momma's boy decided to play hulk smash with the hood, he would instead step in the bear trap, giving us enough time to drive around him and not get slaughtered. Was this idea brilliant, or was it insanely stupid? I can see where it would go wrong, especially if I'm not using a mic and someone steps in it unintentionally. What do you guys think? Would this even work as an offensive tactic?
  13. Rate/review the last horror movie you watched/saw

    I'm looking for a horror movie that I saw when I was a kid. I've been searching for it since I was six and can't find it. It's about this witch and a warlock that are also cannibals, and they kidnap young girls who go down this trail. At some point in the movie, the girls escape and give the witch's head to some guys in town and get paid for it, and the movie ends with them drowning the warlock by tying boulders to his feet and he drowned when he tries to chase them in the water. I don't remember many other details, but I would love to find this movie. Anyone know what I might be referring to? I don't remember any other details except for the girl put a huge amount of salt in a pot of meat the cannibals were cooking over the fireplace and the warlock exclaims in a funny accent, "Bleh! It's too saltay! It's too saltay!" which cracked me up
  14. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    I've contemplated getting it because I love the first reboot, but I'll probably wait until it goes down in price because I'm stingy.