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  1. I would at least like to know what all we were getting. They still to this day haven't told us. I think we as a fan base at least deserve to know. All they'd have to do is make a bulleted list or something. It wouldn't take that long. I know we were supposed to get Paranoia, Uber Jason, and Grendel, but what else? The findable photos? That's it? Just those four things and maybe the cruise ship from part 8?
  2. If I remember correctly, there's a rights issue for Michael Myers just like there is for Jason. There's one copyright that includes the first five movies, then there's a copyright that includes 6, 7, 8, and both Zombieweens. I'm not sure how those rights work but I imagine it would be one of those things where Gun would have to bite the bullet and pick one or the other. I think Curse of Michael Myers would be an exception since it was in association with Anchor Bay while still being made by Dimension. So basically, we could either have a game where we can play as the first six versions of Michael Myers, or one where we could play as the Michael from H20, Resurrection, both Zombieweens, and likely Blumhouse. Personally, I would be fine if it was the latter because you could compensate for classic Michael by having a clean skin for the Zombieween since a clean version of the mask exists in that movie and was also used in very early promotional art before they went with the scarred version I would see it going one of two ways: Using Anchor Bay License- H1- . Weapon- Kitchen Knife . Alternate Skin- Bob disguise H2- . Weapon- Scalpel, Hammer . Alternate Skins- Blood Tears H4- . Weapon- Kitchen Knife; Metal Pipe . Alternate Skins- Bandaged H5- . Weapon- Scythe; Pitchfork . Alternate Skins- Car Disguise H6- . Weapon- Machete Dimension Films License H20- . Weapon- Kitchen Knife . Alternate Skins- CGI Mask, H6 Mask H8- . Weapon- Kitchen Knife . Alternate Skins- Burned RZH1 . Weapon- Kitchen Knife; 2x4 . Alternate Skins- Clean, Escape RZH2 . Weapon- Bowie Knife . Alternate Skins- Exposed (Hobo Myers, half mask) I feel like Blumhouse Myers would be in a weird spot where they could use it with either scenario. I'd say he'd just have a regular knife or maybe even a hammer. I'd imagine weapon swapping would be a thing from the get go. Another thought I had was since Michael from the neck down is practically identical in every movie, you could probably just make Michael's customization options more unique and like a Tony Hawk or Rockstar type customization (within reason) and just have it so Michael has pairs of clothes he can choose from, and you can pick a mask to go with it. Kinda like this- Outfits- Black Coveralls Spruce Green Coveralls Dark Brown Coveralls Escape Outfit Hospital Gown Masks- H1 H2 H2 (blood tears) Ben Tramer H4 Bandages H5 H5 (disguise) H6 H20 H20 (CGI variant) H8 H8 (burned) RZH1 RZH1 (clean) Escape mask RZH2 RZH2 (damaged mask with exposed face) Blumhouse Blumhouse (battle damaged) Scars/Damage (can turn on or off or mix and match) Blindness (one eye is blinded from coat hanger) Neck scar 3rd degree burns (from hospital fire, would be on hands and neck bullet holes missing fingers (from Laurie's shotgun wound) skull damage (from the bullet at the end of RZH1 Cosmetics: Short Hair (from H1 unmasking) Aged/Buzzed (buzzed grey hair from Blumhouse movie) Medium Hair (from H5 unmasking) Long Hair (from RZH1) Manged Hair- long hair, but more curly and unkempt from RZH2 Bald - a lot of people wouldn't like this but it would make sense if you wanted to role play as a Michael that maintained his burn damage from the hospital explosion Clean Shaven Beard Head- Head 1- Tony Moran Head 2- Don Shanks Head 3- Tyler Mane Head 4- James Courtney It would be controversial to some, but I think having the possibility to play as an unmasked Michael would be cool.
  3. To me, IPAs taste like grapefruit juice and smell like cat pee
  4. I doubt it would ever happen, but I'd love for all the big name slashers to start over as a universe building thing where they're all inter connected and owned by the same company. Something like this, maybe. I didn't take time to make up titles, just put character names and then a number to represent a sequel. Michael 1 Jason 1 Michael 2 Freddy 1 Pinhead 1 Horror Team Up Movie Michael 2 Jason 2 Chucky 1 Freddy 2 Pinhead 2 Horror Team Up Movie Ash 1 you get the idea
  5. Any time I see people make a fairly well efforted fan production of a Michael vs Jason, it normally has Michael and Jason beating each other to a pulp until they reach a stale mate. This then leads to Jason rebuilding stamina faster than Michael, and then killing him at the last second in a pretty brutal way. This is how I see a real Michael vs Jason going. Even though I prefer Michael Myers by a long shot, Jason is by far more powerful in every incarnation. The only incarnation I can see Michael actually killing is human Jason from the first four movies, or copycat Roy Burns. Human Jason vs Human Myers- Michael wins Zombie Jason vs Human Myers- Jason wins Human Jason vs Curse of Thorn Myers- Michael wins Zombie Jason vs Rob Zombie Myers- Jason wins Human Jason vs Rob Zombie Myers- Michael wins Zombie Jason vs H20 Myers (athletic)- Jason wins Human Jason vs H20 Myers (athletic)- Tie Blumhouse Myers vs Human Jason- Michael wins Reboot Jason vs Rob Zombie Myers- Jason wins Uber Jason vs Human Myers- Jason wins Uber Jason vs Curse of Thorn Myers- Jason wins Uber Jason vs H20 Myers (athletic)- Jason wins Uber Jason vs Rob Zombie Myers- Jason wins Score: Jason- 9 Michael- 5
  6. So I started drinking again, then quit, then started again, then quit again and am going to try to make it a permanent quit since I can't seem to stop at just a few anymore. In this venture, I've tried quite a few new beers. Most of them were insanely disappointing. I think in all, I've tried about twenty or so different beers. To make a long story short, here's a list of the ones I liked a lot. Budweiser Coors Banquet Dos Equis Lager (either kind) Rolling Rock Extra Pale Ale Sam Adams October Fest That's it. Oh, and I hate IPAs. With a passion. I wasted about twenty dollars trying two six packs of IPAs. Made me sick as a dog.
  7. Reboot Jason Weapon: Bow and Arrow What would make this Jason unique is his weapon counts for both his amount of throwing knives as well as his normal melee weapon. Every match you get four arrows that you can shoot at players that wound them the same way throwing knives do. You can also do grab kills which involve using the arrows themselves as stabbing weapons. This Jason would have two skins. The only difference between them would be one is with the corn sack and one is with the hockey mask.
  8. From worst to best for me personally: Rob Zombie's Halloween II- 5/10 Halloween 5- 5.5/10 Halloween: Resurrection- 6/10 Halloween 6- 6.5/10 Halloween H20- 7/10 Halloween 3- 7.5/10 Halloween 4- 8/10 Rob Zombie's Halloween- 8.5/10 Halloween II- 9/10 Halloween 2018- 9.5/10 John Carpenter's Halloween- 10/10
  9. I don't like 2 as much. Idk why but I like the half brother twist of 3
  10. What if you were able to release everything except Grendel? I'm sure most people wouldn't care as long as they still had Uber and the kill packs. That alone would be a good enough send off to satisfy most people
  11. I always went back and forth between Part 2 and Roy Burns. Part 2 had the most traps and Part 5 was just the best overall imo, which is ironic because it was a copycat
  12. can you do one where Adam has a Misfits Friday the 13th shirt and another one where Adam is getting killed with an Alice Cooper shirt on?
  13. how did you give AJ the motley crue shirt? I tried to do something like that with Adam but only in paint. It looked pretty cool but I would have no idea how to put it into the real game
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