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  1. Immersion never left me it's fine and dandy. The idea is splendid to implement, I would give this a go with the handicap.
  2. Feedback on the 10/25/2017 Patch

    The visual aid for this thread is stunning. You're artistically creative. I agree with some of the suggestions you provided. A fun thread, and informative.
  3. How would the alerting work out would it bring sound waves to Jason?.
  4. If anyone could spread the word for this poll that would be splendid. You have my future gratitude
  5. I agree they deserve a swimsuit, and a costume. Maybe next summer they will, and Halloween. If they did the inclusion for them of being a part of the DLC's we bought, and as free then props to them.
  6. Thanks for the clarification, and if it wasn't for you. My new polls wouldn't have existed lol XD.
  7. New Polls Have Opened On This Thread Please Vote. Ideas for the bonuses are welcomed.
  8. Does the radio increase stamina charging when in close proximity or is that a perk? This could factor in my new idea. The sense avoidance isn't a bad idea to give to all in proximity of it. I'll add a poll to a preferable meta for this item. I'll give you the honor in the poll with the sense of avoidance idea as one of the perk of this item
  9. If you are active on this idea to make this game a safe haven to glitching here is my idea to be ready to crack down these bugs that mess up the fun in the game. Report it on http://www.jasonkillsbugs.com/ Best Place To Be Assured A Response Tips: Give Video Evidence, Try To Always Record, and Delete when you didn't encounter a glitch. You will get a better experience certainly from the developers who showed great commitment to responding to us. It will be like swatting a fly, and getting patched with a new update. The Goal: No Glitch Is Possible
  10. Added Item: The Chemlight The chemlight are added that can be used to reduce fear which can have a radius splash effect for one use to all counselors in one area to calm down in fear for instance traps are set on the ground and so will the chemlight act alike in comparison. Lasting Time Effect Of This Item: Is Determined By Developers Variety: Have the basic colors for each chemlight that spawns in dressers,etc.
  11. Some of these responses are exaggerated. Jason still can get 8/8 kills i'm the evident proof of that and I won against all counselors in these instances, trying to kill me, escaping by car, escaping by boat, escaping by police. Only thing that is so wrong is the traps being nerfed. Please don't revert back to the old grab that was the problem to begin with. Thick skin to get fixed is a must too. There's nothing wrong with the patch of Jason grab dare I say delusional on your experience, and ignoring something more important.
  12. Exclusively Signed Only For The Trap Debuff To Be Reverted *Key Thing Freedom The player is drawn to a video game to do what the developers give them, and this aspect gets refined with the polish illusion of freedom to do what you want. Setting traps on numbers more than 1 was handy for certain players. Now that freedom got ditched with the traps. I disagree with the grab being reverted, and brought back.
  13. First accumulate new long roads to escape with the car with this in mind would create a new map and the community will give it a name of some sort. Have gas stations near it, and pumped that sucka nozzle in the car trying to escape Jason when you ran out of gas. Don't add this mechanic on the other maps just make it exclusive for the new map. Terrible idea when the other maps are too short you wouldn't ran out of gas lol.