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  1. I don't agree with any of what op said. Also the idea I quoted wasn't from op it came from a reply. I'm open to this change from this quote. It would stop the ganging up on Jason. I don't grab when i'm near counselors I slash instead to make them stop running. Also sometimes when you try to save a counselor your hit doesn't get detected sometimes, and Jason gets the kill. Hit detection is bad in this game.
  2. I want to level up every match I do. It feels like I have to do 5 matches to level up, and that equates to like one hour per level. Double Exp event should give you two levels per match instead of 1. There's a incentive to level up fast. You have the cool bloody skins around the 100's level range, and weapon swap. I never seen someone that have address about the problem of slow progression to level up, and had reached the development team to consider faster progression. So here I am.
  3. I feel your pain brother. The updates have a pattern by fixing stuff, and creating new bugs. I think I should just wait for 1-2 years, and see if the game IS flawless without bugs.
  4. I was excited for the update, and that these bugs were going to be fixed and not create new ones, and I was wrong. A new bug have came about, and many consumers are complaining about the suicide bug when you escaped by car. IIIfonic you love to create new bugs when you update the game. I see a pattern with these updates you fix a couple of things, and a new bug appears. I hope this update wasn't rushed without any play-testing. Twitter Bug Complaint
  5. Thank you. I mean't I want the pc port on consoles. Dedicated servers from that port. The console version is inferior :(.
  6. I don't own a Xbox. I'm on Playstation they only selling Xbox codes on e-bay.
  7. This game sucks on consoles. IIIfonic been neglecting the console version, and giving more affection to the pc version.
  8. $10 or $15 I would pay. Also if Savini Jason was purchase-able I would pay $10 for that also.
  9. Hand out Savini Jason either free or dlc. So many updates yet always creating new bugs. When will you get a update right, and not break the game more further?. Does IIIfonic have play testers? because surely they need some. I'm surprise people still play this game, and I still play it. The consoles port is inferior to the pc. I hate when the host leaves, and it ends the game. IIIfonic is a great dev team, but this can't be their ideal game they want. The game been out for a year, and giving Savini Jason would be marvelous.
  10. I don't have the footage. I don't normally record my games. Since my internet isn't that good for uploading sadly lol. I live in a small town so yeah the internet sucks over here.
  11. I was going to deliver the keys at the car, and leave it there. Then I saw the car battery and gas done on the map. I went over there with my keys and started with the engine, and I saw an Eric waiting at the passenger seat. Maybe the AJ who I ran over had keys too, and I took their car. Maybe they took revenge on me LOL
  12. It was a two seater with an eric waiting at the passenger seat, and we take off. Then a AJ trolled me out of my experience points. Rip -1000 xp. I didn't know you counselors could troll me, and make me lose experience points. Well damn that counselor for getting in my way the AJ looked like a deer stunned in the headlights. It was funny too.
  13. Yes allow it. I don't care if you buy for max level. I level without paying, and it doesn't bother me. It's not disrespectful to the players who earn their levels lol. Even mmo's do it I've heard of friends buying max level for their friends. If you feel disrespected you are being petty to those who work, and can't put in hours such as you. Also there are people who are lazy to level too.
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