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  1. I do this too. You actually can get them real close to one another but not directly on top. Trap one is you physically walk into phone box and drop trap. Then step back, turn around, and take baby steps until you can place number two. Often they will get for two and then number one but those that go for number one often them immediately get number two as its right there and the slight stepping back motion (to kneel) to take off trap puts them right beside kill zone for trap two. All they have to do is move a little bit that direction and they're caught by two. Activated traps (or those disarmed vis pocket knives) do not affect where you can place traps. Several times I've had the murder effect from a counselor setting both off, one then the second (generally when I have morphed in and they initiate the oh crap he's here go-go-go). 2 traps for phone, 2 for 4-door, and one in reserve for when a trap goes away. On a small map if someone does the find a car part real quick then 1 on 4-door and one on 2-door. 8 people can escape using phone 4 people can using 4-door only 2 via boat or 2-door so its a monitor as I can. You would be amazed at the battle royale kills you can get from them all gathering and trying to escape with the un-trapped car then you pop in to enjoy lots of kills (yes and lots of stuns... but since they are all together chop away my friends).
  2. This. The bat is effective but a one shot weapon especially if you miss once or hit something other than Jason once doing the melee dance. I prefer the skillet over the wrench. More durability. Wider weapon, just as long and has same stun probability.
  3. Everyone who thinks the 20 minutes and you're dead.... 1) It's there to make Jason work. Else Jason can just do nothing near end of the match and win. 2) Encourages counselors to try and survive to the last (if their options for escape are kaput then they'll just leave) I.E. Car smashed, boat gone - He's sitting on the phone. 3. The timer is there as the invisible walls are there. I.E. In real life you'd pick a direction and get out of dodge. But to play a viable game there has to be boundaries. Thus, because you have invisible walls, you need a timer to counterbalance. No timer - then no walls.
  4. I'm not trying to shoot you down but you need to take into account human's vastly superior vision and senses versus the computer monitor (i.e. game's angle and range) as well as hearing. 1. OK - If there are no eyes in the back of your head so you don't see music, Jason shouldn't see little while circles on his map or game either. 2. Human Peripheral Range is around 200-220 degrees. If you practice and work on it that can be increased unless you have enophthalmos. As well as with the eyes being able to traverse left and right (not the moving the character moving left and right, within fractions of a second your peripheral vision can be in your direct/indirect cone - i.e. clearly. Thus, the game must give you clues so you are not blind with only the very limited forward angle a monitor gives you. 3. Hearing. Like of or not, people make noise. Walking and breathing. Many of Jason's movie kills are people otherwise occupied (Getting busy, listening to music/headphones, talking, etc, etc). Larger people sound different than lighter people when walking, as well as shoe sounds. Like it or not people will hear him behind them and react (i.e. fight or flight) There is a reason why in military units the boots are always standardized. There is always the rare chance you hear someone walking/shuffling/stepping on something and the sound it makes can de distinctive. I.E. Friend or Foe. None of the counselors are wearing boots from what I remember so if they change outside walking sounds to shoes and boots great. They will be similar but noticeable over time and when you can listen. If you just hear a step and run, safe but goes to what you are looking for. Jason, being the big boy he is, will still stomp on wooden floors as he does as that sound is more the wood taking the heavy weight. If you take away counselors mini-map (which is the sum of your nearby senses giving you information, then do the same to Jason. He doesn't have RADAR or SONAR in any of the movies. The mini-map as nothing to do with the layout of the camp, it has to do with your short range perceptions. Maybe they can tweak the distance.
  5. I love this poll. It isn't a "Do you think Jason is scary Y/N" poll, or "does Jason need to be scarier Y/N" - it is "agree with underlying goal of the poll, or choose this awful other option which is not a counter to the first" Gee. I'm sooo surprised with the results. Maybe, just maybe, kinda like the poll for the latest patch which is pinned you might not get the results you deeply wish for?
  6. Why am I NOT surprised you use the C word.
  7. Actually I strongly disagree. People in medical school starting to do inspections of the bodies, or people who in police work understand they are going to a fatal car crash has little effect on visceral reaction they get to actually seeing it.
  8. Look at some of the video's - the length was around 6-8 feet (length of long rug in Higgins). Actually, if you stretch your arms out and measure from fingertip to fingertip is , on average, your height plus a inch. If Jason is seven feet his total arm span is 7'1" or 85 inches. A single arm going forward would be 1/2 of that minus his should to shoulder torso. Base roughly 1/3. 28" or 2 feet 4 inches. Granted arms a little longer than torso so we'll add thee inches. 31" or Two feet seven inches. HuDawg: Leaning forward gives you a foot max. In that case the grab should take place at the end of the move forward and not at button press as someone might not be at the apex of the grab/move forward. Try it, do what he does which is a slight lean going forward. If you want a full lunge grab, then what is at end of lunge gets grabbed, give me a tenth of a second to not be there. Otherwise we end up like before him grabbing at ridiculous lengths, through shelves, etc. Yes, stating Jason's grab is 100' is inaccurate and was grossly misstating the issue to support their point. But it goes both ways for all the "Jason is ruined" and "everyone escapes every time!" crud I see all over here now. Making a mountain out of a molehill is s.o.p around here.
  9. I cannot reconcile what I experience versus what you are feeling. 1) I have seen it, as well as the people crossing or wandering the wilds in matches and get killed and everyone spends rest of the match waiting to die still searching cabins to find a needed item. Prior to this patch total counselor party kill seemed to be the normal. Can they do it differently? Sure. But wandering around for 10 minutes with no hope is not an ideal player experience because someone dropped (voluntarily or involuntarily) an item in the middle of the woods never to be seen again. 2) I am not seeing a difference in either the "looting" or "exploring" phases. I hear people ask for where things are (anyone seen X, which house is phone house, etc). 3) Teamwork still happens and yes self centered people still act self centered. Not a big change. Maybe minor one. 4) Keyword "Ruined" Not degraded. Not modified. Ruined. That says it all about your viewpoint. How dare counselors survive and how dare it not be an exercise in killing them. Instead of seeing that its 8 people playing a game and the seven aren't there just to be fodder for someone's needing superiority. I am still seeing routinely 6-8. With a bad Jason yes the escapes go way up but I am still seeing and doing most/all counselors dead per match. 5) This is extrapolating from your previous point. Once again, anyone who disagrees with you is... "like the power fantasy of free wins.. don't like difficult things, so love spoon fed pile of baby food". I'm sorry but the feedback poll on the forum stickied/pinned seems to disagree with you unless you claim close to 50% of the forum visitors are crybabies who want free wins. Though I'd say many of the people screaming loudest are those, I suspect, who feel entitled to 8/8 kills when Jason just because that what they feel should happen every time. I sincerely hope they publish some averages. Average number of Jason kills (say for level 30+ jasons). Average number of escapees (same parameter). BTW - I've always preferred playing counselors as a) more cat and mouse b - they are the underdogs
  10. Shhhhh! You have to keep the narrative here. Here he's portrayed as an unstoppable killer who should never die or get wounded or even delayed.
  11. Still happening post patch? The stronger Jason's side is, the more alluring for those who want to either play the OP side, or for other psychological reasons like playing the near-unstoppable side.
  12. Comments embedded. Some I really see the value of, others could really get ugly when the law of unintended consequences shows up.
  13. I wish they reverted back to getting people with similar pings together. Now it is two ping, 2-3 medium, and always some out of the region very high pings.
  14. Might as well talk to the walls man. Instead of a few tweaks for balance it was a laundry list of 15 items, 13 of which are heavy Jason favoring with two neutral. He wants a game of "easy button" and no one can even escape because he needs to feel like Da Man. Of course he wants 30 minute games so he can milk as much superiority of each and every match he comes across. He's essentially calling for auto-kill or hair's breath from death traps. More melee damage for Jason (three hits is too much.. too much! needs to be one hit only!!!) Better grab (ok.. can see some very close range tweaking of grab) Agree on the reverting windows, worked beter before or make it both ways - they cant hit you through window either when you're Jason. Wants Rage faster (those doors shouldn't stop Supah Jason!) Wants fear amped so you can't get stamina back or see your map (because chasing people is just unfun as Jason and they need to just fall down so I may get muh killz) Wants one of the three escape options "reworked" He wants a you can't stun me button where if you stun him he wants an auto-grab or kill because how dare you knock him down. He wants to smash the rear window or back bumper as those are part of the internal combustion engine obviously and car can't run if you smash the trunk. The counselors are staying there and cant tell which car is which but Jason should be able to. Going along with his fear amping, you're not allowed to see Jason on minimap/... he doesn't even want to you somewhat aware he's there as you might run and that is obviously not allowed at all or ever. People freaking when they see Jason (maybe range modification?) but no, he wants them to suddenly not react if he's in game existence only stalk mode. and perks... Not one modification. not a few tweaks.. but a laundry list of 15 things (I want total party kills each and every time because I am Da Jason!)
  15. Balance is a pendulum. You make tweaks that have expected, and unexpected effects. Ergo: Law of unintended consequences. I respectfully disagree with your statement of pre-current-patch that you escaped "with no problems" pre-patch. My experience was I was routinely killing everyone or part of everyone getting slaughtered with occasional exceptions. But let's take your and my anecdotal arguments away from the equation and see what the other issues that were big in August and September (pre-patch). The biggest issue everyone screamed about was the fact that players were quitting mid-kill denying Jason the points. OK. Taking away ridiculous argument (they're ALL of X attitude or opinion), it was happening more and more. As well as the occurrence of Jason only players (who only want to play the favored side) quitting right at the start as soon as they see who Jason is. Now, do those issues that were occurring favor your argument that playing a counselor was too easy pre-patch or mine that total wipeouts were the norm. I trust the developers to review their game's data and make decisions based upon how games are going. The averages, what is happening and when, and try to ascertain why. I trust their judgment that they don't make blind guesses but utilize data more than I trust your anecdotal evidence, or mine for that fact. Like it or not player populations were dropping. Fact - just look at steam numbers over time. Fact - player quitting and malaise were occurring more and more. Fact - It was quite the norm to get a player dropping out because they weren't Jason. I.E. The balance was off for a multi-player game where 90% of the time you're supposed to play the one side. Your entire argument makes assumption over crying about this perk or everyone uses that perk. I cried about no perk. I don't use the medic perk. With my style I try and do different things. I do not think YOU understand game balance at all. The game has to be balanced for the most often play style. Which is random folks in quick play. Like it or not that's the way it works. You can't tweak your product for 10% of your consumer base. You tweak the product so the majority of gameplay and modes. "Jason will be fixed and he will dominate all you counselors " I suspect this gives away your entire motivation. Playing the superior side and lording it over the other side whom you dominate. Your words. For game balance and basic physiological reinforcement, on average, 1.66 (or so) people should escape - on average mind you. Sometimes zero. Sometimes 3-4 (so your average gets to the over one figure). Why? If your average is less than zero that means you go in expecting to lose and having little chance of winning in a game where you are supposed to play the counselors side around 80-90% of the time. Are there things that need tweaking? Yes indeed. Am I sorry that many people feel every game needs to be an 8/8 slaughter fest and how dare people escape? NOPE. Unrealistic expectation by many that the game should, on average, be a total party kill every time. Sure, I hope they fix windows and doors where they can hit Jason, but Jason can't hit them. Sure the grab really up close hit detection needs work. It's a pendulum. Constantly going back and forth. I personally would favor body markers and not item markers. (or mini-map markers) but likely mini-map marker only is far harder to do as mini-map is tied to main map. In the games I played last night no one lived. Period. When I was Jason and as a counselor. Anecdotal - sure! But, I'm sure the developers aren't going by anecdotal evidence when making decisions. As too many factors go into what happens in a specific game or small subset of games to make a broader declaration. The only people who can see the big picture are those with access to the big picture data. The Devs. Blonde responded below in a huge spiel about casuals and other games that are multi-player so instead of quoting him again I decided but amend: "To cater to those group of players and mass casuals" Step right up folks - if you play quick play yur one of them there mass casuals! "you make easier separate modes, or different game modes that do not affect the actual meat, potatoes, and bulk of the game" You do realize we have one game mode now, with 7 different maps. Only difference is public versus private. Same game. "Because the developers cater to how good the game is at a higher level once the player gets GOOD and reaches that level through more experience in the game." I never said you don't balance on level or have that as a factor. You did to create a straw man. "it would still completely drop and die quickly with your patch practice of "appeasing" the temporary casuals and ignoring the hardcore fan base that lives and breathes hours into your game" Yep, wanting the only mode we have to have some logical balance is catering to those horrible casual type people we keep to ignore. Do you know why games like DotA, Leage of Legends, Counter Strike, etc. etc. are the most POPULAR and SUCCESSFUL multiplayer games for the past decade straight?" You do realize saying because they are multi-player games that have completely different base structures so we must behave like them is like me saying Mario-kart should be a good benchmark because it is a multi-player game.