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  1. They do slightly glisten when standing outside but not once they go indoors. There are also no clouds in the sky so screw logic.
  2. Pretty sure there's already a post on this, the three faces you posted + Mitch look fine, everyone else looks significantly worse. Namely Tiffany, Jenny and Buggzy.
  3. No, there's not. When I first began playing the game I refused to play any other Jason than Part 3 out of fear that I'd never be able to catch anyone. Eventually I let a buddy of mine talk me into using Part 8 (the best Jason, in my opinion) ever since then I've never used Part 2 or 3 solely out of the fact that they can run. It honestly doesn't make a difference, it's only a tad bit faster and if you're pursuing a counselor out of stamina then you'll get there just about as quickly. Most kills as Jason, for me, are shift kills, so running doesn't benefit my play style.
  4. I too do it all the time, especially once I hit 101 as I'm not concerned with escaping anymore. However, when I was around level 50 or so, two other people and I were trying to call the cops, I repaired the phone box but accidentally messed up once and alerted Jason. As one person ran upstairs (on Higgins Haven main house) to call the police Jason headed for the phone box, naturally. Realizing there was no way he'd get the call off and everyone would be doomed (friend of mine was Jason and he's quite efficient, so you rarely get chances) I decided to bolt for the box and simply stand in front of it so he couldn't hit it, he wouldn't grab me because he thought I had a pocket knife (didn't) and just started wailing on me (this was when thick skin was like 40%) After the 3rd or 4th hit the cops were successfully called and I ran off after healing myself and proceeded to keep Jason busy for the next 5 minutes so everyone could escape, then subsequently died. Unfortunately I don't see other people do it much, so I had to use my own story.
  5. Has worked for me every time, just did it last night.
  6. Nah, been 101 for about 2 months now.
  7. See ole Pamalama Ding Dong has a tendency to overreact, so she just yells at you that someone is in your cabin...then she'll do it EVERY time they walk in your cabin. It's usually because she's upset someone is grabbing her sweater, but it's typically a small nuisance...just go and deal with the petulant teenager so she'll shutup.
  8. Depends on what character I'm grabbing, if it's a Tiffany or Chad then I know I have time to find something close by, but if it's Jenny then you're getting your shit wrecked immediately, sorry.
  9. My exact setup with her, and I'd have to agree with this being my highest winning setup.
  10. You're supposed to hover over the casual outfit of the counselor then press Y then A immediately, if it gives you a casual outfit then tap B and do it again until you get a spring break outfit.
  11. There's honestly not a better character to survive the night with, in my honest opinion.
  12. I honestly don't understand why so many people are perplexed by her usefulness. Tiffany is a runner, she's the character that, with a good coordinated group of counselors, goes out and looks for the parts because she can do so silently and quickly. Tiffany is also one of the most annoying characters to chase down if a player uses her correctly while evading Jason. I use Tiffany when the group I play with is all running high repair characters so I can grab parts for them and run back across the map, lose Jason on the process, and drop the part where it needs to be. The REAL question is what use is Vanessa? She's extremely useless, low composure and stealth? Terrible, 2/10 repair, luck isn't high enough to really change anything. The only thing she is good for is being a distraction with her high stamina, speed and extremely loud footsteps.
  13. Oh I know it would be awful, I'm contributing to the topic at hand.
  14. I've said it from the beginning, it needs thunderstorms, rain, crickets chirping, twigs breaking in the woods, all kinds of stuff that is just basic level ideas really.
  15. F13 barely works for F13, don't see cross play happening with this game being as unstable as a mental patient.