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  1. The last match I played as Jason was a frustrating affair. I main Part 4 and the map was Jarvis House. I morph to the phone house and after placing a trap at the fusebox and knocking out the doors and windows, find that 4-5 counselors have all decided to go for the phone! 3 were Vanessa, a Jenny,and a Deborah. I pretty much wound up playing defense, defending the phone and preventing them from getting it fixed. I must have worn a path around that house from all the running those Vanessa's made me do. After managing to kill them all (including one who came back as Tommy), I go look for the last two, an Adam and Tiffany. This is the only time I venture away from the phone house. I finally track them down and see they're making their way down to the phone house now! A few minutes (and a two minute warning) later, I finally kill them both. Never have I seen so many bodies strewn around one cabin. I was honestly more proud of the fact that they never did get that fuse put in. A very hard-earned 8/8 and a reminder of how much harder it is to play as Jason right now.
  2. It's kind of paradoxical for me because on a daily basis I work with a lot of idiots and deal with dumb shit all day where I work. When I come home, I still feel angry from my day and a good way to relieve said stress is to *in best Liam Neeson voice* "kill some fucking counselors" Now imagine, to my dismay, how much angrier I become when I can't even blow off steam and enjoy a game that I had looked so very forward to for months and it has now arrived at a stage where I wonder if I'm even gonna make it through a match without host quitting or connection timeout. Seriously, *in Liam Neeson voice again* get your fucking shit together and fix this bloody game!"
  3. Slashing with P4 has been helping me through this rough patch with the grab nerf. Usually (and this pre-dates the nerf) once I slash one or two counselors to death, the rest of the lobby learns I'm not fucking around and stop trying to gang up on me.
  4. Too late to make a push to have Lemmy added as a counselor? Nothing would give me more joy than to be able to escape Crystal Lake in the 4 seater as Lemmy with 3 female counselors and to drive past Jason and flip him the bird via emote while Ace of Spades blasts from the radio.
  5. Motorhead would also be sweet.
  6. "Seek and Destroy" - Metallica A death in a hiding spot shows up as "Seek and Destroyed" in the scoreboard, so why not? "Creeping Death" would be another good one.
  7. Is the problem isolated to one platform or is it happening across the board?
  8. Yes, Packanack Small is what I was referring to. The fireplace shotgun is on the Large map now? That I did not know. I was just wanting to mention the 3rd shotgun on the Pack Small map in case others weren't aware of it (I didn't know about it until recently myself as I never wandered down to that part of the map).
  9. Sometimes 2 additional shotguns spawn on this map. There is the archery range at the bottom of the map that will spawn sometimes and there is always a shotgun lying on the barrel there. If somebody calls Tommy, then you're looking at Jason getting lit up 4 times by the shotgun in one game, which is just bullshit if you're Jason. Very solid and thorough list overall, OP
  10. First, love your username (The Thing is my favorite movie of all time) and in true Mac fashion, you should have said in regards to Savini, "All right, cut the bullshit!" Back on topic, I agree to an extent. Part 6 only should get a slight boost to his walking speed. He was a speed-walking mofo in that movie. I also think Part 4 should run a tad bit faster than 2 and 3 since he did sprint.
  11. I am still hoping for an abandoned Crystal Lake map. Crumbling cabins and the campgrounds overrun by vegetation and wildlife. Include rain and fog to up the creepy factor. They could even make it where the generators are all down at the start of the match and counselors have to get them up and running before they can attempt to call Tommy or the police. This would be one kick-ass map IMO. Fingers crossed.
  12. I understand the benefits just fine. All I was doing was taking the piss haha.
  13. Yeah, that random-ass pile of leaves inside a cabin should raise ZERO concerns for counselors...
  14. Whoops, I rechecked their stats and see that I was mistaken. Thought Part 9 had a +Sense like Part 6, but it was +Stalk. I was going based strictly on their abilities, excluding the traps and throwing knives. Part 9 still comes out looking better based on that alone, not having any negatives on abilities, but he isn't as similar to Part 6 like I originally thought.