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  1. Played a few hours last night. Died a lot and had a Jason getting sucked into the eternal void below his shack. In other words, a normal night on F13.
  2. I would love to see that kill too. Maybe it could be a kill exclusive to P6 if counselors try to teabag him Imagine their horror when you reach up suddenly and back break the shit out of them!
  3. Oh good god, take this stupid shit somewhere else. Can a mod please mercy kill this thread?
  4. Congrats! Welcome to the club! Here's a Tiff booty as a show of appreciation
  5. *calls waiter over to table* "Excuse me, but there is just entirely TOO MUCH salt in this thread! Please bring me the bill." *calls Uber* "Driver, take me off this thread, please..."
  6. I might as well save mine since it seems like I'll never roll an Epic Thick Skin
  7. How about the P3 disco theme for the radio or a final showdown once it's just you and Jason?
  8. Had this very thing happen to me on Saturday. Played a QP on Packanack and kept grabbing counselors near the 4 seater up in the northeast camp (name evades me ATM) and had plenty of room to do the kills, but none would light up. Only happened for a few minutes before stopping. I could do everything else.
  9. I am very excited for all the new goodies to drop! P.S. Any chance we'll ever get the P3 disco theme in the game?
  10. The Pam and Tommy tape is online, not hard to find...oh wait, wrong tape
  11. Since we're hurling some out there ideas for grab kills, let me pitch one in for shits and giggles: You can only use each of the 4 grab kills you start a match with ONCE. They become greyed out after a use. The intended outcome here would be to get Jason players to alternate between grabs and environmental kills instead of spamming grabs all the time. Would give the game more of a movie feel since Jason always killed his victims differently.
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