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  1. Hey, What's up Gang! I just discovered this forum when checking out the new updated website for the game. I'm so excited to be part of the F13 community. I'm a backer who is in love with this game. I remember coming across this campaign years back and being so excited about a Friday the 13th game made by people who are real fans!!! My girlfriend thought I was foolish for donating money but now seeing that the game actually got made and how much of a hit it is make me so glad I did. I play the game almost everyday now and have met and made so many new friends from playing public matches.
  2. I agree, I feel sometime when I play as parts runner for my group my role get under appreciated with the XP reward at the end. When finding key parts and getting them to right place quickly is a huge part to a successful escape.
  3. I feel that players should be rewarded more for their high level! We should be rewarded something more for all the hard work grinding to level 101 like unlocking the ability to use 4 perks instead of 3 or something like a new ability for when you play as Jason. I did enjoy unlocking new jackets for Adam but for the most part a lot of the outfits I unlocked look similar to older clothes. For example, I got so disappointed when I reached a high level in the 90s and find out the new counselor outfit I unlocked would look similar to what I unlock at level 20 or something. In other games I play online it would reward players with new guns or something like better moves and ability the higher level you are to give you more of a edge over lower level players. I just think it would be awesome if F13 could apply something like that to the game.
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