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  1. okcrazy10

    Part 7 Jason Adjustments

    I agree and negative traps is a bummer too still
  2. okcrazy10

    Most cruel thing youve done to a teammate

    I was in 4 seater with a friend and drove up to two people honked and than when they ran towards car I ran them over lol. No idea why just for fun on my other account
  3. okcrazy10

    Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    What about the invisible window barrier counselors get? Is that not being fixed this time
  4. okcrazy10


    Patch Notes have been released now though
  5. I use Sucker Punch Perk with Swift Attack Perk and I've knocked Jason on his back quite a few times. It's helped many times for me.
  6. Yeah I had a match where there was 7 pocket knives I found 4 and two others had 3. It was ridiculous there should only be two knives max.
  7. okcrazy10

    start saving up?

    LOL I would totally pay the $5.99 if they really had that lol and AAA
  8. okcrazy10

    Questionable Jason Strategies

    Well I did mop the floor twice last night playing so why I thought maybe you were in lobby or spectating. I should be on later today
  9. okcrazy10

    Questionable Jason Strategies

    When did you watch me the other night? I didn't know you were in the lobby
  10. Plus her orange shoes with the Skeleton costume. I think the guys have better dance moves though lol.
  11. Well than lol my gamer tag is okcrazy10 but I don't have room for too many more friends
  12. But how will I be able to join if it's exclusively for Xbox I play on PS4
  13. What exactly is this community or whatever? I play on PS4
  14. LOL that made me chuckle probably some truth to it too.