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  1. I just wish they played more on a loop seems like they stop after a bit.
  2. I agree and negative traps is a bummer too still
  3. I was in 4 seater with a friend and drove up to two people honked and than when they ran towards car I ran them over lol. No idea why just for fun on my other account
  4. What about the invisible window barrier counselors get? Is that not being fixed this time
  5. I use Sucker Punch Perk with Swift Attack Perk and I've knocked Jason on his back quite a few times. It's helped many times for me.
  6. Yeah I had a match where there was 7 pocket knives I found 4 and two others had 3. It was ridiculous there should only be two knives max.
  7. LOL I would totally pay the $5.99 if they really had that lol and AAA
  8. Well I did mop the floor twice last night playing so why I thought maybe you were in lobby or spectating. I should be on later today
  9. When did you watch me the other night? I didn't know you were in the lobby
  10. Plus her orange shoes with the Skeleton costume. I think the guys have better dance moves though lol.
  11. Well than lol my gamer tag is okcrazy10 but I don't have room for too many more friends
  12. But how will I be able to join if it's exclusively for Xbox I play on PS4
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