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  1. JasonSaves

    Hatchet trilogy. What's not to love?

    Love the Hatchet movies. Wife and I saw Victor Crowley in Philly during the tour. Those who have not seen VC will love the ending as a beloved character is set to make a return in Pt 5. Still waiting for the Victor skull I purchased to arrive but I heard they had problems with shipping.
  2. Well said! Why deal with the knife when you know it's coming, then coming again? Nothing wrong with this at all, period!
  3. JasonSaves

    Dance Party at the Cops

    This works wonders. I piss a lot of players off by slashing them to near death, then I grab and twist (their heads). If this counters three pocketknives, spray, and others ganging up on me so be it.
  4. JasonSaves

    Do you still play the game?

    Tried to play a few QP matches this afternoon as no one was on the PS4 community. Seven matches; two timed out in the first three minutes, five host quit. FUN!
  5. Mine came yesterday...it is what it is. Came with a folded up mini poster and a 1 inch sticker and magnet. Magnet looks cool on my fridge though.
  6. This blows. I come home from work, hang out with the wife, clean the house a bit then sit down to play....nothing.
  7. I've been on for an hour + and have only played one public match; empty lobbies and connection failures. It's 10:30pm on the east coast and the "Employment Agency" community is dead. Has it come to this? Regardless as to who is responsible, they have ruined what was a great game.
  8. JasonSaves

    Victor Crowley

    Saw VC last night in Philly. Funny, gory, lots of Easter eggs, and several surprises. Adam mentioned two scenes that will not make the released version but nothing that will take away from the movie. My wife and I had a great time!
  9. JasonSaves

    New map image

    The reboot is on Cinemax and this walking bridge is in it. They show it early on but it stuck out to me towards the end of the film right after Trent aka Chad gets impaled on Ralph's tow truck. The next scene Clay and his sister run across it.
  10. So far, so good. Played a few times last night on the smaller maps. Plenty of action.
  11. JasonSaves

    Jason nerfed

    Not sure what or how they did it. They were experienced players as they decided right from the bat that they wanted to defeat him that match. Two minutes in the cops were called and I was not close to the rest of the group. I was asked to, "escape or die" in order to distract the Jason. One player escaped and as I approached the exit the music was playing. I crouched for a few seconds and he morphed to the shack so I then escaped. When I switched to the other views is when I saw this.
  12. JasonSaves

    Jason nerfed

    Played a match tonight and three counselors had Jason pinned in his shack. While two of us escaped they waited for another player to cross the map with the sweater. Jason just sat stunned in the shack while they danced around him. They eventually defeated him but even the slow mo cut screen was a mess; players floating, etc. While I enjoyed the smaller maps things obviously need to be addressed.
  13. JasonSaves

    Victor Crowley

    I haven't read anything about her being in this one. I know Laura Ortiz is in it.
  14. JasonSaves

    Victor Crowley

    The 3rd film was such a let down so it can only go up from here. Can't wait!
  15. Joined the club a few minutes ago. Hope to be on during the week here and there but definitely will be on Friday and Saturday nights.