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  1. Yeah but come on 5xp? Need more than that
  2. I think it would be a good idea if there was something called "repair assist" in the game HOW IT WORKS: I pick up a part (for example the car battery) and I take it to the car. I then drop it for someone else to put in (which they put in successfully) The person who puts the part in obviously still gets the full xp but the person who dropped it off for them would get half the xp (I think you get 50xp for the repair so you would get 25xp for the "repair assist") WHY THIS SHOULD BE IN THE GAME: In my experience there have been plenty of times where I have been a character like Jenny and I have taken parts to the car or the boat and dropped them off for someone else to use to repair and I feel you should reward the person who helped get the part to the destination as well as the person who repaired the thing in need of a repair. Now to make it fair I don't think everyone who picked up the part prior to putting the part in should get xp (as this would cause people to exploit it) I think it should just be the last person to have had the part in hand before the person used the part to repair what was in need of a repair.
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