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  1. I'd be very interested in developing a Jason AI. Maybe I can do that in a mod...
  2. I ran into Tommy doing the drawer open/close thing repeatedly last night for the first time. I was shot with a shotgun for the first time ... but that still definitely needs increased.
  3. A lot of the player base are gamers that may like the franchise but are more into the competitive gaming aspect than they are wanting a F13 experience that is similar to the movies.
  4. I think we definitely need more video evidence of stupid behavior. That helps the devs a lot more IMO because they can see it happening.
  5. I'm on PC. I haven't seen them run around in circles yet. However I am also not playing competitively. If my goal was a challenge, then this wouldn't be something that I'd be interested in either, I'd stick to Dark Souls.
  6. Some stats from my games. I played on the crystal lake map (small) three matches last night and two the night before. I killed 33/40 in 5 matches. So seven got away. I haven't seen Tommy do the drawer glitch. I did kill him twice in a cabin though and he never used his shotgun on me. I've never had a counseler run under a bed with me standing in front of them though I have seen them run and hide while I was looking through a window. They seem to work ok together in getting the cars going, even with me trapping the cars. From a fight perspective I've gotten knocked around a bit but nothing that Jason couldnt' handle. What I'd like to see improved: * more team work. If they spawn in, have a chance where 2-3 of them will band up and go hunting after Jason like I see in multiplayer. Maybe make that "hard mode". (I"d have hard mode try to emulate more what the players do in game and leave easy and normal kind of how they work right now with a bit of tweaking to some of the behavior) * In hard mode, limit how many counselers will try to hide. In a multiplayer match I notice one or two maybe will try this tactic. * I've never had a female come at me with the sweater. I'd like to see that tweaked * When the cops are called I'd like to see the counselers more or less bee line to the cops. Right now I notice that after the cops are called the counselers will sometimes sit around or hide. Again this may be a hard mode only type deal. * I've never seen the boat repaired yet. * The counselers more or less operate by themselves. Even if I catch a couple grouped up, if I go for one the other just bolts and leaves their buddy to die. SOmetimes I think thats cool, but I'd like to see some more team work. If I grab one and another with a weapon is in the vicinity I'd like to see that other counseler use their weapon on me to make me drop their buddy. * Sometimes the counselers will not pay attention to their surroundings and just leap out of windows in front of me. I think if Jason is in line of sight out of the window that they'd abort that attempt and try to find a different escape route. All in all thank you for the effort.
  7. Start learning how to do software development. udemy.com is a great resource. My suggestion is to learn C#. Its marketable as a skill by itself outside of game development. The Unity graphics engine uses C#. If you want to learn Unreal, it uses C++, which udemy also has some good courses on. You can develop in either for free. Get a working copy of Visual Studio from Microsoft (free community download) and then pick your game engine and download it and then check out udemy. An excellent course on unreal AND learning some base C++ is https://www.udemy.com/unrealcourse/learn/v4/overview which is taught by a fellow named Ben Tristram who is an excellent teacher. I'd also recommend looking into Blender for modeling / graphics creation. All of those are disciplines in their own right. I am not so good on the modeling, I rely on others (asset stores) for my graphics. Right now my current two projects are a survival MMO style game set in a high fantasy world, and for work (that actually pays my bills) I'm working on a warehousing solution that uses Unity to render the warehouse and helps drive where to put things. We're implementing both AR and VR. Its a lot of fun... I get to use a video game engine that I'm familiar with and its for a business app. I started writing games in BASIC back in the late 80s and worked my way up into Direct X and then from there took the XNA route (which was managed C#) before going back to Direct X and finally Unity and Unreal development. I am an indie developer, so I get to pick what projects that I want to do instead of working for a game company where I do games I have no real emotional attachment to. I've done pro wrestling sims, I love strategy games that involve map movements and army movements, I've done side scrollers, and I've helped write engine frameworks and assets for other developers. I've also done some basic flight sims (we were redoing xwing) for a teaching course on graphics utilization and basic game design and theory (i teach on the side here and there for extra money) One of my last assets I wrote was a hex generator that overlay hexes over a map and implemented a base AI that helped pawns move from point to point picking the best route possible using a form of Traveling Salesman problem.
  8. And there we have it. It was used as a proof of concept and the dev team have also echoed what has been said a few times in this thread... that AI takes time no matter which route you go down. Now hopefully this topic can die and we can get on with better things to discuss, like the future of the game, and the future of the AI
  9. If you say so. You haven't proven anything wrong. You gave a marketing blurb on an asset package and then are trying to use that as some kind of proof. I've been doing the shit for over 20 years. When you can show a product at the level this game is at that has used that package and got it implemented in less time, you'll have some kind of measurable proof. Or some project you yourself have implemented it in. Proof is measurable. Not a blurb that you picked up on the internet. Until then you're spouting marketing blurbs and are nothing more than an armchair developer screaming into the air with no actual experience behind what you are trying to scream about and you sound like those guys on sports forums trying to pass off that you know how to play professional football when you don't know jack. There definitely aren't goal posts being moved either. You'll have to point out that gem where that occurred. Keep on keeping on though. It makes for some entertaining reading material when someone that isn't in the profession tries to tell someone that is in the profession for most of their life, and longer than a lot of gamers today have been alive, how it is.
  10. People that aren't software developers have no business trying to interject that they have any idea how to implement anything software related. Thats like a guy on his couch telling NFL quarterbacks how to play quarterback because he plays Madden. I challenge any armchair software dev here blustering that it should be easy to integrate an AI asset into their game to go ahead and do so, bug-free, in one of their games in a handful of months. I'll be here waiting.
  11. The difference is the facebook is easier to maintain and you simply only post news updates, you don't respond to commentary. Forums are a mess.
  12. Thats why most of my projects that I've ever worked on would never have fan forums where the devs post. Its straight twitter and facebook announcements.
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