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  1. The Squeakening!

    Oh please single player. Please hurry.
  2. Its funny you mentioned that. That is a project I'm currently working on in the Unreal engine. Right now its just a summer camp and the stalker is a generic model that moves about, but as its a personal project and not for profit I have the intention of making it a jason-like killer that you have to escape from.
  3. A lot of times when Unreal updates to a new version, we the developers have to actually do something to hook into those changes to see an upgrade or whatever. Sometimes they'll just naturally "work" in existing code, but not in my experience. That said, you can view the unreal engine's version history and see what has been added with each version.
  4. When I backed the game, single player had been confirmed as being incorporated in the game. That was the deciding factor for me. Then we found out it wasn't going to be out in the initial release in May but would be out in the summer. Here we are in December and winter is coming. At this point I long ago uninstalled and check in monthly to see if anything has changed.
  5. Thats fine. We all like different things. If single player wasn't going to exist or get any focus, then the company shouldn't have mislead people on the kickstarter about it.
  6. I have next to no interest in multiplayer games unless its with people that I know. I backed this game for single player. If they "lose focus on multiplayer" then oh well. They'll get back to it I'm sure. Single player people have had nothing yet even though the game came out in May and single player was promised in the kickstarter. Multiplayer can sit back and wait a little while so the single player people can get something too.
  7. Single player. That would fix having to be around toxic players.
  8. I've done this kind of AI in a handful of games. Maybe the devs involved can't pull that off, I don't know what their capabilities are. Unreal Engine has a vast array of developers that put out content ranging from new to veterans. I'm just speaking in general that an AI for a game like this is not a super difficult task. Time consuming testing, and getting the tables set up right to dictate AI Jason's behavior, absolutely. I find most of the time in doing AI sits in the planning phase setting up your AI table and in the testing phase where test-driven development is key (and is also rarely done in my experience which boggles me). I checked out your About me. I started programming on a TRS-80
  9. Single player requiring an extremely advanced AI is only true if you want your single player game to mirror your multiplayer game. I do not need this. Second - it doesn't need an advanced AI. I am a game developer, and my thesis was on artificial intelligence. You need the AI to be believable enough to have a fun game, not try to match what people do. Not that AI is EASY ... but its not this super complicated thing that people try to make it out to be either in regards to a game such as this.
  10. You know what would fix this? Single player.
  11. I backed the game for single player. I tried multiplayer and unless I'm playing in a private match with people I know I'm not bothering getting into the ragers, quitters, and trolls. Just not my cup of tea. Had I known that single player wouldn't be delivered on, or that it looks like its going to be some elementary after thought I'd never have backed this project in the first place. Oh well, we live and learn right? AI is not easy to do. However, I am a game developer and my masters thesis was on AI. AI is my favorite part to work on in a game. You don't need a google AI program for a game like this. You don't need some level of trying to match other people to make a single player game enjoyable. You need it to be fairly believable and enjoyable. Multiplayer will always be where you go if you want to "git gud" and be competitive with other people. Single player is where you go to have a casual time and enjoy yourself and do things you can't do in multiplayer. A Jason AI, while not the most elementary thing to do, is certainly attainable. The developers have commented that they just don't have the budget to dedicate to it.
  12. You know what would be fun so that we don't have to deal with those types of people? Single player.
  13. I wouldn't hold your breath. I have a deep feeling that single player won't really contribute to any achievements. I'd be ssuprirsed if you can even level in single player.
  14. Yeah I'm not really expecting much from single-player to be honest. I would doubt you'll earn xp and it wouldn't surprise me if you are stuck with a single or small subset of jasons as well. Which is a giant bummer, and I hope that a developer that has their **** together can create a game of this type and actually put in a viable single-player. I'm learning the unreal engine now after coming in from the Unity engine, and one of my pet projects on my list is to put together a VR slasher game in this genre but playable in single player.
  15. Another reason why single player needs to be a thing.